Rhode Island: Providence mayor issues exec order to create sharia advisory board


Source: Providence mayor creates panel to protect Muslim Americans | WPRI 12 Eyewitness News

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza has signed an executive order that he says is aimed at better protecting Muslim-American residents from discrimination.

The order, signed by the mayor Tuesday, establishes a new Muslim-American Advisory Board. The five-member volunteer panel will advise Elorza on policies that affect Muslim Americans in an effort to reinforce the city’s founding principles of religious freedom, Elorza said.

Elorza said the decision to establish the board came in response to Donald Trump’s election as president. During his campaign, the president-elect made mention of a ban on Muslim immigration and implementing a Muslim registry.

For the real story, read: The Muslim Registry That Never Was

Trump and his aides have since walked back some of those comments, now saying he is focused on stronger vetting for immigrants from terror-prone nations. He recently appointed a National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn from Rhode Island, who has made controversial remarks against Islam. Elorza said he wants to ensure that Muslim Americans in Providence will be protected, regardless of what happens on the federal level.

“We’ve heard a lot, not only from the president-elect, but also from the folks that surround him, that really worry us and frankly, really frighten us,” the mayor said. “So that’s why it’s more important than ever that we come together at the local level.”

Monsurat Ottun, a Muslim-American Pawtucket resident, said Trump’s comments have caused concern in the local community. “Everyone is afraid,” Ottun said, adding that women who wear a hijab, or head covering, are particularly concerned because they are easily identifiable as Muslim by their attire. “It’s unfortunate that I’ve lived in this country my entire life, and I’ve never felt afraid like I do now.”

“I constantly have to watch my back everywhere I go,” she said.

Imam Mufti Ikram from the Masjid Al-Islam mosque in North Smithfield said he feels reassured by the mayor’s executive order, and hopes it sets an example for other cities.

“The cities across the nation are going to see a light, a hope for a community that is being bullied, that is being harassed by a lot of people,” Ikram said.

Another Imam, Muyideen Ibiyemi of the Muslim Community Center of Rhode Island, said his daughter was afraid to wear her hijab to school after the election. But he said there has also been a glimmer of hope; someone dropped off an anonymous card at MCCRI that read, “we are with you.”

Elorza’s order states that the panel was also created due to the “rash of hate crimes targeting minorities,” citing a statistic from the FBI that hate crimes against Muslims have increased nationwide by 67 percent since 2014.

Providence Police Maj. Oscar Perez vowed to enforce the law if hate crimes are perpetrated against Muslims in Providence.

“I want them to know that we support them,” Perez said. “If anybody decides to discriminate against anybody in the city…the city will prosecute to the extent of the law.”  A spokesperson for Providence Police said she hadn’t heard of any specific reports of local crimes against Muslims since the election.

The board will meet no less than twice a year and members will serve two-year terms. Elorza’s office said anyone interested in serving “should send a cover letter expressing interest and experience as well as a copy of their resume to mayor@providenceri.gov for review.”

This is the second announcement Elorza has made in anticipation of President-elect Trump’s administration. Last week, Elorza vowed to continue the city’s current policy of not referring undocumented immigrants who are not facing criminal charges to federal immigration officials. Elorza said he’ll made one announcement or hold one gathering each week to reinforce support for various groups in Providence before Inauguration Day.

Another Islamo-pandering, sanctuary city mayor who should be in jail for failing to uphold his oath of office…not to mention breaking federal immigration laws.

25 thoughts on “Rhode Island: Providence mayor issues exec order to create sharia advisory board

  1. Just inquiring where it is said this is a sharia counsel ?
    I understand where this type of pandering could lead, but is calling this “sharia” any different than the bone headed accusations they are making against President elect Trump and this crap about them being afraid is so over the top it is hard to even know where to begin innresponse !

  2. So GLAD to say that I’m NO LONGER a resident of Prov. RI. This useful IDIOT mayor is paving the way for sharia slavery in RI. And FYI to “Michael McGrath”, where in the LAST 1400 YRS since islam’s inception, have you ever heard or read of “this type of pandering” which DID NOT LEAD to a “sharia counsel”???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Man, you really don’t get it, do you?????

    • You are glad but you are being occupied by Muslims and Hispanics rapists and criminals and they will reach you wherever you live, if you are still anywhere in the US.
      You cannot get away from the virus by moving to another part of the body, the only way is to FIGHT the virus.

