Kansas City and North Carolina mosques: Muslims can’t participate in Christmas with KUFFAAR


A week late, but reader’s are discovering the blatant disregard Muslims right here in America have for non-Muslim Americans. The latest example is a Kansas City mosque’s tweet below:


The Kansas City mosque linked to a Durham, North Carolina mosque that uses the Arabic term kuffarr – which has numerous spellings but is almost always used in a derogatory manner to describe non-Muslims (even the dhimmis who aid and abet Muslim supremacists).

via Masjid Tawheed wa Sunnah Durham, NC –please (download) if audio files cut off–

The Ruling on Participating in Christmas by: Shaykh Ibn Baaz

Source: The Ruling on Participating in Christmas by: Shaykh Ibn Baaz – Masjid Tawheed wa Sunnah

Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ibn Baaz
Our brother says: He notices that some of the Muslims participate along with the Christians in the Festival of the Birth, or Christmas as they call it; he hopes for some guidance regarding that.

It is not permissible for the Muslim male or female to participate with the Christians, the Jews, or other than them from the disbelievers in their holidays. Rather, it is obligatory to abandon that.

This isn’t an anomaly among mosques in the U.S., this is Islamic doctrine. And it’s not just Christmas but any non-Muslim holiday or festivity.

Update: These U.S. mosques are perfectly aligned with Islamic State: “To celebrate New Year’s Eve with the kuffar is to embrace their idolatry”. How so? Because All Muslims Share the Same Islam.

PS: The last we posted on the same Kansas City mosque they were tweeting this:


8 thoughts on “Kansas City and North Carolina mosques: Muslims can’t participate in Christmas with KUFFAAR

  1. I do hereby, on this day, 1 January, 2017, proclaim that no Muslim shall any longer partake in the breathing of the air of America. And, that those Muslims residing in Ametica shall get their unwelcome asses out of America and no Muslim shall ever be allowed entry to the Sovereign and Free United States of America. Simper fi.

  2. To be honest, if they don’t want to participate in our Christmas Holidays, that’s fine with me, as long as they don’t try to dissuade or disrupt any of the Festivities we hold.

  3. Regarding the attached archery practice video…

    In the HADITH Sahih Muslim, it is written that Mohammed said, “Practice archery and horseback riding.” He is also reported (in a different Hadith?) to have said, “Any action without the remembrance of Allah is either a diversion or heedlessness except four acts: walking from target to target (during archery practice), training a horse and learning to swim.” So martial sports have a special place, not just in some traditions of Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, but also in Islam. I think I read somewhere that the throwing of javelins ifs permitted in the mosque grounds, and certainly weapons are permitted in the mosque.

    We must educate ourselves about these things–the differences and similarities with Christian, Buddhist and especially Sikh traditions. Guru Gobinda Singh (10 and final human guru of Khalsa Sikhs) supposedly said that no man should enter his presence without unshorn hair and a weapon at hand. My understanding is that for several decades of their lineage of teachers, beginning with Arjun dev, the IsIamic Mughal Emperors had been harassing non-Muslims with force conversions and taxes. The Sikhs stood up to a larger military force of the Imperial State more than once to protect the Hindus from ‘convert or die’.

    My point is weapons in and of themselves are not evil. This includes Muslims, pagans or Copts using weapons. Absolutely not, and the US second Amendment protects that. It is not who uses them, it is more *how they are used*. FOR WHAT PURPOSE?

  4. Don’t trust my spelling, but its Bukhari’s Adab al-Mufried, a book of Isdamnic ettiquite/manners. Muslims are commanded not to partake in our rituals & celebrations and not to congratulate us on them. Muslims are commanded not to be first to exchange greetings with us and when met on the road, to elbow us into the ditch.

    Let Satan seize them by their hearts and drop with them into Hell.

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