Belgium: Nativity scene removed over fears it will offend town’s FOUR Muslims

A NATIVITY scene has been ‘banned’ in case it offends one of the FOUR Muslims living in a Belgian town.

Source: ‘Just ridiculous’ Nativity scene removed over fears it will offend town’s FOUR Muslims | World | News | Daily Express

Town chiefs allegedly refused to include a traditional festive display in Holsbeek, Belgium over fears it could upset a member of the minuscule Muslim population.

Traditionally locals put a Christmas tree and a model of baby Jesus in a manger in the centre of the town.

But locals were outraged after politicians decided it would offend.

Achiel Claes, a former town alderman for the Christian-Democrats, said: “The reason was that it would be ‘too provocative for Muslims’.

There are only four Muslims living in town and they will never complain that there is a nativity scene in city hall.”

Mr Claes said he could “understand” if a nativity scene was banned in Molenbeek – where the terrorists behind the November 2015 Paris attacks lived.

But in the sleepy town of Holsbeek – 20 miles outside Brussels – the move has been branded “ridiculous”.
Belgian State Secretary of Asylum and Migration Theo Francken said it was a “matter of principle” to him.He said: “Some people want to take away all our traditions, but I will resist that.”

The ban was introduced after the town secretary allegedly complained about the nativity scene.

The decision was fully supported by the ruling coalition of the Christian-Democrats and the Green party.But the Flemish-nationalist N-VA party called for locals to attend the town’s next assembly meeting – and to each bring a nativity scene with them. 

9 thoughts on “Belgium: Nativity scene removed over fears it will offend town’s FOUR Muslims

  1. Almost funny.

    Shared to my public FB with my sad comment:



    • My take from this, is it’s the Christian Democrats and Green Party. It seems that the 4 Muslims weren’t consulted nor asked. I agree with you Troybeam, but this time I think the politicians with an Agenda thought they could slip this through without too much pain. The US, Canada, Europe local, State or Federal, Christian, Jew, Buddhists, or Hindu need to always be alert, now.

  2. That so many people fought and died for something so many take for granted at what point will people see understand what is taking place.
    Islam Quran Muhummad and Sharia law are a direct threat assault upon FREEDOM taken for granted!!!
    Incompativle with democracy!!
    Wake up people!!
    Research and fight for ur rights and ur future!!!

  3. Why shouldn’t the town submit to Allah’s ladies? Cities throughout the USA bow down before the ACLU.

    Sheep are sheep and destined to be slaughtered.

  4. Who cares if it’s four or four thousand muslims in the town! The number is irrelevant. Altering Judeo-Christian practices and traditions for immigrants who refuse to assimilate is asinine! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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