      • #Rob. I didn’t say that I was glad to be free from ‘all muzzlum influence’ (which would be living in some kind of fantasy land)–I said I’m glad I NO LONGER live in Prov. R.I. You can’t stop the PIGS from stinking up the neighborhood–but you don’t have to INVITE them to share your bedroom and eat at the same table with you! I’m talking about this USELESS MAYOR when I say that I’m glad that I moved. He wasn’t the Mayor when I moved anyway. You really don’t get it, Rob! The problem I’m referring to is the “800 lb” DHIMMI (mayor) in the room, who is FACILITATING the islamists! He’s the one I’m SOOOO glad to be rid of–’cause he’s MORE DANGEROUS than the STINKING PIGS that he’s in love with!!!!! BTW, no insult intended to actual pigs–I LOVE BACON AND HAM!!!!! P.S. Are you also assuming that ALL “Hispanics” are illegals, “rapists and criminals”????? Sounds like you really need to check your facts, Rob…..

  3. Is he creating an advisory board for all the organised crime gangs?
    Would he create one for outlaw biker gangs, the Mafia, the triads?

    Why not?

    The centre of islam is sharia, a system of rule that is totally illegal in western countries.

    Murder, wife beating, pedophilia, extortion, all part of islam.
    Why are we ignoring this?

    Perhaps the other crime gangs should have insisted they are a religion then they would have the government to help and support them in their criminal activities.

  4. Mayor Jorge Elorza has unilaterally decided by Executive Order what Laws of the Land to enforce & which ones to ignore. A Mayor of a small city bypasses his own City Council and plays God be telling the Federal Government which Laws acceptable him! Do the human qualities narcissist, Elitist, Arrogant sound familiar? Surely this jerk has decided that he, above all others knows what’s best for Providence. A City with a misnomer to events. Jorge according to FBI statistics the Group with the largest number of discriminatory violent incidents are Jews- primarily on University Campuses (Not Anti-Israel but Anti-Semitic incidents by overwhelmingly Muslim Students and Professors. The next Groups in order are: Latino, LGBTQ, African Americans AND then Muslims. Many of the claimed incidents were proved contrived and quietly dropped CAIR and other groups. Your new bed-fellow is a Federally charged unindicted Co-consiprator with the Holyland Charity Fund, funneling money to terrorist Organizations. Many of the top officers of CAIR either =led the country to avoid prosecution, arrived in GAZA and assumed their true high rank. Many top officers who remained here were arrested tried sent to prison of deported. These are your new buddies who are more than =adequately =being =protected =by =DOJ =and =the =FBI =although =they instructed their co-religionists not to cooperate with the latter.
    Remember set up of baker by the Gay couple to cater a cake at their Gay Wedding? Remember DoJ destroyed this baker for standing behind their Christian values? No one helped! This scenario will against Sharia but will you fine a Muslim baker =if =the =refuses to Cater a Cake at a Gay Christian Wedding or will you illegally set Islam above other =religions?

  5. it does not matter what this mayor issues at the state level . the final say will always be our constitution . If these animals want to live in America , they have to obey and live under our laws Any decision made at the state level can and will be over ruled if it is not in line with our constitutional laws , live with it .

  6. If you allow a Muzzie or Hispanic for office, make no mistake, he/she will support their brethren first and foremost. Will give money to them, will enact legislation that favor them and against whites. These are AGAINST whites and this proves itself.

  7. RI you better wake up and nip this in the bud. Sharia boards have no place in America just as Christian law has no jurisdiction in the courts.

  8. “Everyone is afraid, talk about phobias, these Muslims have kafirphobia. “Everyone is afraid’ is a valid concern when it’s them but when we are afraid then it’s islamophobia. Muslims favor Muslims before kafirs, Muslims always find an excuse to get preferential treatment over everyone else, they just need a dhimmi apologist to start things off.

  9. Why is it a sharia council? Not Muslim council. What is a blind person with a service dog is discrimated against by a sharia loving cab driver?

  10. The first question you ask a muslim how do you plan to assimilate into our culture and society? Then you explain how sharia law is not compatible with our Constitution and if they want to live here, they can’t practice sharia law.

  11. I said I’m nobodys fool,,, fuck you goat humpers ,I hope trump kicks all you out of the USA, I don’t care if your scared or not,, get the fuck out of here,,

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