Utah: BYU students wear hijabs to support ideology that doesn’t accept them


Ignorance is bliss. Dhimmitude is death.

Source: BYU students wear hijabs to show support for Muslim community | Deseret News

PROVO — A group of BYU students is spreading love and showing solidarity for those of other religions.

For the past three Wednesdays, student Sondra Sasser and 11 fellow students started wearing traditional hijabs to show support for Utah’s Muslim community. Most of the students are majoring in Middle Eastern studies, so they are very familiar with the culture.

While often understood as a symbol of modesty and privacy, the hijab is much more for those Muslim women who choose to wear it, according to Yonat Shimron with the Religion News Service. She said, “It says they view it alternately as a sign of religious devotion, discipline, freedom from Western expectations, or simply a way to be in a continuous state of prayer.”

The students said they wanted to be respectful in showing their support. They have been in contact with Muslim community leaders in Salt Lake City.

The group says in this time of uncertainty and chaos, this is a way to show support for those of the Muslim faith.

‪”A lot of Muslims are feeling uncomfortable about things and they are feeling scared about things or just misunderstood, and so any show of solidarity, I think, can be touching,” Sasser said.

‪She said it is no doubt raising a lot of eyebrows around the Provo campus.

‪”I think a lot of people get excited to see diversity on campus a little bit,” Sasser said with a laugh.

Hanif Sulaeman, with the BYU Muslim Association, supports the group’s efforts. “It’s like they are saying, ‘This is how we can support you’ and ‘You are not alone,’” he said.

‪He said he appreciates the steps the group is taking to try to understand his beliefs by wearing the symbolic garment the entire day and by putting worldly fashions aside.

How telling that the only comment they got was from a Muslim male – from the Muslim Brotherhood-founded MSA. Polygamy is one thing Mormons and Muslims have in common.

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, Saudi police detain young woman for removing head covering.


19 thoughts on “Utah: BYU students wear hijabs to support ideology that doesn’t accept them

  1. The picture you show is a picture of 6 true idiots. They should go to Gaza for a year to be a student there. It would be a one way trip, so many of America’s ‘best and brightest’ are in reality just a small group of idiots.

  2. a bunch of disconnected wealthy white suburbanites.

    these idiots will be among the first rape victims when their prized moslem population swells and a tear i won’t shed.

    • rather, they’d ideally be the ones raped.

      unfortunately poor and disenfranchised women who can’t afford to escape the moslem incursion will be raped ruthlessly, while these bimbos will sip their starbucks and diddle themselves over how inclusive they were by wearing symbols of female oppression.

      can’t make this stuff up because it’d be too asinine.

  3. They are not necessarily wealthy or suburbanites. They ARE silly for trying to fit in to the foreign culture. They should be encouraging them to fit into OURS.

    Those of you that are wishing HARM to these misguided ladies are asses.

  4. Saudi Arabia brought the Wahaabi ideology to Egypt and with it the need to cover up. If girls in the USA are starting to don the higab in “solidarity” with their Muslim friends then the Middle East agenda to take over the world is winning. Girls in Egypt are being harassed and sexually assaulted even with all the extra protective clothing. It’s a false narrative that even Al Azhar, the top arbiter of Koran interpretation, has said there is nothing in the Koran that demands a woman cover except to pray.

  5. They’re in breach of conditions imposed on dhimmis in the Pact of Umar. “…We will not imitate their [muslims] clothing, caps, turbans, sandals, hairstyles, speech, nicknames and title names,…”
    … but perhaps that only applies to men.

  6. Are they being educated in the meanings of “Taquiyya’, “Kitman” Kafir, Infidel, Dhimmi, Hijrah, Jizya and the other islamic concepts of treachery and deceit. All across America islam is trying to corrupt our youth and those 6 are poster children for the islamic infection.

  7. I went to the ‘Zoo’, and not all students there are idiots. God had other plans for me. I am not a Mormon anymore and in my free time, I read the ebook, ‘Sharia: The Threat to America.’ The girls in the pix need to read it too, to find out how deceived Muslims are. They are deceived just like Mormons.

    • #Donald Syvanen. I’m curious…. As a former Mormon, have you ever heard that Joseph Smith was influenced by the koran, when he wrote the Book of Mormon? I’ve heard that he got the concept of polygamy from reading the koran! Is that true????

  8. What a joke! Question is–does BYU actually support this stupidity? You can bet the farm that NONE of these “goody-two-shoes” has the foggiest clue of what they are actually endorsing by wearing this muslim hijab! This is the state of abject confusion and total ignorance that we’re now living in! Would these same students (who allegedly claim to be members of the Mormon denomination) wear a Swastika on their sleeve or a satanist symbol to show solidarity there??? I guess it’s really true–ignorance is complete BLISS!!!

    • #Lori. Ahemm…. I think I saw a picture the other day of a whole bunch of muzzlumz that were wearing crosses–Oh wait…. No, no…. actually that picture was a whole bunch of Christians that were HANGING on crosses!!! Ahemm…. yeah…. I think they were all DEAD!!!!! Wow! Imagine that…. muzzlumz killing Christians!!! Golly, who knew?????

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