Michigan town votes unanimously to ban Syrian refugees

The “Syrian refugees” that have been imported to American towns and cities have been almost exclusively Muslim. Source: Michigan town votes unanimously to ban Syrian refugees from being accepted | Daily Mail Online

A Michigan town has voted to ban Syrian refugees from living there, because they believe the vetting process is not good enough.

The Waterford Township Board of Trustees passed a resolution against allowing refugees from the war torn country to settle in the area, on Monday night.

The vote was specifically against a federal resettlement program for the refugees. It passed with a 7-0 vote.

The result is a surprising one given that the town in North America with the highest proportion of Arab-Americans lies just 30 miles to the south.

Despite the unanimous verdict on the the ban, leaders have said they are open to allowing refugees to come to the town, but only when a process is in place to ensure those coming into the country are ‘adequately vetted.’

Board members said they know the resolution carries no legal weight.

‘We’re letting the county, state and federal officials know this is how we feel,’ said Trustee Anthony Bartolotta.

Right now, thousands have requested to come to Michigan, and records show the state leads the nation in taking in Syrian refugees.

7 thoughts on “Michigan town votes unanimously to ban Syrian refugees

  1. No resolution of a Township Board, banning Muslim/Moslem invaders, will ever be considered
    by City, State or Federal authorities. We could never
    match the Bribes that line the pockets of our own
    Politicios, who look upon the American People with distain & ridicule.

  2. Obama is STOCKING them

    “STOCKING” Like when a
    farmer stocks a pond with bass or he stocks a field with quail. Obama is
    “STOCKING” this country with Muslims and other undesirables knowing
    full well that they will multiply like rats and wild hogs AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE
    and cause mayhem forever into the future of this country.
    Could there be any more proof that Obama hates this country and all of Western civilization.
    The immense wealth of islam allows them to corrupt politicians at all levels.
    “Rags, wretchedness, poverty and dirt, those signs and symbols that indicate the presence of Moslem rule.”-Mark Twain

  3. At least there is 1 town in America with some brains….. If they get forced into taking SATAN’s children, well there are other ways to deal with that issue………..

  4. In the movie Eisenhower the general is quoted as saying something like, ‘that’s the spirit, lets all get some more of that’.

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