Terror Experts ‘Very Concerned’ About Sen. Elizabeth Warren Aide and His Radical Mosque

Source: Terror Experts ‘Very Concerned’ About Sen. Warren Aide and His Radical Mosque – CounterJihad

BY Paul Sperry · @paulsperry_


Warren staffer Hamza Abdelgany invited the senator to speak at a Boston Islamic Center linked to several major terrorism cases.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she made an ill-advised appearance at a Boston mosque linked to several major terrorism cases at the request of an office aide who attends the radical mosque.

The Massachusetts Democrat said she agreed to speak Sunday at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center at the urging of staffer Hamza Abdelgany, who is a member of the mosque, which has graduated no fewer than 13 terrorists and recently was caught on video defending many of the terrorists, even after they were convicted in federal court.

Warren spoke before the congregation for several minutes chiefly to complain about “anti-Muslim hate” allegedly inspired by the election of GOP President-elect Donald Trump.

Charles Jacobs, founder of Boston-based Americans for Peace and Tolerance, told CJ that he is “very concerned” that a member of a mosque that supports and even raises money for the legal defense of known terrorists has such political clout. He said that Warren’s ill-considered visit bestowed undue legitimacy on ISB.

ISB operates two mosques: one in Roxbury, where the so-called “interfaith” event attended by Warren was held, and the other in Cambridge, where several terrorists and terrorist supporters have worshipped, including:

  • Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev;
  • Aafia Siddiqui, aka Lady al-Qaida, who raised money for the terror group in area mosques and is serving an 86-year federal sentence for trying to murder a US Army captain in Afghanistan, where she was captured with plans to carry out a chemical attack on New York City;
  • ISB imam Abdullah Faaruuq, who was heard on tape urging Boston Muslims to “pick up the gun and the sword” to defend Siddiqui during her 2010 trial.
  • Tarek Mehanna, who in 2012 got 17 years in federal prison for conspiring to use automatic weapons to murder shoppers in a suburban Boston mall, as well as for conspiring to aid Al Qaeda;
  • Ahmad Abousamra, an indicted terrorist co-conspirator of Mehanna who fled to Syria in 2006 where he resurfaced as a top ISIS propagandist and was added to the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list in 2013, where he remains today.
  • ISB congregant Rezwan Ferdaus, who in 2012 got 17 years in federal prison for plotting to attack the Pentagon and US Capitol with remote-controlled airplane bombs.
  • ISB major donor Oussama Ziade, who was indicted in 2009 for dealing with terrorist funds and is now a fugitive living in Lebanon.
  • ISB co-founder Abduraham Alamoudi, who was sentenced in 2004 to 23 years in prison for plotting terrorism and identified by the US government as a top Muslim Brotherhood figure as well as a key al-Qaida fundraiser in America.
  • ISB founding trustee Yusuf Qaradawi, who was placed on the US terror watchlist after calling for violent jihad against US troops in Iraq and is currently the subject of an Interpol arrest warrant on charges of incitement to murder.
  • Jamal Badawi, another former trustee who in 2007 was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a plan to funnel more than $12 million to Palestinian suicide bombers.

ISB leadership also includes Abdul-Malik Merchant, an associate imam who recently was forced to apologize to the Jewish community for posting anti-Semitic posts on social media.

ISB member Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was caught on surveillance videotape planting a bomb along the Boston Marathon route, became an angry jihadist after joining the mosque. According to his ex-girlfriend, “One minute he was a normal guy, the next minute he is watching these crazy Muslim videos.”

In 2011, ISB hosted an event in support of no fewer than 22 terrorists who were convicted of providing material support for al-Qaeda, Hamas, Palestinian Jihad and Pakistani terrorist groups — including Siddiqui, Alamoudi and Mehanna. During the event, which was caught on video, relatives of the terrorists bashed the FBI, the Justice Department and the US government; and at least one speaker called for violent jihad against the US.

Still, Warren stood where they stood and bashed the president-elect.

