New Jersey: Rural Hunterdon County Getting First Mosque

9/11 was just the beginning. Source: Ground is Broken for Hunterdon’s First Mosque – Flemington/Raritan. NJ News – TAPinto

RARITAN TWP., NJ – Ground was broken for Hunterdon’s first mosque yesterday afternoon in an interfaith service under sunny skies.

The mosque will be at the corner of Route 12 and Autumn Leaf Drive, just across from Heritage Baptist Church.

The mosque, which Muslims also refer to in Arabic as a masjid, won’t be built until the Islamic Center of Hunterdon County can finish raising the funds. fees, permits, engineering and architectural plans have already cost the group about $170,000, according to the center’s chairman, Yaser ElMenshawy.

ElMenshawy said that unlike the Catholic Church, where basic rules originate at the top, in Islam each mosque sets its own rules. At this mosque, there will be no membership requirements and everyone is welcome to participate in any function provided that simple rules – such as showing respect and proper dress – are followed. The group is now based in Flemington, he said, and its Arab language class students are overwhelmingly non-Muslim.

The formal ceremony began with a recitation of text from the Koran. Speakers at the event included Rev. Dr. Mark  Summer of Zion Lutheran Church in Oldwick, Rev. Harry Mazujian of the Calvary Episcopal Church in Flemington and Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, who represents the state’s 16th district and is a physicist at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.

“This is a milestone,” ElMenshawy said. “We’re now ready for actual construction.”

ElMenshawy noted that many proposals to build a mosque often face “legal setbacks .. for some reason, they don’t want a mosque in their neighborhood.”

Y’all ready for this?

That hasn’t been the case in Hunterdon, he said. The center began operating in Flemington in 2005 and its members have been welcomed to the community. Even the center’s attorney was surprised that the preliminary plans for the new mosque were granted by the township after just one public meeting, ElMenshawy said. Final approval was also granted after just one hearing.

ElMenshawy said he’d attended similar meetings for mosques proposed elsewhere, and protestors were often in attendance.

“We’re very lucky to live in the community,” he said. “We thank them … they’re all really for us getting this done.”

He urged the group to be “patient, persistent and (to) persevere.”

“What a wonderful day for our county, our religious organizations and our country,” said Rev. Mazujian. “This is what we’re about.”

Zwicker called it “a day we should be celebrating” and said all who live here share “in the community and diversity.” He said that sometimes, there are “politics trying to divide us. But we are all one.”

Rev. Summer said the Islamic Center’s success is growing and building the mosque “is not the result of luck. God is here.”

There were no disruptions to the event. A sole Raritan Township patrol officer sat in a marked SUV at the edge of the festivities.

The reporter didn’t even bother to research the founders, the funding, the beliefs. While they talk about “no membership requirements and everyone is welcome” their website clearly states to vote for the shura (or sharia council) you must be a Muslim.  Their useful links page links to three of the most notorious terror-linked Muslim groups operating in the U.S.: CAIR, ISNA and ICNA.

Their Objectives

  • Establish mosques and other facilities…
  • Disseminate and project to the public the Islamic positions related to all areas of life.
  • Help Muslims practice Islam as a belief, a behavior, and a way of life, and invite people to the cause of Allah.
  • Encourage the Muslims to follow the example of the righteous early Muslims.

The righteous early Muslims – the ones who waged jihad for centuries to spread Islam. Hunterdon County is just the latest and history proves it will only get worse from here.

Not the first time the area has made the pages of Creeping Sharia…because that’s how it starts…it creeps:

Now comes the mega-mosque.

4 thoughts on “New Jersey: Rural Hunterdon County Getting First Mosque

  1. The city I live in approved a Mosque, at the town meeting it was met with disapproval from the citizens,The city board members approved the Mosque without hearing from everyone, they just allowed 5 people pro or against to speak than without making any comments
    said it was approved and shut the meeting down, its a 1/2 mile from my house. So far they have not rang out call to prayer however the number attending has grown to the point they need the sheriff’s dept to direct traffic. I have been tailgated by the male Muslims, female Muslim drivers, drive down the center of the road also using the lines in the road as a guide when they are driving a 2 lane road, the Muslim population in my area has also grown which proves the message
    “If you build it they will come”, solution do not build and they will not come and or tear it down and they will leave.

  2. One thing is for sure, if you wanted obscurity, a low keyed setting, rural type acceptance and grow your seed slowly until you develop a very strong root; this is one of many places like Montana to do so.

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