New Jersey: Islamic indoctrination – Westwood school teaching Islam since school year started

Source: School lesson says Christians are treating Muslims harshly | Fox News

By Todd Starnes

A classroom assignment on Islam says one negative effect of the Crusades is that Christians are still treating Muslims harshly.

“I almost fell over,” said Barbara Light.

Mrs. Light, of Westwood, New Jersey, was helping her 13-year-old daughter prepare for a World History test when she discovered some rather shocking lessons.

“The Christians’ harsh treatment of Muslims in the Holy Land led to bitterness that has lasted to the present,” one worksheet stated.

Another worksheet asks students to identify “one negative effect of the Crusades that has continued to the present.”  The answer written on the worksheet – “the Christians harsh treatment of Muslims continues in the present day.”

“In this day and age when so many bad things are happening to Christians all over the world – they are basically saying Christians caused this, Mrs. Light told me. “This is just too much.”

I reached out to the superintendent of the school district, but so far he has not returned my messages.

Mrs. Light said the class has been studying Islam since the beginning of the school year. She said the students have also touched on Christianity and Judaism, but the lessons primarily revolve around the Islamic faith.

“It is indoctrination,” she said.

But Mrs. Light does not blame her daughter’s teacher for the Islamic-centric lessons.

“It’s not really the teacher’s fault. This is what they are required to teach. They have no choice,” she told me.

Mrs. Light did the right thing. She got involved in her child’s education. And when she saw something suspicious, she said something – and contacted me.

“The good news is my daughter doesn’t believe this,” she said. “But my problem is – how many kids do believe?

It should come as no surprise that our public schools have been turned into indoctrination centers for dangerous ideologies. I address this topic in my new book, “The Deplorables Guide to Making America Great Again.” The Islamic faith has been given accommodation in public schools while the Christian faith has been marginalized.

I asked Dr. Emir Caner, the president of Truett-McConnell University to examine the lesson and offer his observations as a former Muslim who converted to Christianity.

Here, Christians are once again blamed for the onset of violence by Muslims in the Holy Land,” Caner told me. “Forget the fact that it was the Muslim community, without provocation, that conquered Jerusalem from the Byzantines just a few years after Mohammed’s death.”

That fact wasn’t mentioned in the assignment.

“Forget the fact that Muslims killed Catholic pilgrims before the first crusade began,” he said.

That fact was not mentioned either.

“Forget the fact that it in modern history Muslims attacked the democratic state of Israel after the Jewish people were given the right to govern their land once again,” he added.

Those are what I like to call inconvenient truths, folks.

“Forget the fact that such violence is based on a traditional reading of the Koran,” Caner went on to say. “No, in the simplistic and skewed mind of a liberal educator, it must be Christians that are at fault, regardless of the evidence.”

In other words Christians – if we get blown to smithereens, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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15 thoughts on “New Jersey: Islamic indoctrination – Westwood school teaching Islam since school year started

    • …and the liberals are helping them spread that evil in every way they can, marycrum. They’ve even allowed Satanists to pass out literature, right along side Christians, to children in schools across America. After all, statues of Baphomet are allowed near Nativity scenes, Bibles taken from hotel rooms, and Muslims are given everything for free here in our country, and are allowed to mistreat us and commit crimes as law enforcement looks away. Times they are a’changin, Mary.

  1. It’s all about them CAN-tankerous Christians and Juuz who just keep refusing to CO-operate with the”peeeaceful” MUZZLUMZ!!! Why can’t they just lay down and stop whining WHILE THEY GET THEIR HEADS CHOPPED OFF?????

  2. Why does the Establishment not allow these children to know WHY the Crusades formed in the first place? I mean, you can only take Muslims slashing heads, raping wives and children, taking sex slaves and greedily acquiring your land for so many centuries before furiously lashing out!!!! Come on, you stupid liberals! Use what few brain cells you have!!

  3. Just keep in mind that every Christian country the muslims entered has become islamic. By using the islamic concept of Al-Hijra, Taquiyya . Kitman and obama America will be brought under and enslaved by sharia.

    • It could happen but it will not happen because Jesus will be coming back very soon and the Lord will strike down all Evil and those who do not accept Jesus as their savior as well as protecting Israel from the 4 dark thrones trying to attack them! I think we all need to get right with the Lord and stop worrying about the other unimportant things in this world!

  4. Islamists have infiltrated the school textbook process, and these distortions can be seen all over the nation. There is a group that has been organized to root out this kind of indoctrination during the textbook review process. They have been remarkably successful. Publishers are now paying attention, because their lies are being exposed nation-wide. Volunteers are needed to help their work. Learn more about it at

  5. What is wrong with teaching kids about the crusades? What is wrong with teaching kids about Islam and other religions, especially in the context of history? Calm down little snowflakes and save your faux outrage for something that deserves it.

    • Because what they are teaching our children is incorrect. Did you just comment and not read the whole article? The article explains the problematic issue. It was clear to me as a parent. Why not you?

        • As-salāmu ʿalaykum sister “Katie” :

          1. Are you a Muslim?
          2. Do you have a problem with child marriage?
          3. Do you have a problem with polygamy?
          4. Do you have a problem with marital rape?
          5. Do you have a problem with rape victims needing 4 witnesses or being charged with adultery and other crimes after being raped?
          6. Do you have a problem with amputations for theft?
          7. Do you have a problem with the death penalty for leaving Islam?
          8. Do you have a problem with women being valued at half that of a man in inheritance disputes?
          9. Do you have a problem with jihad?
          10. Do you have a problem with Muslims not being permitted to take Jews/Christians for friends?
          11. Do you have a problem with taqiyya?

          Are you practicing taqiyya?

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