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14 thoughts on “Terror Experts ‘Very Concerned’ About Sen. Elizabeth Warren Aide and His Radical Mosque

  1. my senator isnt she the gustiest woman alive
    and a muslime sympathizer at that
    she didnt have to worry about security even the low life scum muslimes rapefugees wouldnt rape that nasty hag

  2. Elizabeth Warren is a very selfish and conniving evil woman! She was a set-up by the Obama Admin to ouster the newly elected Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, WHO WON BY A LANDSLIDE in the 2010 State elections, following the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy. She slithered her way into the Senate by running on the Democrat ticket in 2012, during a presidential election year. The sniveling Democrats took full advantage of the 2012 elections, knowing that by and large, the Mass. voters would re-elect Obama and blindly vote the Democrat ticket, carte blanche. That said, it clearly went w/o saying that she would slide in on Obama’s coattails–which is exactly what she did! She played on the sympathies of the Mass voters by claiming to be partly of American Indian descent–for which she has never offered any substantial proof! She’s a liar and a fraud–AND NOW SHE’S CLEARLY TAKING SIDES WITH THE ENEMY, in the very mosque where an overwhelming number of terrorist activities have taken place!

  3. But people keep her in office, shows the mentality of Massachusetts how they keep liberal elite in office, she knows what she’s doing and you all in that state are suckers for keeping her.

    • Hey, take it easy there, Troyboy! Not everybody in Mass is an Obama Dem, but last I heard, majority rules! In case you missed it, I just told you how the woman slithered her way in on Obama’s ticket. If you have a plan to get rid of her–let’s hear it! Otherwise, go pick the “beam” out of your own eye!!!!

      • I truly hope you are able to get rid of her soon! Since I don’t live in your state, I will not offer advice. However, your thoughts on how she was able to slither in to office would appear to be spot on! Keep in mind, most folks are probably not aware of her Marxist ideology or her apparent infatuation with Chairman Mao…just sayin’

        • Just FYI, to all the CS bloggers who are interested, Warren absolutely SLITHERED in on BHO’s coattails during the 2012 elections, just like I said! It was a diabolical set-up by the Obama Admin to gain more votes in the Senate, and it was a given that she would retake the seat that BELONGED, allegedly, to the “Lion of the Senate”, Ted Kennedy! But here’s the thing, two years earlier during the State elections, Scott Brown (R) had won that vacant Senate seat by a landslide, left by Ted Kennedy when he died. The people really liked Scott Brown, and he campaigned like a house on fire! I remember receiving several phone calls asking me to vote for him (which I gladly did). It truly surprised me how the Dems in Mass rallied around him (Brown). He was such a breath of fresh air, after all of the welfare crap (and high taxes) that Kennedy dumped on us. I truly believed that my neighbors were beginning to see the light! And then “along came Liz”! She lied about everything she said, every time she opened her mouth (btw, nothing’s changed), but old habits are hard to break. New Englanders SEE themselves as Democrats–It’s like a religion! It literally makes no difference how dishonest or hateful the Dem candidate may be toward conservatives! All that matters is–IS HE/ SHE A DEMOCRAT!!! (Talk about the blind leading the blind!) Long story short, Scott was thrown under the bus, largely by default, b/c, as I said, “old habits are hard to break”! Funny thing, Massachusetts is known historically as the State (actually “Commonwealth”) where the Great Awakening took place in the 1600’s, when Jonathan Edwards preached his famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”! Amazing, (and sad) how things change over time…..

  4. Never mind whether Sen. Warren had a ‘error of judgement’ or not.
    That debate could go on forever.
    There’s the financial implications to consider.
    Where’s the economy in hiring a humble muslim to brief a Senator on all things Islamic; even on a modest salary; when there’s thousands of .imams, with far more qualifications.who are only too willing to Pay the Senate take their advice?
    Even Mrs Clinton worked that one out.

  5. To CS. Thanks for posting this article exposing Elizabeth Warren for the greed-driven TRAITOR that she is! Judging from some of the feedback I’ve rec’d pertaining to the comments I’ve posted here, I’d say that she’s not the only one who is BLIND! So far, the only response that makes any sense to me, is the one from ‘Anonymous’ (Thank you, for your kind and gracious remarks. New England needs another Great Awakening!). On the other hand, talk about a “hell-of-a-mess”!!!!! Some ppl just need to keep their mouths shut when others say they are ignorant, b/c by opening their mouths THEY REMOVE ALL DOUBT!!!!! P.S. It would appear, judging from one of the blogger’s comments here, that I personally, had the ALL CONSUMING POWER to alter the opinions AND VOTES of every eligible voter within the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts! Wow! Who knew?????

    • Don’t worry, Ben, old Liz hasn’t exhausted her usefulness to the MUZZSCUMZ yet! They love to drain all the blood out of their victims before they chop off their heads! On the other hand, I’m expecting any day, to see her come waltzing down the streets of Boston wearing a black garbage bag over her head!!!!

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