Univ of Oklahoma campus mosque is not enough so Muslims given mini-mosque in library

Source: AhlulBayt News Agency – ABNA – Shia News  h/t TROP

Maeen Alqohaif used to pray between the narrow bookshelves in a corner of the Bizzell Memorial Library, where stray students wandering by posed a constant distraction.

Until, that is, the mechanical engineering junior discovered a better location for the five-times daily prayer required of Muslims: the reflection room — a classroom-sized, lamp-lit, quiet space designated solely for prayer.

The University of Oklahoma has opened a new reflection room to host Muslim students wishing to pray during the day, giving them a sense of belonging and welcome.

He later discover a room on the second floor of the library, which was implemented at the request of the Muslim Student Association.

Charles Kimball, director of the religious studies program and scholar of Islam, said prayer is one of five pillars of Islam, meaning it is a vital part of the religion. This prayer involves a series of steps including standing, bowing and prostrating toward Mecca while reciting Quran verses and praying to God for guidance, forgiveness, success and anything that comes to mind, Alqohaif said.

Sandhu said the university responded to MSA’s request for a prayer room to meet the needs of Muslim students.

“During the day, I mean, we’re all students, we all go to class, and even though there is a mosque on campus, it’s about a mile away, so we needed an option for people to go ahead and pray on campus when they couldn’t make it to the mosque,” Sandhu said. “Besides, it’s really awkward praying in the stairwell or in a classroom, so we needed a room to pray in.”

While the room was originally intended for Muslim students, Sandhu said it is open to anyone, as long as it is being used for prayer or quiet reflection.

The space is decorated with a large-area rug, several lamps, a few chairs, copies of the Quran, pamphlets about Islam and a bookshelf.

“It’s fairly simple,” Sandhu said. “I mean, it’s used for one thing, so we like to keep it as minimal as possible so people don’t get distracted in there, because if you’re distracted in prayer, the purpose of the room is basically invalidated.”

Sandhu said the Muslim Student Association is grateful to have the room available for prayer.

No doubt the MSA is ecstatic – they’ve fooled administrators at the University of Oklahoma into thinking Muslims can only pray in mosques or segregated Muslim prayer rooms and to build them!

Of course reader’s here are aware but students (and parents of students who unwittingly pay for these campus mosques) at Oklahoma might not be aware that the Muslim Student Association was:

Established (by members of the Muslim Brotherhood) in January 1963 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

MSA was named in a May 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document — titled “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” – as one of the Brotherhood’s 29 likeminded “organizations of our friends” that shared the common goal of destroying America and turning it into a Muslim nation. These “friends” were identified by the Brotherhood as groups that could help teach Muslims “that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”

The Muslim Student Association Pledge of Allegiance: (Muslims do not pledge allegiance to the American flag):

Allah is my lord
Islam is my life
The Koran is my guide
The Sunnah is my practice
Jihad is my spirit
Paradise is my goal
I will die to establish Islam

More:  The growing list of Muslim Student Association (MSA) terrorists


6 thoughts on “Univ of Oklahoma campus mosque is not enough so Muslims given mini-mosque in library

  1. WTF? WTF?? WTF??? WTF???? WTF?????


    Shared to my public FB with my added comments:




  2. Everyone knows that Sunni and Shia can’t worship together. Of course the Shia deserve their own Mosque on Campus.

    What’s wrong with you people – don’t be haters. Submit to our will and we followers of Islam will grant you peace and tranquility.

    The choice is yours my friends. Peace or No Peace. We Muslims choose peace. So be peaceful and we followers of Islam will guide in what is acceptable and not.

    Peace be with you my brothers and sisters.

    • #Umdaat al Salik. Hahahaha! “SUBMIT”!!!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!!! Here’s a PRECIOUS little nugget for you to chew on, Umdaat…. Take your filthy offer of MUZZLUM “peace” and shove it where the sun don’t shine–WE AIN’T INTERESTED!!!!! BTW, when you go to see your NON-EXISTENT allah ;- (( god, TELL ‘IM EXACTLY WHAT I JUST SAID, PLEASE….. In the meantime, TAKE A HIKE, TROLL!!!

  3. Simple truth:the more you give into Islam the more Liberty you will lose, Wake up America, Islam will never coexist no matter how many Muslims you know and befriend, they live breathe and learn sharia in the mosques, sharia is all that matters aside from nation to nation conquer. Stop this nonsense that Islam has more rights than we the people of America, this is our home start to make a stand and defend our nation, history and culture.

  4. I ask you what would happen if Christian or Jewish students were to begin to take up public spaces for what we in the West believe is essentially a private act? I have seen Muslims take over parts of workplaces that could ill afford to be reduced just so that their special requirements could be fulfilled. They will push and push and then play the victim if denied.

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