North Carolina: Public High School Teaching Islam, Koran…in English Class

Source: Mom objects to Quran in English literature lesson | The Wilson Times

By Kelsey PadgettTimes Staff Writer

Two Beddingfield High School students were removed from their English class by their parents last week after they brought home lessons studying the Islamic religious text the Quran.

The text was referenced in a world culture lesson being taught in Lynn Joyner’s 10th-grade English class.

Over the course of the lesson, students learn about elements of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, polytheism and Islam.

Juli Williams said her daughter is a student in Joyner’s English class, and she was outraged when she saw what her daughter was studying.

“The Quran is not a story,” Williams said. “It is a bible. With as much literature as there is out there, whatever they are trying to teach could be taught using another book.”

The English class was using a county-issued world literature textbook, “World Masterpieces,” that has been approved by the state for 10th-graders.

Wilson County school board policy says public schools are not required to delete religion from curriculum that may offend religious sensitivity if it prevents students from receiving a complete education, such as studying music without mention of sacred music or architecture without cathedrals.

According to Wilson County Schools spokeswoman Amber Lynch, the religious texts are part of the state’s curriculum and as long as school board policy is followed, WCS is in support of teaching informative lessons on different religions and their texts.

Williams said she has five daughters, all who have been enrolled in North Carolina public schools, and she has never seen them work on homework concerning Islam or the Quran.

“This is an English class, not a religion class,” Williams said. “I feel like they are indoctrinating our children without our knowledge.”

She said she often checks to make sure her daughter is doing her homework in a timely manner and is making good grades, but has never felt that she needed to monitor what she was being taught.

“I feel like we, as parents, were tricked,” she said. “This lesson was snuck in without us knowing.”

Williams said because she does not have control over how religion is being taught in schools, she would like her daughter’s religious education to be handled at home in the future.

“The Bible needs to be taught at home or in church, not in a public school classroom,” Williams said.

Lynch said the school will be offering alternate assignments for students and parents who are uncomfortable with the world religion assignments. She said in the past 10 years the lesson has been taught, no other students have requested an alternate assignment.

“Ms. Joyner is a respected and valued teacher at Beddingfield High,” Lynch said. “Just like educators across our district, she has taught informative lessons on different religions for many years because it is a part of the state’s curriculum in literature and history classes. Ms. Joyner followed the guidelines in Board policy. We stand behind her teaching practices. But at the same time, we also value and respect the feelings of our students and their families. Ms. Joyner cares about her students and wants what is best for them. She is willing to offer alternate assignments to any student who is not comfortable with assignments related to religious excerpts. This is a standard practice in our district. We encourage parents who have concerns to reach out to the teacher and principal first before taking other action.”

Students not taking part in the Quran lesson were moved to the school’s library last week to work on other assignments.

Ten years of Islamic indoctrination and not one parent said a word? Parents in other North Carolina counties, Pitt and Union, exposed the Islamic indoctrination in those school districts.

Could that in part explain why North Carolina has produced so many Muslim terrorists

Some Wilson County School contacts here and the Board of Education.


24 thoughts on “North Carolina: Public High School Teaching Islam, Koran…in English Class

  1. The parents were “tricked”! Islam is a belief of deceit, treachery, corruption and death. America has been tricked in the same way. Insane that we have had a muslim in the White House for the last 8 years and he has not been removed , tried and hanged.

  2. To Wilson County Schools spokeswoman Amber Lynch… Did you say you want your students to receive a “complete education”????? THEN TEACH THEM ABOUT ALL OF THE ATROCITIES AND HEINOUS ACTS OF MURDER AND BLOODSHED COMMITTED IN THE NAME OF ALLAH FOR THE LAST 1400 YEARS!!!!! Teach them that the Crusades were DEFENSIVE WARS–not offensive!!! Teach them the TRUTH about the Nation of Israel and the LIE about the Palestinians (who NEVER WERE a nation)! Teach them about the Barbary Pirates and about Jefferson’s fight to save cargo ships in the Atlantic! Teach them about 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing and the Paris bombings and San Bernadino and the Fort Hood massacre and Charlie Hebdo and the Okla. woman and the British soldier who were beheaded in broad daylight….. Yeah, I’M ALL FOR A COMPLETE EDUCATION TOO!!!!!!! Amber Lynch, YOU’RE A COMPLETE FOOL!!!!! ISLAM IS SATANIC–FROM THE PITS OF HELL–IRREDEEMABLE AND ROTTEN TO THE CORE–TEACH THAT, Amber Lynch–TEACH THAT, I DARE YOU!!!!!

    • Thank you !!! Absolutely!! This is so wrong 😢 our children,,We Teach Religions at home. Islam has always been a cult based on Barbarism,Abuse,murder,rape,and pedophilia.!!!!

      • The trend to delegate ALL “morality teachings” to some kind of RADICAL Christianity is laughable! Americans have ALWAYS leaned toward multiplicity when it comes to teaching what is ‘right and wrong’. I’m a born-again Christian but I don’t know any Christians anywhere who want to FORCE their faith on anyone–which is totally the opposite of PISSLAM!!! The ‘separation of church and state’ was NEVER intended to “shield” people FROM morality teachings–it was suggested by Jefferson in a letter that he wrote to a church leader, in an attempt to PROTECT the “religious” folk of the day, from impingements and the control of the Church, by the secular elite! Public education in America used to teach morality and civil obedience–now our “teachers” are going out of their way to teach IMMORALITY and complete civil DISobedience!!!! AND THE MUZZLUMZ COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!!!!!

