Toronto: Muslim neurosurgeon killed physician wife days after she filed for divorce

In Islam they call that an honor killing. Source: Husband of Toronto doctor Elana Shamji appears in court charged with her murder | Toronto Star

Last weekend, after a busy day at the Ontario Medical Association council meeting, physician Elana Fric-Shamji settled in for a meal with some of her colleagues.

Dinner attendees described the 40-year-old doctor and mother of three as being in a vibrant, joyful mood. She told entertaining stories, shared her excitement over a recent joke tweet of hers that went viral and was published in media outlets.

And she volunteered some difficult news: She had filed for divorce the previous day.

“She openly discussed her impending divorce and chose to look at it as ‘a new beginning,’ ” said Darren Cargill, a fellow doctor also attending the OMA council weekend, where she was happy and “even giddy at times.”

Six days later, at a press conference late Friday night, Toronto police announced Fric-Shamji’s body had been found near the underpass of a bridge beside the West Humber River in Vaughan.

Her husband — the father of her kids and a neurosurgeon with Toronto Western Hospital — has been charged with first-degree murder.

Mohammed Shamji, 40, made a brief court appearance at Old City Hall Saturday morning. Dressed in a white prison jumpsuit, Shamji stood in the prisoners’ box looking nervous and solemn. At one point, he glanced over his right shoulder to family members seated in the gallery.

He was remanded into custody until his next court appearance Dec. 20. Shamji’s lawyer, Liam O’Connor, declined to comment.

The couple’s children are currently with Fric-Shamji’s mother, according to police.

Toronto homicide investigator Det.Sgt. Steve Ryan told reporters police have spoken to witnesses and believed there had been an altercation in the couple’s home.

The discovery of the body came after Fric-Shamji was reported missing; her mother had reportedly not heard from her since Wednesday, and she didn’t show up to work at Scarborough General Hospital on Thursday or Friday morning. Shamji’s husband did not report her missing, according to police.

On Thursday afternoon, York Regional Police were called to a bridge beside the West Humber River where the body of a woman had been discovered. A post-mortem autopsy in Toronto Friday confirmed Fric-Shamji’s identity.

According to police, she was strangled and suffered blunt force trauma of some kind.

Friday night, at a coffee shop near Lakeshore Rd. E. and Highway 10 in Mississauga, Mohammed Shamji was arrested without incident. Early Saturday, police had sealed off the couple’s North York home as they awaited a search warrant.

Dr. Lesley Barron, an Ontario general surgeon, met Fric-Shamji for the first time last weekend, at the OMA council where she was a Toronto district delegate.

At dinner, the two discussed work, patients and Fric-Shamji’s pending divorce.

“We discussed that sometimes divorce is a good thing,” Barron said. “She said a weight was lifted off her now she had decided to go ahead with leaving her husband.”

Mohammed had other thoughts.

40 thoughts on “Toronto: Muslim neurosurgeon killed physician wife days after she filed for divorce

  1. You’re spreading ridiculous fear propoganda, which is just a better hidden form of racism. Shamji is an Indian name, and the majority (80%) of Indians are Hindu. Nowhere does it state that he is even Muslim. Secondly, Muslim does NOT equal Sharia law. On top of that,the accused is clearly not someone that follows Sharia law seeing that 1) his now deceased wife NEVER dressed liked Muslim women, and she worked; 2) he drinks alcohol and 3) doesn’t follow Ramadan, has clearly eaten during many summertime conferences during the day.
    Don’t use this unfortunate situation to try and spread your ignorant, racist, fear-mongering attitude.

    • Why don’t you inform yourself, “Anonymous” ? Neither Hindu nor Muslim are a specific race. And, the people native to the area you describe as the origin of Dr. Shamji are anthropologically descr as Caucasian.You accuse the author of fear mongering while you spew ignorant hatred.

        • Unfortunately these days, a woman “making a life” involves destroying another man’s life…… if she was asking for Sole possession of the children, then the bitch deserved to die.

      • She is not the first partner to file divorce proceedings and wind up dead. Nothing to do with religion. Many a spouse has been abused, threatened and in the most extreme cases been murdered … and have come from all religious and non-religious backgrounds. Since when is religion a motive for killing or abusing a spouse? Tragic that this person had to bring this into the mix …do your homework, I met the majority of murdered spouses have come from a very Waspish background.

