Texas: Sheriff’s office allows inmate in ‘honor killing’ case to wear hijab

Lost on the sheriff’s office and everyone else in this case is that this Muslim is in jail because she took part in killing a woman who chose to reject the hijab! Put simply, it’s a Symbol…of Hate.

Source: Sheriff’s office allows inmate tied to ‘honor killing’ case to wear hijab – Houston Chronicle

Nadia Irsan was wearing an orange jail uniform, an olive green long-sleeved shirt and a black head scarf with a small patch of maroon when she sat down across from her lawyer Thursday in a glass-partitioned conference room in the Harris County Jail.

The 31-year-old observant Muslim, who will likely remain behind bars at least another year before she goes to trial on a charge of stalking, smiled at her attorney.

“It was a lot of colors,” said lawyer Jackie Carpenter. “But that wasn’t an issue. She finally looked comfortable.”

A day after Carpenter and attorney Eric Davis went public with their concerns that Irsan’s religious rights were being violated because she was not allowed to wear the covering that are tenets of her faith, officials with the sheriff’s office saw to it that she had a hijab and a long-sleeved shirt.

“It was like she said, ‘oh my God, I can breathe again!'” Carpenter said of the immediate change in her client. “She was far more focused and energetic. She’s happy.”

You know who can’t breate again? The brother-in-law Irsan stalked and told, “I cannot wait until my dad puts a bullet between your eyes.” The father did so. The best friend of Irsan’s sister can’t breathe again either – because Irsan helped kill her too because she rejected wearing the hijab and all that is Islam.

Irsan has been convicted in a federal fraud scheme, but she is awaiting trial along with her father, Ali Mahwood-Awad, and his wife and adult son. They are all accused of gunning down her sister’s husband and her sister’s best friend, Iranian activist Gelareh Bagherzadeh.

Prosecutors say the family conspired to commit the shootings after the sister disavowed the family to marry a Houston man.

More: Prosecutor: Woman repeatedly stalked victim of “honor killing”

Irsan is charged with stalking her sister, Nesreen Irsan, after Nersreen left their father’s home to marry a Christian man, Coty Beavers.

Their father, Ali Irsan, is Muslim. Prosecutors call him controlling and domineering, and they say he murdered Coty, and Nesreen’s best friend, Gelareh Bagherzadeh, because he thought she helped convert his daughter to Christianity.

In court Tuesday, prosecutors said Nadia also threatened Coty before his murder.

“At one point made the comment, I cannot wait until my dad puts a bullet between your eyes, to Coty Beavers,” said Thomas.

Nadia is accused of putting a GPS tracker on her sister’s car and driving around her home.

“Almost consistently on a daily basis was encircling the apartment complex,” said Thomas.

Prosecutors say the GPS showed Nadia taking that route, up until the day Coty Beavers was murdered in the apartment he shared with Nesreen in November 2012. The GPS was later found buried at the Irsans’ house.

Honor killing is a family tradition for these Jordanian Muslim immigrants:

Ali Irsan shot and killed another son-in-law in 1999, but he said it was in self-defense and wasn’t charged in that case.

He’s now being investigated for 15-year-old shooting.

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7 thoughts on “Texas: Sheriff’s office allows inmate in ‘honor killing’ case to wear hijab

  1. So they allow her the hijab, and here I thought no head coverings were allowed in court rooms. Stupid Stupid Stupid, the more you give in to Islam the more liberty we the people will forfeit in order to appease Islam. Stop the insanity by demanding Islam obey our laws, respect our history and people otherwise send them back to the Middle East to practice their BS.

      • #harpertwo Excellent comments!!! Yeah… they all wear that smirk from HELL!!!! Do they actually think that NOBODY can see thru it????? Unfortunately, there are far too many who actually CAN’T see thru it–it’s pathetic!! AND VERY DEADLY!!!! And just FYI to all muzzscumz who check in here–YES, WE ARE AT WAR WITH YOUR “RELIGION” FROM HELL–and with your UNholy koran–and with your NON-existent allah-god–and with your damnable FALSE prophet! You’ve got NOTHING to offer that we’re interested in–BEGONE SATAN!!!!!

  2. Dear God, please, please don’t let her lawyers get some kind of plea bargain to take the death penalty off the table! If ever there was a heinous crime that deserved the death penalty, it’s these horrific DIShonor killings!!! Oh yeah, and BTW, ain’t it just grand that the scumbag “baglady” (in the orange and black Halloween costume) feels like she can “breathe” again? Lord knows, we CERTAINLY don’t want to EVER make her “feel uncomfortable” for her role in murdering her Christian brother-in-law IN COLD BLOOD!!!!!

    creeping posted: “Lost on the sheriff’s office and everyone else in this case is that this Muslim is in jail because she took part in killing a woman who chose to reject the hijab! Put simply, it’s a Symbol…of Hate. Source: Sheriff’s office allows inmate tied to ‘honor”

    • The smirk on her face reflects that superiority attitude Muslims have, she should Not be given special treatment because she belongs to a Fascist Ideology whose main goal is to force their demonic beliefs on the whole world. If something isn’t done and done quick these brutes from the 7th century will destroy America from within without even firing a shot. Most Americans seem to think there is only Violent Jihad, in fact there are many ways for carrying out Jihad, Muslims have been doing Stealth Jihad in America for decades, stealth or secret Jihad can be carried out in many different ways, research the well financed alphabet Muslims organizations in America even the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood is one of them.

  3. Sheriff, take that hijab off that POS’s head and hang the bitch with it. Stop bowing to the will of these barbarian inhuman and inhumane turds . THIS IS AMERICA AND AMERICANS WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS BULLSHIT ANY MORE! WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION!

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