Muslims Attack Christmas, Europeans Abolish It

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Source: Islamists Attack Christmas, but Europeans Abolish It

by Giulio Meotti

“Everything is Christian”, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote after the war. Two thousand years of Christianity have left a deep mark on the French language, landscape and culture. But not according to France’s Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. She just announced that instead of saying “Merry Christmas”, state officials should use “Happy Holidays” — clearly a deliberate intent to erase from discourse and the public space any reference to the Christian culture in which France is rooted.

Jean-François Chemain called it the “eradication of any Christian sign in the public landscape”. A year ago, the controversy was ignited in the French town of Ploermel, where a court decided that the statue of Pope John Paul II, erected in a square, had to be removed for violating “secularism”.

Then, a statue of the Virgin Mary was ordered taken away by a court in the municipality of Publier. Senator Nathalie Goulet slammed the judges as “ayatollahs of secularism“.

The newspapers of the French “left”, outraged by the “right’s” ban on burkinis on the French Riviera, have been endorsing this anti-Christian policy.

France’s Council of State has just ruled that “the temporary installation of cribs [nativity scenes] in a public place is legal if it has a cultural, artistic or festive value, but not if it expresses the recognition of a cult or a religious preference”. What precautions to justify a millenary tradition!

In the town of Scaer, a nursing home has been the subject of a similar secularist complaint, for the presence of a fresco of the Virgin Mary. Then, it was the turn of the manger in the train station of Villefranche-de-Rouergue, in Aveyron. In the town of Boissettes, the church bells have been muted by court decision.

Fortunately, some ideas from the Observatory of Secularism — the organ established by President François Hollande to coordinate his neo-secularist policies — have not been implemented. One proposed even to eliminate some Christian national holidays to make room for the Islamic, Jewish and secular holidays.

President Hollande, on the occasion of Easter, “forgot” to express holiday wishes to the Christians of France. But a few months before, Hollande had extended his best wishes to the Muslims during the feast of Eid, which closes Ramadan. “Hollande’s greeting to Muslims is opportunistic and political. For the Socialist Party, it is a crucial electoral clientele”, said the French philosopher Gerard Leclerc in the newspaper, Le Figaro.

This Christianophobia is the Trojan Horse of Islam. As Charles Consigny writes in the weekly Le Point, “Through this tabula rasa of the past, France will make a clean sweep of its future”. Unfortunately, France is not an isolated case. Everywhere in Europe, a weary, secularist absence of purpose and confused values damns Christianity in favor of Islam.

A jihadist terrorist, targeting a symbol of Christian tradition, last week slaughtered 12 people at a Christmas market in Berlin. But Europe is already mutilating her own traditions “to avoid offending Muslims”. We have become our own biggest enemy.

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5 thoughts on “Muslims Attack Christmas, Europeans Abolish It

  1. If the people of Europe allow their governments to surrender their traditions to Islam, they may as well bare their necks and bend them to the sword. Islam is at war with the world. The world had better start to fight back.

  2. The MUZZPIGS all want to preach how they LUUUV Jesus (muslim Issa)! WHAT A JOKE!!! Their every move is to eradicate Christianity, the Cross and anything and anyone related thereto!!!

  3. Guess you Europeans should of stopped all the muzzies from entering into your countries instead of bringing in more & more every day. Now that they are destroying your countries the only thing that will be left to take will be your life. You’ve bowed down to SATAN and now you will pay the price at the muzzies hands.

    • #Keith. Bear in mind that no doubt the majority of European commoners DO NOT WANT this influx of muzzlum savages in their countries! It’s way too easy to lump them all (the native Europeans) in one big pile of ‘dummkopfs’! The ones that you really need to be CUSSIN’ OUT are the leaders (primarily Angela Merkel) who FORCED this kind of illegal immigration on her own ppl. It’s the same here in the US! Obastard, himself, is hell-bent on flooding our towns and cities with these Stone-Age Neanderthals! But that doesn’t mean ALL Americans support him!!!!! It’s too easy to miss seeing the whole FOREST for all the DEAD trees that are cluttering up the landscape!!!! I’m an American, and I HATE what BHO is doing to this country–THAT’S WHY I VOTED FOR DONALD J. TRUMP!!!!! ….but just suppose we had nobody like Donald J. Trump who was willing to STICK HIS NECK OUT for the good of the American ppl–just suppose that HELLARY HAD WON…..

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