Kansas City imam: ‘Muslims who don’t want to contribute to good of America better off staying in country of origin’

Hanif Khalil, left, of Al-Inshirah Islamic Center in Kansas City, Missouri

Source: Religious Communities In Kansas City React To Outcome Of Presidential Election | KCUR

Hanif Khalil ministers at prisons, among other places. He worships at the Al-Inshirah Islamic Center at 36th and Troost. It’s a community of primarily black, American-born Muslims.

He told me he thinks Donald Trump will be good for America.

“I don’t think what he says resonates with me same as it would with any immigrant,” he says. “Some Muslims quite honestly have come here with intentions other than to the health of America. If you don’t want to contribute to the good of America, then they’re better off staying in their country of origin.”

And some who were born in the U.S. and converted to Islam have intentions other than to the health of America. For instance:


Or these guys: American Muslim Group Preps for Jihad Against Trump

7 thoughts on “Kansas City imam: ‘Muslims who don’t want to contribute to good of America better off staying in country of origin’

  1. MOLE! Obviously trying to get out in front of the coming wrath of the Trump machine. “But, look what I said about bad Muslims last month so I’m obviously innocent..”

    Yeah, right. Have the FBI investigate every one of the hate preachers, confiscate their buildings and deport their asses – yesterday.

  2. This story line will change as Trump starts turning the screws. More whining about loyal Americans and confused middle eastern youth caught up in American politics.

  3. Spoken with a double edge sword, his words conflict with the basic agenda of the Koran, sharia law and all other Islamic books also known as fiqh.

    Want to know how your local mosque operates than go on their web site and look at their mission statement, it may read they practice Islamic Jurisprudence also called “fiqh”, a non threatening way of saying they practice sharia law, teach sharia law and live under sharia law even saying they will abide by the laws of the state/federal government, Islam only abides sharia law, asking for sharia courts to handle Islamic affairs, remember a nation cannot live under 2 sets of different legal systems, Islam with it’s sharia law do not belong in America. look to nations that have fallen to Islamic control, do you want that in America?

  4. I would really like to believe this is genuine. There must be a minority of Muslims whose thinking is in line with the current century. Sadly, if it is, it probably won’t appeal to 99% of their peers. One thing is certain – Trump will be good for the US, and by extension the rest of what’s left of the free world.

    • #Lianne. There’s only one thing that you need to know about islam–its TOTAL OBJECTIVE wherever it exists in the world is to REPLACE existing laws and constitutions with sharia SLAVERY! The very word “islam” is translated to mean “SUBMISSION”! No matter what the so-called “moderate” muslims try to pass off as “peaceable” coexistence, you can bank on it that THEY ARE LYING! Ask any PRACTICING muslim on the street, and they will tell you outright–they want THEIR sharia legal system to REPLACE our Legal System of constitutional RIGHTS and restrictions! ISLAM IS EVIL–IT’S THE BRAINCHILD OF A DEMONICALLY POSSESSED BLOOD-THIRSTY PEDOPHILE which originated in the mind of Satan, himself!!!!! If, as you say, you “would really like to believe” these muslims from Kansas City are telling you the truth, then you’re placing your hopes on thin air–DON’T DO IT!!!!!

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