Montreal: ‘Muslim housing project’ will enforce “Islamic values” on non-Muslims

Source: Developer behind ‘Muslim housing project’ in Montreal says anyone with shared values welcome | National Post

MONTREAL – Nabil Warda says he just wants to make it easier for Muslims who believe that paying interest is a sin to buy a house. So last month he had an email sent to members of a suburban Montreal mosque to gauge interest in a housing project with a halal financing arrangement that would skirt the need to pay interest on a conventional mortgage.

Radio-Canada broke news of the “Muslim housing project” planned for Brossard Monday and, within 24 hours, the three main parties in the National Assembly had denounced it.

Premier Philippe Couillard, speaking Tuesday in Morocco, where he is attending the United Nations climate conference, worried non-Muslims would face discrimination.

“Discrimination works in both directions, and so does inclusion; we are in favour of mixed housing for cultural communities and religious groups,” Couillard said.

The proposal to build up to 80 homes became a hot issue in the legislature, where members unanimously adopted a motion Tuesday directing the Minister of Municipal Affairs to inform municipalities that “no real-estate development can be based on religious or ethnic segregation.”

Coalition Avenir Québec leader François Legault, whose party is proposing a values test for all immigrants, described the proposal as an affront to Quebec values.

He said non-Muslims would be welcome to move into his project of prefabricated homes, but they would have to share the values of their Muslim neighbours.

“You don’t drive drunk on the street. If you want to drink alcohol, you drink it in your house,” he said. Women could choose whether to wear the headscarf but they could not walk around in a halter-top and shorts.

“There must be some modesty in the way you dress. We don’t want women living there going half-naked down the streets. We don’t like that,” he said. “If they want to do that, let them go and live in downtown Montreal.”

He has scheduled a meeting Friday evening at the Brossard mosque, the Islamic Community Centre of South Shore, to see if there are enough takers. He said he needs a critical mass of 50 potential buyers before the land can be purchased.

But he has heard opposition closer to home, including from the imam of the Brossard mosque, Foudil Selmoune.

“We are here in Canada. We came of our own will,” Selmoune said in an interview. “Our intention was not to come to isolate ourselves from society or from the community.” He said it would be more constructive for Warda to use his financing proposal to help Muslims buy existing homes rather than creating a Muslim neighbourhood.

h/t Pamela Geller who writes:

Islamic supremacism on the march in the West.

That’s the translation of “coexist” under Islam. Will there be sharia patrols, too?

Why come to the West if you do not intend to live under Western law? To conquer it.

Muslims are the first immigrant group to come to the West with a ready-made model of society and governance that they believe superior to Western secular pluralism. They’re determined to replace the one with the other whatever way possible — through men, media, money and violence.

There is no way to assimilate Muslims into Western secular society unless they renounce the aspects of Islam that are incompatible with Western laws and mores.

It’s happening in the U.S.A. too. As far back as 2004 there were Plans for a Muslim Subdivision in Indiana.

Not to mention the Muslim Enclaves in the U.S., some of which are listed on the left sidebar of this page.

2 thoughts on “Montreal: ‘Muslim housing project’ will enforce “Islamic values” on non-Muslims

  1. Will be a great case for Canadian higher court(s). I don’t know their legal system. I continue to characterize moslem people here as COLONISTS.

  2. It’s called subversion and I’m very curious to see if the Canadian government and the QUEBEC government will be committing treason against all Canadians and their National identity by circumventing the Constitution of Canada and the Quebec Charter of rights and freedoms as well as the civil code and distinct character of Quebec by allowing Muslim religious beliefs to supersede the Laws òf Canada and the rights to the freedoms our forefathers have died defending ! Allowing such subversion of this Country is an act of high treason and if Canada was an Islamic or Muslim Country, this act would be publishable by DEATH ! Do not rape Canada or Canadians to Assist subversion.

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