London: Muslim child rapist jailed for series of horrific attacks on 10-year-old girl


Source: Vile child rapist Mohamed Igal jailed for series of horrific attacks on 10-year-old girl | London Evening Standard

A vile child rapist has been jailed for repeatedly attacking a 10-year-old girl who he groomed online.

Mohamed Igal, 23, manipulated his “vulnerable” victim under the social media nickname “Wavey CJ” after meeting her on an estate in Southwark.

She had recently moved to the capital from overseas to live with her family.

Igal, a Dutch national, repeatedly raped the girl between July 2010 and May 2011, before she moved away from the area, a trial at Woolwich Crown Court heard.

His victim found the courage to come forward about the abuse in 2015 when she was 15 and he had tried to contact her again.

The court heard that he had messaged her to tell her he wanted her to perform sexual acts on him.

Igal, of Harper Road, Elephant and Castle, was sentenced to seven years and nine months imprison on Friday, December 16.

He was found guilty of the rape of a female child under 13 years old by a jury on Friday, November 4 following a trial.


6 thoughts on “London: Muslim child rapist jailed for series of horrific attacks on 10-year-old girl

  1. So who in their right mind writes these kind of lenient sentences for these kinds of hateful crimes??? This young girl’s ENTIRE LIFE is now ruined! Our Western-style legal system and courts, is unbelievably PRO-CRIMINAL (both in Europe and America)!!! This child has to live the rest of her life under a shadow of terror and fear, while her abductor virtually gets to go back to leading an unfettered life of crime!

  2. He looks like one of his xtian/jew/atheist/pagan friends gave him a joint laced with amphets that got him turning into this satan that the west loves to breed. Not to mention the lenient rules toward criminal behavior. Yes, western culture quickly corrupts. It’s just so insufficient to keep any sort of civil behavior in public or behind closed doors as the “clever” non Muslim one’s do.

    • Waa, waa, waaaa! So whats-a-matter, dareDevil, did Mommy make you go to Sunday School against your will???? Waa, waa, waaa!!! I’ll bet you really know alot about those “joints laced with amphets”–HUH?????

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