CNN Touts ‘Fearful’ Muslim Woman; Omits Her Activism at Terror-linked MPAC

CNN and other big media still haven’t learned and are still pushing contrived, one-sided, biased and untruthful propaganda. From the aptly named and quite busy, CNN Touts Muslim Woman ‘Fearful’ After Trump Win; Omits Her Activism

Monday’s New Day on CNN played up how a young Muslim woman, Marwa Abdelghani, stopped wearing the traditional Islamic head scarf after an alleged spitting incident before Election Day: “It was getting closer and closer to November 8. That’s when I decided that I just was going to take it off for a while.” Kyung Lah gave Abdelghani a platform to denounce President-Elect Donald Trump for his “racist, Islamophobic, sexist statements,” but failed to mention that she acts as a “community outreach fellow” for an activist organization for American Muslims.

Alisyn Camerota reacted to Lah’s “interesting story” by expressing her hope that “there will be a movement where people wear the head scarf in solidarity…even if you’re not Muslim, maybe. It’s the way people shave their heads…sometimes, in solidarity with somebody who’s going through something. Maybe, you’ll see a wave of the opposite happening.”

There is a movement, it’s called ISIS. CAIR. HAMAS. ISNA. MSA. MAS. MPAC.

Camerota led into the correspondent’s report by hyping how “some Muslim women in America say that since the election, they dread what the future may hold. Some of them are fearful for their safety, and they’re taking matters into their own hands.” Lah first played a clip of Abdelghani revealing her “relief” after she stopped wearing the veil, as she “didn’t feel like a target anymore.” The journalist added that the student was “visible target — a Muslim woman in a head scarf.”

Lah continued with her clip of Abdelghani recounting her drive-by spitting incident, and touted how “since the election, the Southern Poverty Law Center has tracked more than 700 hate incidents.” However, the CNN correspondent also disclosed that many Muslim women’s “sense of safety began to change after this picture of San Bernardino killer Tashfeen Malik went public.” Lah followed this detail with her soundbite of the young Muslim woman blasting Trump’s “racist, Islamophobic, sexist statements.”

The journalist never pointed out that Abdelghani works for the Muslim Public Affairs Council as their community outreach fellow. Prior to this, according to her bio page for the organization, she worked “as a facilitator of the Muslim Gamechangers Network of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, where she trained high school Muslims on social justice issues.” Of course, CAIR is a controversial organization that labeled several mainstream conservatives and conservative organizations “Islamophobic.”

Muslim Public Affairs Council isn’t as well known as CAIR. However, its president, Salam al-Marayati, has been involved in several controversies in recent years. Shortly after 9/11, the activist pointed a finger at Israel for the terrorist attack. Despite this, Marayati has maintained a relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton since at least 1996, when he served as a delegate for the former president. He also served as a homeland security adviser for the Obama administration.

Read it all.

Tashfeen Malik was the headscarved Muslim who brutally killed 14 Americans celebrating at a work Christmas party.

Face of Muslim who slaughtered Americans – Tashfeen Malik

More on Marwa Abdelghani’s MPAC, via:

The History of MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council)

Established in 1988 by followers of the Muslim Brotherhood and admirers of Hezbollah

In October 2000, MPAC hosted a rally in Washington’s Lafayette Park at which Abdurahman Alamoudi — then regarded in Washington as another “moderate” Muslim leader — was featured as a speaker. To often raucous applause, Alamoudi asserted, “I have been labeled by the media in New York to be a supporter of Hamas. Anybody supports Hamas here? [Crowd cheers responsively] . . . Hear that, Bill Clinton? We are ALL supporters of Hamas. Allahu Akhbar! I wish they added that I am also a supporter of Hezbollah!”

Its founders include Hassan Hathout, the former MPAC president who has described himself as “a close disciple” of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna. Hathout’s brother Maher, a senior MPAC adviser, is lavish in his praise of both Hezbollah’s “freedom fighting” and the social-justice pioneering of Hassan al-Turabi, the leader of Sudan’s National Islamic Front — the genocidal junta that gave safe haven to al-Qaeda in the early 1990s while imposing sharia on that war-torn east African nation.

Alamoudi would later be found guilty of funding al-Qaeda and sent to prison. More background on MPAC here.

A few weeks ago CNN was caught pushing fake Muslim propaganda as well:

Of course CNN has been faking news for decades.

4 thoughts on “CNN Touts ‘Fearful’ Muslim Woman; Omits Her Activism at Terror-linked MPAC

  1. they should be afraid after all that is what they are doing to americans
    so a little dose of their own medicine
    she is free to leave is she feels threatened

  2. So, what we are seeing here is that Obama used the MSM to fake Syrian government atrocities so he could get support from the American people to pretend to help legitimate Syrian rebels while actually he was financing and arming IRIS and promoting the Islamic caliphate with dollars supplied by American taxpayers. Will Congress please put that bastard in jail.

  3. The Marxist media whores–know what they are doing–they know they promote lies and all manner of evil to destroy God given American liberty.

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