Keeping Up with CAIR’s Islamic Radicalism (Video)


Source: Capital Research Center

By Andrew E. Harrod

Summary: The terrorist-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) claims to be America’s largest civil rights organization for Muslims. But its agenda has more to do with the Islamization of America than with protecting Muslims from civil rights abuses.

Capital Research Center last examined the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its aggressive, jihad terrorism-whitewashing Islamists in the August 2005 Organization Trends. CAIR statements and actions in recent years show that this organization, which sprang out of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, has in no way changed its radical spots—a fact that ought to call into question its continuing respectability in media and politics.

Full article at Keeping Up with CAIR’s Islamic Radicalism.

And don’t forget this post-election Tweet from senior CAIR exec to overthrow the Trump regime that came out after this report was published:


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4 thoughts on “Keeping Up with CAIR’s Islamic Radicalism (Video)

  1. Hey Hussam Ayloush, here’s a good chant for you to learn–repeat this 10 times a day for the rest of your life–‘Iwan tuu ea tsom cheeit’. It’s guaranteed to clean you right out–BETTER THAN CAMEL URINE, i.e., PISS!!!

  2. The UnIslamic States of America. If our country is to perform the saviour function, then this is how we must remain.

    There is no birthright to immigrate. Family reunifications are accomplished by emigration back to one’s homeland.

    Cultures that have whelped themselves into misery are non grata.

    The time for Islamic Expulsion is upon us. Being Muslim-free will make us the envy of the world.

    We cannot stop them from murdering, maiming, raping, subjugating, and procreating, but we can stop them from doing it here.

  3. I have heard Ayloush speak several times in Orange County. In Riverside in 2014, he called me a bigot because I pointed out that in his presentation on the Syrian civil war he said nothing about the slaughter of Christians. A few months later, I saw him speak at the Garden Grove mosque on violent extremism. He asked why everyone was talking about young American Muslim men joining ISIS and nobody was talking about young American Jewish men who went off to Israel to join the IDF “killing the people of Gaza”. ( I videotaped and posted both of those events.) To me he is nothing but an Islamist anti-Semite masquerading as a human rights activist.

  4. Ban Islam, it venerates a Fat White Dwarf!

    Muhammad the white fat dwarf as stated in Islamic texts!

    Did you know Muhammad was White, it is in the Islamic texts for everyone to read!

    David Wood presents the facts very well!

    Also did you know Muhammad was a fat dwarf? Islamic texts tells us so!

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