Video: All Muslims Share the Same Islam


Source: Bill Warner PhD: All Muslims share the Same Islam

The establishment is always telling us that there are good, moderate Muslims and extremist, jihadist Muslims and that the two different kinds have nothing in common with each other.

Wrong. What all Muslims have in common is the same Koran, the same prayers, the same Sunna of Mohammed and being a member of one umma (Islamic community).

Indeed, the Koran tells us that the jihadist is a better Muslim than the moderate Muslim. The phrase, Allahu akbar, is not only used a war cry, but every Muslim uses in his daily prayers.

We are told that all Muslims want prosperity and democracy, but all Muslims do not want a democracy, because a democracy means that a Kafir is equal to a believer.

All of the Muslims share the Sunna of assassination. So instead saying they do not want violence of [insert the name of the city/state/country of latest Islamic attack], they need to say that they reject the evil of the assassination Sunna of Mohammed. That would have real meaning.

3 thoughts on “Video: All Muslims Share the Same Islam

  1. Even if a Muslim professes denunciations of the assassination sunna of Mohammed, it means nothing. The Koranic instruction of taqqiya allows Muslims to commit the sin of lying in order the advance the goal of Islam, domination of the world.

    • It is an absolute established fact, that ANYTHING, BUT ANYTHING that a muzzlum does for the “cause” of advancement of the caliphate, IS CONSIDERED ‘HALAL’, i.e., permissible, acceptable and SACRED!!!! YES! Any and all acts of terror, bloodshed, violence, hatred, immorality (both homo- and/ or heterosexual acts of immoral behavior)–ANYTHING, BUT ANYTHING done in the name of the ALLAH-DEMON-god is regarded by MUZZLUMZ as a HOLY ACT to their FALSE demon-god!!!!!!! There are NO LIMITS to depravity and evil in izzlam, because THEY DON’T RECOGNIZE ANYTHING that they do as “EVIL”!!!!! Remember, moham-dead taught his fool-owers that “muzzlumz are the BEST people”–it makes no difference what their actions are like, it’s all based on one totally erroneous belief–“allahu-akbar”!!! They literally believe that by screaming that phrase, they are automatically absolved of any and all misdeeds throughout their entire lives! It’s the most insane satanic false set of “mores” ever to be hatched from the mind of SATAN, himself!!!!! ISLAM IS EVIL–ROTTEN TO THE CORE AND IT CAN NEVER BE REFORMED–NO NOT EVER!!!!!

  2. Muslimism spreads and the world leaders who want the one world government turn a blind eye. We need to pray and PRAY for world leaders who understand this, and, who CARE about their citizens! These bad leaders must be OUSTED. Thank God that the Trump train is chugging along full speed in America!

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