      • Thanks, Joan. Ya know, it really gets nauseating somehow to hear all these bone-headed Liberals spout off about “Equal rights” and “Separation of church and state” and “Russian collusion”, etc, etc, etc, and then they fail to see the biggest g-damnd gorilla in the room, which is the INTOLERANCE AND UNWILLINGNESS of muzzlumz to ASSIMILATE! Really makes ya wonder–is that the way the Liberals run all of their friendships and relationships??? Seems to me, last I checked, “love is a two-way street”! Hey the muzzrats want their mosques screeching and wailing the “Call to Death” all over kingdom come–THEN HOW ‘BOUT WE BUILD A FEW HUNDRED SHINY NEW CHURCHES IN EGYPT AND SAUDI ARABIA!!!!! Yeah, there ya go!!!!

  3. Only thing they should teach about the death-cult islam is that it is always imposed by force, under threat of death,you can never leave, under threat of death, and according to their filthy savage manual, the koran, everyone in the world must join them, under threat of death. islam is NOT a religion. “Only thing wrong with islamophobia is THEIR definition…”

  4. If the teacher used the Koran to demonstrate its intolerance and hatred of all who do not share its beliefs then I could understand its use.

    If the teacher was attempting to teach all religions share the same values I would question both the suitability and judgement of this critter.

    But most of all I would question the individuals who recruited this critter and those who run this district. They need to be sent to San Francisco where they can commune with their equals.

      • Yes, it should because our high school students need to know why Islam is a danger, what Islam really says and stands for. The best way to understand what Islam is all about is to read the Koran. Our national security depends on voters understanding the Islamic threat, and they cannot do that without knowing what is in the Koran. Reading the Koran is something like reading the Communist Manifesto. It is not indoctrination. It is ideological inoculation. All citizens should understand the ideological threat we face.

      • #lovebears65. I don’t like the way you think, lovebears65. It sounds too much like what a 5-year-old would say. “Na, na, na, na….why can he have his toys if I can’t?”… Defensive thinking has got us into the MESS we’re in! Never mind, na, na, na, na…. It’s HIGH TIME that we put these SLIMEBALLS on the defensive! It’s high time that we assert WHO WE ARE–to use a worn out cliche! It’s high time the world sees that we are a nation of God-fearing citizens who cherish FREEDOM–NOT TYRANNY!!!!! ALL OPPRESSIVE AND SUPPRESSIVE DOCTRINES AND DOGMAS SHOULD BE EXPOSED AND PLACED UNDER STRICT SURVEILLANCE! We have a CIA for that very reason–it’s HIGH TIME they started telling us the TRUTH about the diabolical teachings of BLOODY IZZSLIME!!!!!

  5. Study Islam on your own. They are cherry picking what they reveal in school. They never teach the verse of the sword or Muhammeds marriage to a six year old, the people he murdered or had murdered. The long history of violence of Islam. Their belief that they must conquer the world and kill all infidels. Islam should not even be allowed in the U.S., just as we prohibit cannibalism or pagan Faith’s involving human sacrifice!

  6. Here is a history lesson we are ignoring in our colleges, universities, K-12, and failing to teach it to our law enforcement, military, politicians, etc. due to political correctness i.e. Cultural Marxism! What is the end goal of Islam?

    Shariah is the strategy and terrorism is one tactic to reach the ultimate goal of a global caliphate, an Ummah ruled by Shariah/Islamic law!

    What is a Caliphate and how would it affect America if it was imposed here? A Caliphate is an Islamic empire dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries.

    Who wrote this, when and why?
    The Ambassador answered us that it was founded on the Laws of their prophet [Mohammed], that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every musselman [muslim] who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

    This statement was a part of a March 28, 1786, letter from John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, the United States Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Continental Congress, concerning their conversation with Tripoli’s to London, Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman as to why his pirates/terrorists hijacked our merchant ships, stole the ships and cargo while holding the sailors for ransom. (Source: Founders:

    We have known about this danger for 230 years now but our USELESS politicians will not uphold their Oath of Office, our national security nor our Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 “provide for common defense” of this nation by holding hearings in the House and Senate on what we knew then and how it still exists today.

    We have known about how Islamic armies created distinctly Islamic empires called Caliphates in the 7th and 8th centuries Arab armies created a Caliphate created one of the largest empires known to world history. This empire is referred to as the Caliphate, and it was under this empire that a distinctly Islamic civilization emerged.

    Why are we failing to mention the obvious issues in the 1786 letter that still exists today? For example:

    ISIS/ISIL/Islamic state formed a caliphate, an Ummah and it is ruled by Shariah/Islamic law and they are working to make it GLOBAL. So is the 57 Muslim nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), the largest coalition of national, regional, and local Muslim organizations

    They all want to form a GLOBAL Caliphate, an ummah and be ruled by Shariah/Islamic law. Our USELESS politicians at all levels of government ignore their Oath of Office, our national security and our Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 “provide for common defense” of this nation and replaced it with Cultural Marxism i.e. political correctness!

    Their 1,400 year old Shariah/Islamic law movement is not allowed by our Constitution Article VI.

  7. All Christians should stand up and take up Arms to protect our country and our children from this Evil
    Overtake of our Enemies,,They are of Satan,,we trusted our”president” He was a Muslim,,now look at America!! We the people,Must take our Country back,drive the devil out !!

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  9. Islam is viciously opposed to any jews, christians, hindus, adherents of other religions and atheists and seeks world domination and the extinction of all other religions through violent conversion to Islam and the genocide of all those who will not convert.


  10. So we take prayer out of schools but teach this crap. That’s why this country is going to hell. We need to protest against this.

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