    • Your ignorance and racist bias is on full display.

      1. Many, if not most, Muslim women do not dress like Muslims and many also work – see the queen of Jordan for one

      2. Many Muslim men drink alcohol, visit strip clubs, watch porn, etc.

      3. If Ramadan defines Muslims, and Muslims did what Mohammad did during Ramadan then there are very few true Muslims in the

      4. How many non-Muslim Indians do you know named Mohammed? Islam has waged a brutal war a centuries long war against India conquering large portions of land still being fought.

      5. As the other guy wrote – Islam is not a race

      Don’t use this unfortunate situation to try and spread your ignorant, racist, fear-mongering attitude to blame Indians.

    • I think you are in denial about the Muslim attitude concerning honor killings, or about their barbaric treatment of Christians, women, or anyone who isn’t Muslim! It’s not raciist or discriminatory to state the honest truth about what you observe! It’s as clear as the nose on your face.

      • For “fishydude”. Hey, the arctic circle sounds about right! But really now, I think you’re far too kind–I mean, gym shorts and a T-shirt??? Naaa!!! Your name says it all, ‘fishydude’…. I say we all go ICE fishing and drill a big hole through 5 feet of arctic ice…. only instead of using a dead fish for bait, we drop this guy in the hole! “Polar bears”–that sounds like a good idea–I hear they LUV to go fishing underneath the glaciers. Who knows they might actually LIKE this guy–about the same way my cat “likes” mice!!!!

          • #dheeraj vinod. Not exactly sure why you would have targeted my comment, which was meant as a joke for “fishydude”. I assure you that you have no argument from me as to whether this dirtbag was a muslim, or not. His actions speak louder than anything he could say, or whatever name he goes by. For sure, I would agree that Hindus would hardly pick the name, Mohammed for their child, unless they were, in fact, muslims!

      • I really don’t think this horrible crime has anything to do with religion but just a case of a violent man who killed his wife like a coward. It could be any man and this guy deserves to be in jail. End of story. For the record, the doctor is an Ismaili Muslim who are mostly Indians from East Africa. They are very liberal and do not practice Islam the way other Muslims do – meaning they don’t wear head coverings or fast or pray like orthodox Muslims. Mainstream Muslims are barred from attending Ismaili functions because it is different. The couple was very liberal and secular which is why they openly drank alcohol and socialized with friends- so don’t make this into a race or religion thing.

        • Oats is simply guessing since he/she does not know the motive of murderer or whether he was INFLUENCED by the culture of HONOUR KILLING prevalent among Muslims in Pakistan, his home country. The possibility of an honour killing motive CANNOT BE RULED OUT! Sharia law has no punishment whatsoever for an honour killing!

      • This guy is not in denial. He is practicing the time-honored Muslim practice of lying to advance Islam. Islam is a bloody, monstrous, demonic political sickness describing itself as a religion.

    • Mohammed is not a clue to you that he is muslim? A Hindu with the name mohammed? Your reaction is the one that is ignorant and fear mongering. As you are upset that the husband that murdered his wife was muslim, you clearly are one and want to be the one to alter truth. Sounds like a typical tackie response from a muslim. What you have failed to realise is that divorce can elicit the same response i.e. the murder of the other spouse, from people of any faith or no religion. Your reaction shows just why such sites as this exist, so much dishonesty from the muslims who don’t want any one to think that islam is of no benefit to human beings as it wants to suppress the truth.

      • #Pietro. Yes, divorce can elicit all kinds of hate and violence from people, no matter what they claim to believe, but IZZLAM is the one and only alleged “religion” which actually SANCTIONS MURDER of the offending WIFE!!! Not so for the “husband” though–HE GOES SCOT FREE, no matter what he’s guilty of!!!! AIN’T IZZSLIME JUST GRAND!!!!!

        • This guy’s families are Indians from East Africa bit the point is they could be from anywhere. Crime and murder has not boundaries and no religion. The Ismaili faith is a lot more liberal than other faiths.

