New York: Muslim who joined ISIS had it all – a mansion, indoor swimming pool


Once again proving that poverty is not the root cause of Muslims waging jihad and assimilation isn’t the answer. Source: Terror mystery: How US man went from suburban bliss to jihad

NEW YORK (AP) — Samy el-Goarany seemed to have it all.

The son of a successful real estate broker, he lived in a big house with an indoor swimming pool on two acres in New York’s bucolic Hudson Valley. As a teenager, he got into a good college in Manhattan and seemed set to follow his father into real estate.

Then he went off to Syria and joined the Islamic State group.

el-Goarany was the son of an Egyptian civil engineer who became a developer and real estate broker in New York after emigrating to the U.S. in the 1980s. He lived in a town of fewer than 5,000 people about a 90-minute drive north of New York City.

Happy ending?

…he was killed in fighting a year ago

At least one lawyer thinks his death is a ruse. Either way, the answer is banning Muslim immigration to the U.S.

5 thoughts on “New York: Muslim who joined ISIS had it all – a mansion, indoor swimming pool

  1. no anything muslim anymore this is over know we the people are descendants of the crusaders recall we will not always be silenced and distant thunder storms of crusaders shall glean their sword raised to strike down this ignorance by our will for our freedoms

  2. In poor destitute Palestine there are 6000 Millionaires . The saudi family has some 50,000 offspring , princes etc. Carlos slim of Mexico is a multi billionaire muslim. Muslims here in America have gathered much wealth and property with our govt assistance. The Western world has been raped by islam. Are we too stupid to realize it?

  3. Can anyone say, ISLAM (not just “Radical islam”) IS EVIL!!!! You don’t turn into a jihadi murderer suddenly because you MISINTERPRET all the “peaceful” tenets of islam, b/c there ARE NO “peaceful” tenets!!!!! The only difference betw a “radical” and a “peaceful” muzzlum is that the “radical” practices islam and the “peaceful” one DOESN’T!!!! This guy was suddenly “awakened” to his “true” MUZZSCUM beliefs by the guy in Arizona–who btw, is still alive–apparently, the “reward” of 72 whores wasn’t good enough for him! This guy is CLASSIC to all the jihadi recruiters! They lay awake at night (quite literally) trying to figure out who next is STUPID enough to buy into their book of lies from mo-ham-dead. Do they know that they are luring these “recruits” to their deaths???–YES, ABSOLUTELY!!! If anybody should be put on trial for murder–it’s these SCUMMY imams who have nothing better to do than teach others how to KILL themselves and others!!!!!

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