Canada: Port Coquitlam imam found guilty of 2013 sexual assault

Source: Port Coquitlam imam found guilty of 2013 sexual assault

A Port Coquitlam man has been found guilty of sexual assault stemming from events that took place in 2013 at the Masjid Al-Hidayah and Islamic Cultural Centre.

According to the judge’s ruling, during his trial, physician Saadeldin Bahr, who is known as Dr. Saad and was imam of the PoCo mosque, told the court that semen found in the victim’s vagina could have come from a toilet seat, where he had ejaculated earlier in the day. Bahr also said the victim’s DNA, which was found on his boxer shorts, may have been the result of the woman putting her hands down his pants.

In his decision, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Crawford said he did not find Bahr’s assertions credible, noting the cleanliness practices associated with the Muslim religion.

“I have great difficulty with Dr. Bahr’s evidence,” Crawford said Wednesday during his reasons for judgement. “Much of what he said is contrary to fastidious cultural procedures.”

He later added: “He did not clean it up immediately? In his own church?”

The events that led to the charge took place in June 2013, when Bahr had been counselling the woman, known as “Z” in court filings, who was married and struggling with depression. Following afternoon prayers at 1:30 p.m., he and the victim went to a room on the upper floor of the mosque, where the assault took place. The court heard that during the assault, Bahr told the victim she had “a bad curse on you and we have to remove it.”

After the initial encounter, Z went downstairs, where her family was waiting, while Bahr attended to some other business. The judge said he believed testimony that stated Bahr told the family not to talk to the woman and that she was to read verses from the Qur’an.

Crawford noted that because Bahr was an imam in a “position of control, power and authority,” the family complied with his request.

Video surveillance at the mosque showed that approximately 35 minutes later, Bahr returned and took Z back upstairs, where the sexual assault continued. When it was over, the victim said she returned to her family and told her sister what had happened, which led to an altercation between Bahr and the family in the parking lot of the mosque. During the trial, the victim’s husband testified that the imam told the family that Z should not be believed and that “she has a curse and I’ll need to see her again.”

Bahr, who is a married father of five with a degree in medicine that he received in Egypt, denied all of the allegations, saying the sexual assault never took place. He said at no point did he tell the family that Z was cursed and that he did not remove her clothing in the upstairs area of the mosque.

While the judge acknowledged several inconsistencies in the victim’s statements, he said she was a credible witness.

The imam was supposed to be sentenced last week but is pretending to be sick.

Bahr was expected to go before B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Crawford on Friday but instead a note was presented to the court saying he was in hospital. His lawyer confirmed to The Tri-City News that he has been ill, but no other details were provided.

Sharia has been creeping in the Coquitlam-area for many years, previous posts here.

4 thoughts on “Canada: Port Coquitlam imam found guilty of 2013 sexual assault

  1. I wish people would stop saying sharia law.
    It is not law, it is LAWLESS.

    The central core of islam is sharia, a system which requires adherents to accept murder (jihad and so called honour killings), pedophilia (child brides), extortion (halal certification and jizyah), wife beating and subjugating of women to second class citizens, hatred of anyone who is not muslim and freedom to kill them, rape and prostitution.

    What normal free person from a democracy would think that this system is something to be defended?
    Yet we have people from western countries defending this animalistic belief system.

    Because they are told it’s a religion.
    The only other religion in the world that comes close to this is satanism.

    Do these same people fight and protest to protect and promote satanism, the Mafia, the triads?
    The answer is no.

    If people identify themselves as muslim they are inextricably tied to sharia.

    Every democratic society should ban islam purely on the grounds that it contravenes the freedom and laws and basic principles of a free and democratic society.

    There are probably millions of muslims who would leave islam if they could, but the price of that is death.

    That says it all really.

  2. Get your facts right ;-) Actually, the women only swims are from *Coquitlam* and the Masjid Director’s criminal charges are from Port Coquitlam–separate cities. Port Coquitlam is a neighbouring city to Coquitlam City. The two are considered part of the Tri-Cities in GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District). And Coquitlam has two distinct areas, geographically and economically.

    If my ‘eye balling’ the demographics is accurate, Port Coquitlam and southern Coquitlam has more Sunni Muslims (Arabic speaking) and Coquitlam (especially higher income northern Coquitlam) has more Shia (Iranians). If I had to choose, I would prefer Iranians over Afghanis, as Iran has a long pre-Islamic history and Iranians have more secular people among them, plus Bahai’s.

    But with our beloved Prime Minister inviting in 25,000 Syrian migrants without thorough security checks, and ISIS *bragging* that they are sending in jihadis with them, I expect a terrorist attack in Canada that will kill 20+ people, within 2 years. There will be blood on Justin Trudeau’s hands. Why didn’t he invite the Yezidis and Christian Syrians in first? I blame our politicians more than the Islamists.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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