Toronto: Muslim convicted of rape skips bail, flees to Pakistan

Source: Brampton man convicted of sex assault flees to Pakistan | Toronto Star

A Brampton man who was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman while she was clearly too intoxicated to consent has fled to Pakistan before he could be sentenced.

In fact — as court heard for the first time Thursday — this is the second time Moazzam Tariq, 29, has fled to Pakistan to avoid jail time while on bail.

“Had we known his history he would have been put in custody immediately,” Ontario Court Justice Mara Greene said incredulously, adding that Tariq likely would not have been granted bail at all on the sexual assault charge had this information been available to the Crown.

“On the record that we had, there was no way we could have known Mr. Tariq would have absconded. On the record that we now know it was a foregone conclusion.”

After his sexual-assault trial, in a lengthy decision based in large part on shocking surveillance videos, Greene found Tariq raped the victim while she was extremely intoxicated and incapable of consenting, shortly after they met at a downtown Toronto nightclub.

Tariq will be sentenced in absentia on Dec. 19. The Crown is seeking a sentence of three years. No submissions were made by Tariq’s lawyer.

When he left the country, Tariq was on a $10,000 bail and required to live with his father, his surety, in Brampton with a curfew of 10 p.m. He had to surrender his Pakistani passport after his conviction, but was permitted to remain on bail.

Witkin said Thursday that Tariq used a Pakistani passport to leave the country on Nov. 18 — from Montreal to Qatar then to Pakistan.

The court and Crown first learned Tariq was missing last week when he did not show up at his sentencing hearing.

Tariq had actually been reported to have breached his bail on Nov. 24 when his father revoked his bail, court heard.

His father told police Tariq told him he was in Vancouver on business but would return for his court date.

A nationwide warrant for Tariq’s arrest was issued on Dec. 5, but by then he’d been out of the country for two weeks.

“Your Honour can make a reasonable inference that he will not be returning and will not be found prior to Dec. 19,” Witkin said.

Witkin told the court last week a hearing should be ordered to determine whether Tariq’s father should forfeit the $10,000 bail.

The father is an accomplice and should be arrested, then deported.

It happens in the U.S. too:


5 thoughts on “Toronto: Muslim convicted of rape skips bail, flees to Pakistan

  1. These pigs all think they’re above the law (US, Constitutional LAW), then when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they scram like the filthy roaches that they are!!!!! DIRTBAG SCUMS!!!!!

    • @wellborn this happened in Canada so what does the US have to do with it?!? If it was the US Trump would give this fine individual a job on his sexual advisory committee. But Trudeau might beat Trump to it first and add him on to his ‘multicultural’ cabinet!

      • #Harry Dickinsider. Ok, “Toronto”–got it! “I see, said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and SAW!” Irrelevant, in any case, since the US courts and policy are generally every bit as lenient and sympathetic toward criminals as anything that Canada has to offer! All the same, you clearly don’t like Donald Trump! Hey, to each his own. I say, we give him a chance to prove himself before we all throw him under the bus! We certainly can’t do any worse than what we’ve had for the last 8 years! And personally, I for one, actually believe he’s not just our best choice for the next 4 years–he’s the ONLY choice!!!! It’s my personal opinion–and that’s my FINAL answer!!!

        • you’ve misunderstood me. Never said I dislike Trump either. I think the US needs a good tough business person right now to lead their country. $19.9 trillion and debt continues to grow. I’m a Canadian that resides in Vancouver. Down the I-5 here in Seattle and Washington state good luck finding a Trump supporter.I guess what I am trying to say is that if this fellow had been in The US his chances of leaving the country probably would’ve been a lot less than here in Canada. Mind you I could be wrong. I saw stories during the US election campaign of Trump visiting a family whose daughter got run over and killed buy a drunk Mexican who too fled the country. Anyways Merry Christmas and/or ‘seasons greetings’ as to say so not offending anyone, lol, peace.

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