Michigan: DOJ sues Sterling Heights for rejecting mosque in residential neighborhood

Source: Feds sue Sterling Heights for rejecting mosque; call move anti-Muslim

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the City of Sterling Heights claiming the Detroit suburb was biased against Muslims when it shot down a plan to build a mosque there last year.

The Justice Department claims in the lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Detroit that Sterling Heights officials catered to the fears and views of  anti-Muslim residents who showed up at public meetings and expressed views of all sorts in opposition to the mosque.

One person said “Remember 9/11,” according to the lawsuit, while another held up a picture of a woman wearing a head covering and said he didn’t want to “be near people like this” and a third person asked Homeland Security to screen the group that wanted the mosque, saying “they’re cutting people’s heads off; they kill our soldiers.”

Muslims in Sterling Heights are literally threatening to cut off peoples heads: Muslim threatens to “sever the heads” of two judges or trying to via honor killing: Muslim killed, almost beheaded, wife.

And it wasn’t just residents who made such comments, the federal government claims, but elected officials did, too. According to the lawsuit, Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor once asked whether  the mosque could appear “less Middle Eastern” and more “generic.”

That’s exactly what “zoning” is intended to do but Muslims who wage the zoning jihad have no interest in American laws or regulations.

The Justice Department lawsuit comes four months after the American Islamic Community Center filed its own lawsuit against the city, alleging Sterling Heights unlawfully denied the AICC an application for a special land use to build a mosque on 15 Mile between Ryan and Mound roads.

Both lawsuits accuse Sterling Heights of violating the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act — a 16-year-old law that prohibits the government from engaging in religious discrimination when making land use decisions.

At issue is a 9-0 vote by the Sterling Heights Planning Commission last year to reject building the mosque. City officials and residents have said their rejection was not based on bigotry, noting that the city already has a mosque, but over concerns that the location was not suitable for such a large building and could cause traffic problems.

“The City has cooperated fully with the Department of Justice in this matter, and is surprised and disappointed in its decision to initiate this lawsuit at this time,” the City of Sterling Heights said in a statement.

According to the statement, the AICC’s land use request to build a mosque was denied by the  Planning Commission “based on established land use criteria including the incompatibility with adjoining uses, insufficient parking, as well as overall size and height of the building, and not emotional feelings tied to religious beliefs either for or against the applicant.”

“The City welcomes the AICC along with any other religious groups, to Sterling Heights and we will continue an open dialog to address areas of disagreement with respect to land use,” the statement read.

City officials also defended the reputation of Sterling Heights as a city that welcomes and embraces diversity and inclusiveness, noting its diverse population represents ” a wide variety of cultures, ethnicities and race.”

“Sterling Heights has a solid reputation for inclusiveness and tolerance reflected in a wide variety of places of worship across the City, including two existing Mosques, a Sikh Temple, a Buddhist Temple, Christian churches of various denominations and a BAPS ShriSwaminarayan Mandi,” the city said in a statement. ” Sterling Heights is a community that has and continues to welcome diversity through many programs and events.”

As we noted here, Sterling Heights has a large population of Iraqi immigrants who opposed the special zoning request for a mosque in a residential neighborhood.

More posts on the Islamization of Sterling Heights in the Creeping Sharia archives here.

17 thoughts on “Michigan: DOJ sues Sterling Heights for rejecting mosque in residential neighborhood

  1. This just proves, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the OSCUMA Admin is on the side of JIHADI TERRORISM. Why???? B/c there’s no way in hell that the Feds have any damn business getting involved in this residential fight!!! This is a direct unspoken MANDATE of Obuma himself to infiltrate and dominate every last semblance of our country with MUZZLUM FILTH!!!!!

  2. Loretta Lynch and side kick Vanita Gupta have a swagger about themselves, how they always go after those White folks. Muslims and People of Color can’t possibly be racist or bent on pushing an Agenda through Federal Agencies over a Municipal Zoning issue. If they redesigned the building to comply withe ordinance and settled for a smaller Mosque to anticipate their parking needs; the pressure would be in the Zoning Commissions Office.
    Loretta, thank G-d you are gone after January 20. Vanita Gupta Esq I’m sure you seek only equity but it doesn’t seen this way to Christians and Jews who are White.Your membership at that ACLU is a conflict of Interest. It would be the same as if you belonged to a Right of Center Organization taking opposite views of the ACLU. You personally would ask them to quit for purposes of appearance. Vanita, I hope you can more important work in an Agency other than DOJ.

