Germany: 7 Muslim ‘migrants’ set homeless man on fire on Christmas day

Source: Berlin homeless man set on fire by Libyan and Syrians on Christmas day | Daily Express

Police in Berlin, Germany, are hunting the gang, all from Libya and Syria, who are suspected to be behind the arson.

Worryingly the men who attacked the defenceless rough sleeper in a subway station were all known to police.

Six of the men were arrested last night after they were caught on CCTV setting the man alight.


Police launched their investigation after the homeless man was saved by a quick-thinking train driver.

The 37-year-old was sleeping at Schönleinstraße underground station when he was allegedly set alight by a gang of youths.

Police praised eyewitnesses for saving the man’s life after a train driver used a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze which destroyed the man’s belongings.

Officers investigating the attack, which took place at around 2am on Christmas Day, issued photos and CCTV of the suspects.

Eyewitnesses claim the gang fled into a subway and drove away now police have caught six of them.

According to local newspaper reports Karen Müller, spokesman for the Berlin prosecutor’s office has confirmed they have applied for arrest warrants.

According to investigators, the men came to Germany as refugees.Their status is “very different” – some of them have a residence status, others are in ongoing asylum procedures.Two of the suspects have been in Germany since 2014, the remaining five travelled between 2015 and 2016.

In a video the men appeared to be laughing, smirking and talking after trying to set the man on fire.


3 thoughts on “Germany: 7 Muslim ‘migrants’ set homeless man on fire on Christmas day

  1. This is the thanks German society gets for giving these evil thugs refuge.Often the ones who come from war zones are described as legitimate migrants because they qualify for asylum, are the deserving refugees. This whole policy needs to change immediately.So many of these refugees are bringing war atrocities with them,aren’t escaping them but spreading them.

  2. Years ago, I befriended a couple who seemed to be going through some marriage troubles…. Then one day, the husband suddenly needed a place to stay, till he could find another place to live…. Being the true “friend” that I was, I let him stay on my couch…. The following day, I came home from work to fix lunch….AND VOILA! Haven’t seen hide nor hair of him since…. GONE–with half-a-dozen of my kitchen appliances, radio and anything else he could stuff into a couple of grocery bags…. Moral of the story–DON’T TRUST PEOPLE THAT YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW!!!!! THEY’LL STICK IT TO YA EVERY TIME!!! Are you listening, Angela Merkel????? Crickets……

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