DC Metro cop indicted for trying to support ISIS

Source: Former DC Metro cop charged with trying to support ISIS | WUSA9.com

FAIRFAX, VA (WUSA9) – A former officer with the Metro Transit Police Department has been indicted for attempting to support ISIL, also known as ISIS.

A federal grand jury indicted Nicholas Young, 37, of Fairfax, with attempting to provide material to the terrorist organization and obstruction of justice.

According to allegations in the indictment, between Dec. 3, 2015 and July 29, 2016, Young vowed to help protect ISIL personnel from capture. He planned to mislead the FBI about his “friend” who was traveling to Syria to join ISIL.

In reality, Young’s “friend” was an undercover FBI agent. The agent told Young he successfully joined the terrorist group in late 2014.

The FBI interviewed young about his “friend’s” attempt to join ISIL. According to allegations in the indictment, Young tried to deceive investigators. He allegedly sent a text message to the “friend’s” cell phone to make it appear that he left the U.S. to go on vacation in Turkey. However, Young believed the friend went to Turkey and then on to Syria to join and fight for ISIL.

Young also is accused of trying to get gift cards to help terrorists.

He faces up to 60 years in prison if convicted.

As noted in a previous post: Virginia: Metro Transit Cop Arrested for Attempts to Support ISIS Terrorists

According to the affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint, Young told FBI agents that he traveled to Libya twice in 2011 and he had been with rebels attempting to overthrow the Muammar Qaddafi regime Baggage searches revealed that Young traveled with body armor, a kevlar helmet, and several other military-style items.

4 thoughts on “DC Metro cop indicted for trying to support ISIS

  1. There’s NO ONE stupider than these wanna-be American jihadis who grew up playing with GI-Joes and listening to hard-rock! Maybe now he’ll get to see what a real life GI-Joes will do with him in jail while he gets his head bashed in with a “HARD ROCK”!!!!!

  2. Something wrong. It seems almost every capture of a Jhihadi involves a sting. Trips to foreign places and big expense accounts How about catching the really active ones by doing some real police work for a change.
    I think many people feel there are active jihad training camps here in America where saboteurs are likely being trained and the authorities seem to turn a blind eye to them. I hope to see a Waco type force clean them out.

    • #jerry snaper. “Jihadi training camps”? Ahemm…. Did you say, JIHADI TRAINING CAMPS???? Ahemm!!! Ahemmm!!! Yeah, like, ahh, I can only assume that you probably meant to say, EVERY G-DAMN MOSQUE AND MUZZTURD org thruout the entire country–not to mention the entire world!!!! These RATS AND ROACHES have infested our gov’t and polluted everything sacred from the Vatican to the ghetto!!!! If we even had HALF-A-CLUE how rampant and invasive they are, and how deceptive they have become, we’d all go out and jump off a bridge!!! Yes, Jerry, we’re in a HELL-OF-A-MESS!!!!!

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