      • I was remiss in not bringing up those two. I reach a point that my head feels like exploding. If you told me 40 years ago that we would have an AG giving out guns to gangs (Cartel), I wouldn’t have believed Iran AG who prosecutes a Mexican/American Border Policeman for shooting dead an illegal Alien from Mexico. Our “Border Agent’ violated the Illegal Aliens Civil Rights. Try wrapping your head around that one. I truly believe the AGs of the past 8 years cannot defend the accusation that they see one color and one or two religions to prosecute and only one Religion and one color to champion Loretta Lynch is simply a hack put in u.to office to follow orders

    • I don’t see any difference if Trump appointed a KKK member as head of the DOJ. The SPLC or whatever those racists pretend to be or call themselves is another anti-Christian, pro-Islam, anti-Family and anti anything else that made America a great country. Amazing both these organizations support Islam, yet Islam is the most Political, Fascist ant-Liberty, ant-Women [in the sense of freedom] anti-Gay, whose goal is to force their evil ideology on the whole world. Living under Communism would be much preferable to me, at least under Communism you’re not forced to worship Satan, certainly living under Communism would be much better for women.

      • You’ve got a point and I mean it. I’m not being Sarcastic. Perhaps one of the very few benefits of Communism in the USSR, it took women out of subservient positions and roles in peasant cultures and gave them equity with men. WW2 eliminated most male doctors thus women were trained and certified as doctors and from this point Russia probably had the largest number of female doctors in the World.
        Non-Muslims in the West need to be trained Islam 101 that the mission is to Convert the Infidel and gradually introduce Sharia. Once the process has gone as far as it can peacefully, then switch to a more direct way to complete Process and create an Islamic Country ruled =by Sharia.

        • This topic could be placed in private schools/home schools as multiculturalism after Trump is in. Maybe also Hillsdale and Liberty University.

  3. Go to court! All religions are not protected by the First Amendment. Challenge Islam’s right to practice by virtue of its warrior ideology. Put Islam on trial! Would the Justice Department support the building of a religious center for a group that practices human sacrifices in their rituals? Of course not. Islam is no different in that it advocates genocide, war, rape, and pedophilia. Stop taking the defense and move to the offense.

    • I’ve been warning people for over 15 years how dangerous this evil ideologues are to our Liberty, take a look at the inroads they’ve made in this country since 2000 they didn’t start in 2000 it’s just when I began to see a pattern I called it Stealth Jihad or Jihadists working in secret. Today Muslims have many well financed alphabet organizations all working to make Sharia Law equal to our Constitutional Law. The latest tool they’re using in their arsenal is Islamophobia, leaders of these Muslim organizations are trying to convince Congress and have some Congressmen who agrees with them that passing a law that makes it a Hate crime to criticize Islam will stop a lot of terrorist acts, as I’ve already said,they’re Well Financed, money can buy our corrupt politicians, there are at least two Muslims in Congress; Keith Ellison I forget the other one’s name I think he’s from Indiana, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if the whole Democrat party supports this law, even RINO Paul Ryan would probably support it along with the other RINOs It’s seems like a small fraction of freedom loving people in this country realize what’s going on right under their noses, it’s not only the Muslims that are worrisome to me it’s the fools on the left that supports the Muslims but mocks Christians

  4. Why can DC dictate to local communities what is proper or appropriate in their communities? Where is the Constitutional authority for such facism?

  5. The DOJ, Hussein Obama’s DOJ is an Islamofascist, Christophobic organization who don’t give a whit about rules, laws, and customs, or decency in any form. The city is right in denying this Moslem desire to change the rules so that they can interfere in the lives and safety of the city’s citizens, and needs to stick to its guns.

    Islam is not civilized or decent in any way shape or form.

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