New Jersey: Imam Fighting Deportation Hosts Syrian Cleric Who Backs Suicide Bombings

Source: Hamas-tied Imam Hosts Syrian Sheikh Who Backed Suicide Bombings :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

by John Rossomando

A New Jersey imam fighting deportation may have harmed his case to stay in this country and avoid deportation by hosting a radical Syrian cleric last week.

Sheikh Mohammad Qatanani is due back in immigration court next month. He failed to disclose connections with Hamas when he applied for permanent residency in the United States. That omission, immigration officials say, renders him ineligible to stay in the country.

Israeli military court records show he was arrested in 1993 and convicted of providing support to Hamas. Qatanani claims he was merely detained and never charged.

While his case is in recess, Qatanani’s mosque, the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC), hosted Sheikh Mohammed Rateb Al-Nabulsi last Friday. Al-Nabulsi is a Syrian imam who defended Palestinian suicide bombings in April 2001.

“All the Jewish people are combatants” acceptable as targets for attacks in Israel, Al-Nabulsi wrote in his “ruling on martyrdom operations in Palestine.”

Al-Nabulsi praised “our Mujahidin Resistance Brothers in Palestine and Lebanon” in a 2006 article on his website.

“We say Allah-u Akbar to all our Mujahidin brothers in South Lebanon and Palestine who embodied with their heroic deeds the meaning of Jihad,” Al-Nabulsi said.

During a  visit to Qatar earlier this month, Al-Nabulsi posed for a photo with Ismail Haniyeh, a top Hamas leader who served as its prime minister in Gaza.

Qatanani also hosted Al-Nabulsi in January 2014.

Al-Nabulsi’s defense of suicide bombings might be added into the record in Qatanani’s immigration court case to help build the argument that he supports extremists. It also could contradict Qatanani’s statement at his Dec. 7 deportation hearing that he did not know anyone in Hamas or connected to Hamas apart from his brother-in-law, who he met once in 1994.

Both Qatanani and Al-Nabulsi are slated to speak at next week’s MAS-ICNA Convention in Chicago.

7 thoughts on “New Jersey: Imam Fighting Deportation Hosts Syrian Cleric Who Backs Suicide Bombings

  1. The Imam’s of Islam, primary source of Islamic violence: no matter where in the world they speak violence always follows, when was the last time an Imam was a suicide bomber?

    • Troybeam: What a better world it would be if it wasn’t filled with so many “Useful Idiots” picture a pyramid with stories/floors with Satan at the top, his dark spiritual forces on the floor below, his super wealthy worshippers in various secret societies all the way down to the bottom floor, outside the pyramid are the “Useful Idiots” which includes rich and poor, all races of people, all socio/economical backgrounds. I doubt that Obama is even inside the pyramid just one of the many useful idiots who mock those of us who dare say this symbolic pyramid exists. The Scriptures say plainly that we war with these dark forces and of course they must use people to attain their goal yet almost 43% of professing Christians believe Satan is just a symbol of evil. FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover said that there exists a thing so monstrous that American wouldn’t believe it exists. He was I think referring to what has been named “The Shadow Government” What I described above isn’t something I made up; but the picture I came up with from years of study; the Scriptures, ancient religions, ancient history, secret societies, archeological findings, words from Satanists such as Albert Pike and others. Etc. Etc.

    • Let’s hope the next administration will enforce the laws on the books about having a theocracy in our nation, immigration laws state that Islam is not even allowed in America. May the new administration have the balls to make a stand against Islam, Trump certainly has appointed the people with knowledge to make it happen.

  2. Rhetorical question…. Can anybody tell me why, oh why, do we even waste our time and money dragging this thing out in Court???? Doesn’t he already have enough BLOOD on his hands to fill the whole world?????

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