Less than a third of Muslim nations join coalition against Islamic State

Source: Anger as less than A THIRD of Muslim nations sign up to coalition against ISIS   h/t freerepublic.com

A TOP British official has taken aim at some Muslim nations during a meeting at the United Nations this week, slamming them for not clamping down on extremism

It comes as it can be revealed just 18 out of 57 Muslim majority world states have signed up to a coalition against ISIS.

The UK’s permanent representative to the UN, Matthew Rycroft, delivered a strongly worded speech blasting what he called “evil groups” and saying not enough is being done.

The comments came as the UN general assembly supported a plan by the Islamic Development Bank to invest £7.2bn to tackle the cause of terror.

Britain is using its muscle at the UN to encourage more cooperation and has also pledged to invest £20m of taxpayers’ money to the Arab Women’s Enterprise Fund.

Mr Rycroft said: “One issue facing the OIC’s (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) members, indeed all members of the UN, is the growing threat of extremist ideologies and violent extremism.

“Sadly, as we in this Council know only too well, this threat affects Muslim majority states in a truly disproportionate way – in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya, in so many places.

Worryingly, Mr Rycroft pointed out that just 18 of the 57 member states, with a collective population of over 1.6 billion – that makes up the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation which was founded in 1969 – are members of the Global Coalition against Da’esh.

It comes after the UK set up a Strategic Communications Cell to tackle terrorists in London last year, handing over an initial £10million. 

He added: “It’s no coincidence that 18 members of the OIC are also members of the Global Coalition against Da’esh. 

“Among them are of course our colleagues from Egypt and I want to pay tribute to the work of those two great Egyptian institutions, Al-Azhar and Dar Al-Ifta. 

“These beacons of Islamic thinking help provide a narrative of tolerance that counters the hate preached by the likes of Da’esh.

Um….Rycroft is clueless. Al-Azhar is notorious as noted in our post just hours ago where they preach Muslims can wear crosses to deceive Christians:

Al Azhar is regularly accused of teaching the same brand of Islam that “radicals” adhere to.

Rycroft has been deceived. More: Leading Int’l Sunni Institution ‘Filled With Terrorists’

Al Azhar University, known as the preeminent Sunni institution of the world, has been infiltrated by terrorists, Wahhabis and Salafists, according to Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Issa.

2 thoughts on “Less than a third of Muslim nations join coalition against Islamic State

  1. 1) Obama, while runn’n for president, said he was gonna visit all 57 states. Now, I know what was talk’n bout. 2) UN = NWO 3) If someone claims NOT to be a Muslim, have them eat pork, hug a Jew, or, claim Jesus Christ is thier Lord & Saviour, via being publicly baptised. 4) ALL Muslims, at some point will be expected to jihad. Those that do not, will die by the sword – their own sword.

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