Florida: Muslim attacks cops, possible explosives found inside home (updated)



Source: Pasco Co. deputies find possible explosives inside home, question potential terrorism | WFLA.com

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A New Port Richey man has been arrested after an alleged incident of domestic violence ended in deputies “fighting for their lives,” according to the sheriff.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Pasco Fire-Rescue, Pasco Emergency Management and several other federal agencies were called to the scene in the Summertree subdivision of New Port Richey on Wednesday.

Sheriff Nocco confirmed Sherif Elganainy, 21, was home with his mother and father when his parents smelled something suspicious in the home and tried to investigate what it was.

Elganainy allegedly then struck his father, prompting an EMS call to the home.

Elganainy and his father went to the hospital while his mother stayed at home.

Pasco deputies arrived to check on her.  She told them she did not want to be near her son.  She also informed the deputies of the odd smell in the home.

Nocco confirmed Elganainy returned home from the hospital while the deputies were still present and a “very violent fight ensued.”

Nocco said Elganainy tried to take deputies’ guns from their holsters.

A deputy suffered a broken hand and another suffered a head injury.  They are currently being treated.

More deputies were called to the scene and were able to take Elganainy into custody.

Deputies said they saw and smelled things within the home, leading them to believe explosives were inside.  A bomb squad was called.

Nocco said materials found inside the home were concerning, and law enforcement is concerned over Elganainy’s criminal history.  Elganainy has been arrested in Osceola County on charges of domestic battery and strangulation.

Nocco said Elganainy “could have been a potential terrorist,” based off what they found in the home and information they have.

“You have the Joint Terrorism (Task) Force, Pasco Sheriff’s Office, everybody out here. We are treating this, this guy could’ve been a potential terrorist. We’re treating it at that level. We’re going to do everything we can. You look around the world, you see what happened in Germany, you see what happens across this country and across the world. The information we have, we’re not just going to look the other way,” the sheriff said.

Officials said no one was evacuated from nearby homes and “no one was in harms way.”

Both Elganainy’s mother and father are okay, according to Nocco, as are the injured deputies.

Elganainy is charged with two counts of domestic violence, a count of battering a law enforcement officer and two counts of resisting arrest with violence.

Officials are waiting for a search warrant to continue the investigation and confirm what hazardous materials are present.

Update:  Sheriff: No terrorist connection in New Port Richey case (THE CONNECTION IS ISLAM!)

“Mom made statements to detectives that when he gets mad he says things to her like I’m a terrorist or part of ISIS,” Nocco said.

Two deputies were injured. One got a broken hand and the other a blow to the head. A Taser was used striking Sherif and a deputy.

“This individual is extremely dangerous. There were chemicals out there he was researching, further how to make other chemical devices he had made statements about these things,” Nocco said. “I don’t want to say anything to damage the case. I want to put this person away as long as we can because it’s clear this individual should not be out on the streets.”

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  1. Just another zhithead, airhead perv that thought he could make a BIG name for himself by blowing people up! We don’t have enough Gitmos in the entire world for these bastards! God help our new President-elect–he’s got his work cut out for him!!!!!

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