Virginia: DOJ sues another county to force another mosque on another rural American community


All a result of massive Muslim importation and infiltration. Source: Justice Dept. sues Virginia county over denial of permit to build mosque – The Washington Post

The Justice Department filed suit Monday contending that Culpeper County, Va., acted in a discriminatory manner in denying an approval needed for the construction of an Islamic house of worship there.

Justice asked a federal court to order the largely rural county to grant the permit approval needed by the Islamic Center of Culpeper for its proposed mosque. About 12 to 20 Muslims have been showing up for prayers at a temporary site, and wished to build a permanent home for their activities.

No mosque exists in the county, which is about 70 miles southwest of Washington. The nearest is 45 minutes away by car, Justice said.

The vote that has prevented construction came on what appeared to be a narrow technical question regarding the disposal of sewage. But the Justice Department investigated the issue with an eye toward determining whether the refusal of a disposal permit involved religious discrimination.

In its lawsuit, the department based its argument on the Religious Land Use act, which was intended to protect religious freedom and prevent discrimination in the application of land-use laws to places of worship.

The Islamic Center was told by the county health department, according to the lawsuit, that conditions at the proposed site required sewage removal by what is known as the pump-and-haul method.

In pump-and-haul, sewage is stored on site and trucked away periodically for treatment, a process that required a permit, according to the lawsuit.

In its suit, the Justice Department’s civil rights division said rejecting the request for the permit made building the mosque impossible. As a result, the department argued, the Islamic center’s members “cannot engage in their religious practices to the degree and in the way they believe they are compelled to do.”

The department said no other suitable land was available for the mosque. It argued that the board made use of the pump-and-haul permit process as a means to bar a use that the board “did not want.”

The lawsuit asserted that permission had been approved in cases similar to the Islamic center’s.

A large crowd at an April meeting cheered the introduction of the motion to deny the permit. The supervisors rejected the permit by a 4-to-3 vote.

After learning of the Justice Department’s review of the matter, County Administrator John Egertson had expressed confidence that the study would show that the county was “completely compliant.”

He said the board “acted within their policy, and they acted fairly and consistently.”


6 thoughts on “Virginia: DOJ sues another county to force another mosque on another rural American community

  1. Go to trial and put Islam on trial for Sedition! There is no First Amendment Right for a Religion that advocates genocide and murder to expand its dominance over our citizens. The key aspect of the DOJ action focuses on the First Amendment. For example, imagine a religion that advocates human sacrifice suing to build a Church. Such religions are illegal for obvious reasons. Islam is no different than outlawed religions!!!!

  2. Tear down, and burn the debris of, every mosque on American soil and send every Muslim, no matter where they were born, out of the country. And hang every member of the Obama administration who have promoted the viral spread of Islam, through direct or indirect action or inaction. The true nature of Islam is known well by the current government and is ignored to the detriment of the lives and freedom of the American people.

  3. Everyone, even our ‘politicians,’ need to read the pdf file called Shariah: The Threat to America. I’m half way through, but in the first two chapters, it leaves no shadow of doubt, that Shariah Law and Islam will be our destruction if we do not stop it now! Islam is a violent ideology hiding behind the concept of ‘religion.’ It is NOT just a religion to be protected by the 1st Amendment.

    • #dsyvanen. YES! Thank God we finally have a President-elect who understands this threat for what it is–an insurgency with the patience of Job (since the 7th century, A.D.), that is hell-bent on destroying every last semblance of Freedom and Democracy in the world! People say, “it’ll never happen here”, as they blindly watch their freedoms and liberties disappear right before their eyes! Keep up the good work, ‘dsyvanen’! We need every voice out there to discredit and defame this blood-thirsty CULT!!! Yes, they are BY NO MEANS entitled to 1st Amendment protection under the law–BY NO MEANS!!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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