Germany Begins Closing Down New Year’s Celebrations

Courtesy of Islam.

Source: Germany Begins Closing Down New Year’s Celebrations | Gates of Vienna

This is the way the implementation of Shariah law begins.

Don’t expect a conquering Islamic army to sweep into town, stage mass executions in front of city hall, and then post a proclamation declaring that Islamic Law will henceforward be the law of the land. That’s not how it works.

Shariah is instituted as a gradual, piecemeal process. First there is a hijra — a migration of Muslims into non-Muslim lands. Then, when Muslims are present in large enough numbers, they begin assaulting, raping, terrorizing, and killing anyone in their environs who does not follow the tenets of Shariah law — that is, all the kuffar. By these means the infidels are terrorized and “feel themselves subdued”. In order to be safe, they give up their blasphemous kafir celebrations of their own initiative, thereby bringing their behavior into line with Islamic Law. Eventually they conclude a dhimma or “pact” with Islam, and pay the jizya poll tax in order to be allowed to continue living. This makes them dhimmi, people who are inferior and subordinate to Muslims. If they want to live normally, they may decide to say the shahada (La illaha ila Allah, wa Muhammadun rasul Allah) and become Muslims themselves.

On New Year’s Eve last year in Cologne and other German cities, gangs of feral young immigrant men — mostly Muslims — went wild on the streets, groping, molesting, and raping native German women. In recent weeks authorities have been watching with apprehension the approach of December 31, especially since the truck jihad in Berlin on December 19.

And now some of the New Year’s Eve events are being cancelled. What you’ll notice about the following two reports is that the police would prefer that localities and organizations not give reasons for cancelling any events. They feel it’s better for “security” if traditions that go back decades, or even centuries, just disappear without any public explanation.

In the first report, Nash Montana summarizes an article from Der Bürgerblick Passau about the cancellation of the annual New Year’s Eve party on the bridge in Passau:

The city of Passau has cancelled its traditional Silvester (New Year’s Eve) “bridge party”. Up to 1,000 people annually celebrate on the bridge, which was named after King Ludwig I, then was renamed to “Marienbrücke” in WW2, and now is known as the Innbrücke.

A reporter accidentally overheard the mayor talking about the Silvester cancellation, and immediately published it on the Internet, prompting the mayor to make an official statement in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. The mayor cited a “broad public discussion about the security of large events” as the reason, a so-called abstract terror threat.

The second report is a direct translation by Nash Montana of an article in the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung about the cancellation of a Silvester event in Walsum:

For Security Reasons — Walsum Silvester Ball cancelled

Duisburg-Walsum. The Aldenrade-Fahrn 1837 Gun Club has cancelled this year’s Silvester Ball on Saturday, December 31st in the city hall in Walsum. Reason: It’s “impossible to provide security”. The traditional party has always been seen as a social highlight of the year in the city; it was sold out (550 seats).

North Africans asked for exits and security personnel

The Gun Club learned last Friday that two days before, during the sale of the tickets, “seven unknowns” had appeared who were interested in the Ball event. The nationality of the men is not known, but an informant from the police confirmed to the newspaper that the unknowns were North Africans.

Read it all.

5 thoughts on “Germany Begins Closing Down New Year’s Celebrations

  1. This is where the government bends to Islam while thinking they are protecting the people, now Islam will celebrate in the streets while Germans are forbidden to leave their homes.

  2. The insanity of tolerance and acquiescence. The West would find it is much safer to deport the Muslim horde than to cower before them. I imagine my German/American Grandmother is rolling over in her grave. Don’t try to conquer America, Islam. It won’t turn out we) for you. Not well at all.

  3. Deport these maniacs before it’s too late. Endure some pain now before it becomes impossible to do anything
    They are the Devils handiwirk

  4. WOW, so Germany cowers down to islam & the POS muzzies. The Germans may as well fully convert the entire country to islam, you’ve already lost to the muzzies & without any fight.

  5. It is an absolute fact that Lebanon was not too long ago, a predominately Christian country! The trouble began when the leaders began to allow their MUZZLUM neighbors to infiltrate and “assimilate”! There was just one problem–they NEVER ASSIMILATED and they had NO INTENTION of doing so!!!! The people who say, ‘It could never happen here,’ are complete idiots! Angela Merkel has committed her own people to a jihadi mass suicide! Germany will never survive as a Western (Christian) nation–and probably neither will the entire continent of Europe! This article tells it all! Once MUZZSCUMZ are in a majority percentage of the population, they no longer “request” that the “infidels” show respect for their “religion of peace”–THEY DEMAND TOTAL SUBMISSION–UNDER PENALTY OF HEINOUS MURDER AND DEATH!!!!! Germany, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet….. Donald Trump has it right–keep the scumbags OUT!!!!!

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