    • Mr/Miss Anonymous, his full name is MOHAMMED Shamji! So, are you trying to say that MOHAMMED is a HINDU name too? If it IS, are you proclaiming here that your so called prophet MOHAMMED is a HINDU well? Stop kidding, please!

      • The guy’s family are Indian Ismailis from East Africa – Uganda to be precise. The sad part is that the wife has commented on the plight of Ismaili refugees who came to Canada. The family is Gujrati / Katchi speaking which is a region in India and Shamji. Why can’t everyone understand that anyone can be a crazed killer !

        • Yes true but in a religion that abuses women and girls , it becomes a real and sad reality !!! They cannot even worship together!! This is not what our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for in two world wars. It sure seems that this religion definitely fuels terrorism and the abuse of women and girls, and until it changes it has no place in our society, Keep it in their homeland!!!!

    • It is what it is !! Sorry but you are wrong, this is the second one in a week, Look at the one in Kleinburg , same thing , it is just a result of how a religion , can abuse and kill women and girls, it has no place in our society and the sooner liberals under Sunni Trudeau and his inclusive , band of followers , are out of power the better. All these women groups marching in honour of abused and murdered women , do not even mention all the so called honour killings that have taken place in canada to date, Stand up and stop this religion!!!!!

    • Anonymous, burn in hell, enemy of all living, cancerous whore of damnation. Stupid God damned zombie puppet incapable of accepting the reality of Islam for what it is and ALWAYS HAS BEEN for 1400 years, burn in hell you God damned cunt of Sharia.

  2. Regardless religion, the husband went way off the rails when his wife filed for divorce.
    Some cultures may be more prone to kill a wife who does this. But there are plenty of cases where this outcome occurs no matter the husband’s religious beliefs or lack there of.
    Unfortunately, because he is a Muslim he will be be greeted as a hero in prison, and Canada doesn’t have the death penalty.
    How about dropping him 100 miles from anything, above the arctic circle, with only a pair of summer shorts and T-Shirt. Maybe near a known den of polar bears.

  3. Islam is systemically misogynistic. It cannot be reformed. Mohammed’s last sermon declared that women are ‘prisoners’ and ‘domestic animals’ belonging to men. That statement is fixed in Islam and cannot be abrogated since it was Mohammed’s final statement on the topic of women.

  4. No one in modern society should be killed murdered or abused. The lady did the right thing by announcing her actions and allowing the courts to settle the issue. He is still innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of our society

  5. I cannot feel sorry for anybody stupid enough to marry a Muslim . And all you people that keep voting liberal or conservative or NDP , you alloud this to happen so I don’t want to hear any responses from you

  6. This is the most ridiculous website I’ve ever seen. What we should be looking at is A MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM. This incident has nothing to do with the accused being Muslim. But instead, MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES NOT BEING ADDRESSED.

    Everyone here talking about religion needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and familiarize themselves with what is going on around us. Be the bigger person and understand the real issues at hand. If you choose to be petty and point at religion and race, then you are the problem. Hate and exclusion point fingers.

    What is the real issue here?

    • Hey, anon, here’s a little ditty that I know you’ll enjoy immensely! It’s taken right out of your songbook of anti-Christian, anti-Trump, pro-same-sex toilets and shower rooms, pro-the “religion of peace”, and all that “guud” stuff! “I’m always right, but actually I’m ‘Left’! I’m always right, and the Right is ALWAYS WRONG! The only problem in the whole wide world is people who disagree with Me! I’m always right, and don’t you confuse me with Truth!!!!” I wrote it just for you, you ‘a-non’!

  7. To all: educate yourselves. There is nothing ‘decent or normal’ about Ismaili Muslims. Nothing. What do you know about this group of Muslims? That’s right. Nothing. They worship a Caucasian playboy leader worth billions who yes, our Prime Minister spent Christmas vacation with on his private island. His calls himself the Aga Khan. He is as corrupt as they come. Our Canadian government gives them money. Investigate this. They are Muslims. They are dangerous and they operate in secrecy. They have a plan and follow the Koran. This man of Ismili Muslim faith murdered his wife. He is a monster. And he has no regret. End of story. Prepare yourselves for what is to come. Educate yourselves. Speak the truth for what is a great land of Canada and keep our heritage and Christian roots to which we were founded on.

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