Saudi Arabia Astroturfing America To Roll Back 9/11 Law

Source: Saudi Arabia Astroturfing America To Roll Back 9/11 Law

by Eric Owens

The government of Saudi Arabia and its agents appear to be recruiting U.S. military veterans and people with foreign policy credentials to submit basically the same op-ed to newspapers around the country in an effort to concoct the appearance of an organic groundswell of opposition to a new federal law that allows civil lawsuits against state sponsors of terrorism.

The law — the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) — creates a way for American citizens to file civil claims against foreign governments for deaths, injuries and other damage related to terrorist acts if the foreign governments financed those attacks.

A cursory review of five different newspaper submissions allegedly written by five different authors — and placed in five different major newspapers from Oct. 5, 2016 to Nov. 28, 2016 — strongly suggests an astroturf campaign conducted by some single source.

All five op-eds use exactly the same language at different points, with full paragraphs that are clearly, almost lazily repetitive.

Only the word “of” instead of the phrase “known as” separates what Sinkovits wrote from what Cotney wrote. Otherwise, 46 words — out of 47 and 48, respectively — are identical.

But wait. There’s more. On Nov. 28, the Cedar Rapids Gazette published an op-ed titled “JASTA’s negative consequences” by “guest columnist” Don Pugsley with exactly the same string of 47 words contained in the Oct. 5 op-ed in The Denver Post by Sinkovits.

The Gazette describes Pugsley as “a special forces Green Beret Sargeant [sic] Major with 87 military parachute jumps, a top Secret Security Clearance and a medi-vac in Vietnam.”

In the Concord Monitor on Nov. 20, a letter to the editor by Ken Georgevits — no description given — changes three words but is otherwise a carbon copy of the identical wording by Cotney, Sinkovits and Pugsley.

Who coordinated the five impressively identical op-eds allegedly written by five different authors in five different major newspapers in the last two months? The obvious candidate — the only candidate, really — is a lobbyist or a public relations firm working on a large retainer for Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia appears to be the only foreign government named in any lawsuit alleging material foreign-government support for the Sept. 11 hijackers. The practical effect of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act has been to allow lawsuits to go forward against Saudi Arabia because of 9/11.

In response to the 9/11 law (now and when it was a bill), the Saudi government has been engaging in a furious lobbying effort.

As of early November, The Hill reports, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is paying 14 lobbying firms to convince Congress to change the law — and thus to prevent any federal trial in which Saudi Arabia must defend itself.

The 14 lobbying firms include public-relations big guns such as Squire Patton Boggs, Podesta Group and Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck.

Much more at The Daily Caller. Read it all.

Update: The Saudi’s even did a U.S. tour to have the bill repealed or changed:  Saudi Arabia lobbies US over 9/11 law

(AFP) – Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has been lobbying US legislators to change a law allowing victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks to sue the kingdom, he said on Sunday.

Adel al-Jubeir told reporters he has just returned from an extended stay in the United States, which was partly “to try to persuade them that there needs to be an amendment of the law”, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).

In opposing the law, Obama said it would harm US interests by opening up the United States to private lawsuits over its military missions abroad.

Is Obama admitting that 9/11 was a Saudi military mission?

For more on the rhino’s carrying water for the Saudi’s read: McCain and Graham Seek to Gut 9/11 Bill to Immunize Foreign Governments Funding Terrorists.


One thought on “Saudi Arabia Astroturfing America To Roll Back 9/11 Law

  1. Well, well, well, and well again! The Saudis are running around, all over the place, with EGG on their faces! Imagine that!!! What’s more, they’re too freakin’ DUMB to figure out how to fabricate the GRAND TOTAL of four (FOUR) 4–four, four, FOUR ORIGINAL newspaper articles to spread their LYIN’ PROPAGANDA of INTIMIDATION TACTICS!!! Wow! The Saudis are fabricating a bunch of putrid foul smelling LIES!!! Wow! Who knew??? IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME WE HAD THE BIG ONES IN ORDER TO MAKE THESE DIRT-BAGS SQUIRM IN THEIR OWN SHEIIT!!!!! I can’t wait to find out more…. it goes w/o saying that they ran like scared rabbits (actually more like filthy rats and roaches) immediately after the 9/11 attack took place. They couldn’t get out of here quick enough….. They may have pulled the wool of GWB’s eyes, and enlisted the services of BHO for the last 8 years, BUT THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!!!! Time to turn the tables and sue them or bomb them–preferably I say we BOMB their sacred cow–the Kaaba rock!!!!!

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