Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part I (Jan – Mar)

A sampling, not all, of Creeping Sharia posts concerning events in the United States of America or attacks on Americans abroad in 2016.

January 2016:

‘Muhammad’ baby boom in full swing in U.S.
Another fake Muslim hate crime – hijabi fined for making up attack story
Boston: Muslim immigrant arrested, again, for attacking bus driver
California: Muslim Refugee Arrested in Sacramento, Lied About Terror Ties
Canadian Imam Who Molested Minnesota Women Is Stripped of Refugee Status
CBS’ Muslim Panel Included Professional Muslim Agitator From Obama Admin
Colorado: Terror-listed CAIR shakes down Cargill again, hiring policy changed for Muslims
Ex-con who threatened to kill NY, Philly cops pledged allegiance to ISIS
Florida: Temple Terrace Police Chief Poses With Convicted Muslim Terror Supporter
Idaho: Muslim Refugee Gets 25 Years for July 4th Boise Terror Plot
Long Island: Another Muslim Admits Role in International $200M Credit Card Fraud
Maryland: Marine Files Lawsuit Against Public School’s Islamic Indoctrination
Maryland: Muslim Indicted for Joining from al Shabaab Terror Org
Miami: Muslim pledged “allegiance to Allah”, vowed to kill co-workers
Milwaukee: Muslim arrested in temple jihad plot, “defending Muslim religion”
Minnesota: Family of 3 Found Dead – “allah akbar” and “Submit to Allah” Messages Found
Missouri: Islamic Center Rises On Reavis Barracks – St. Louis
Missouri: Muslim immigrant arrested for extortion, stalking – accused of Ansar al Sharia ties
Muslim Brotherhood Arrive In U.S. For Anti-Sisi Rallies
Muslim in NYC bomb plot may have stabbed child as ISIS tryout
New York: Muslim convert planned machete attack on New Year’s Eve diners
NYC: Muslim Uber driver & Army National Guard member arrested, attacked pregnant woman’s service dog
NYPD submits, will pay $2M in legal fees to Muslims, remove terror report from website
Obama grants clemency to 7 Iranian criminals in U.S., drops charges on 14 more
Obama releases al Qaeda’s most skilled explosives expert to Bosnia
Obama sends ‘High risk’ Gitmo detainee to Kuwait
Philadelphia Imam Lied About Personal Relationship with Mosque’s Devout Jihadist
Philadelphia: Muslim Attempts to Assassinate Cop, Says Did It in Name of Islam (Video)
Seattle Muslim who killed 4 Americans as “vengeance” for Muslims, sentenced for robbery
Texas high school ‘fudges truth’; teaches that under Islam, ‘all people are equal’
Texas: Iraqi Muslim refugee wanted to bomb malls, said “I am against America”
Texas: Muslim Refugee Arrested in Houston Over Islamic Terror Support
Texas-born Muslim Student Association (MSA) leader helped car-bomb U.S. military base
Virginia: 1 Homegrown, 1 Muslim Immigrant Arrested Trying to Join ISIS Terrorists
Wisconsin: Muslim prayer breaks result in declining production, company now has to enforce policy

February 2016:

At least 40 “Americans” actively waging jihad with Muslim terror group Al Shabaab
Boston (Not-So-Strong) Police Commish: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”
Colorado woman killed by Muslim asylum seeker in Austria
Dearborn Heights Muslim planned jihad attack on Detroit mega church
Denver: Rules Changed, Muslim Head Scarves Allowed in Driver’s License Photos
DHS ordered agent to delete records of 100’s of Muslims with terror ties
FBI Scrubs References to Islam from Anti-Radicalization Game After Hamas-CAIR Complains
Florida: Two arrested after illegal driver’s licenses distributed
Four Hezbollah ops arrested, used cartel drug money to fund jihad
Illinois: Terror-named Muslim org converting Palos Park church into a mosque
Indiana: City to vote on sharia resolution condemning anti-Islamic speech
Iowa: Prominent Muslim Jailed in Halal Fraud Case
Kansas: Muslim Pleads Guilty in Plot to Explode Car Bomb at Fort Riley
Kentucky: Erlanger Residents Edgy Over Halal Meat Market (Video)
Maryland: Muslim “Refugee” Family of 9 Includes Blind Father, 7 Kids
Miami: Suspicious Muslim Women Probing Jewish Temples (video) 
Michigan: Muslim women use Islamic garb to shoplift (video)
Michigan: Woman arraigned in anti-Muslim bombing hoax in Dearbornistan
Minnesota: Muslim Airport Worker Pleads Guilty in Islamic State Case
Minnesota: Muslim Arrested After Threatening FBI Agents in Terror Investigation
Minnesota: Muslims at Apple Valley High School get prayer time during school
Minnesota: St. Paul school bans Valentine’s, Christmas, Thanksgiving
Missouri: Muslim woman arrested after using Twitter to threaten FBI, military members
Muslim NHL player threatens to slit the throat of opposing player
Nebraska: Omaha bank submits, revises security policy for Muslim supremacists
New Jersey: Woman bludgeons 73-year-old mother-in-law to death
New York: Muslim rams patrol car, shoots two cops in Brooklyn
New York: Muslim Teacher Arrested, Groped 9-Year-Old Girl at After-School Mosque Class
New York: Public school organizes ‘Hijab Day’ for non-Muslim students
New York: Somali-born Muslim gets 9 years for Islamic terror support
North Carolina: Muslim Convert Planned to Kill 1,000 Americans
NYC Children’s Museum Indoctrinates Kids with Islam
Obama Gitmo Releasee Promptly Becomes al Qaeda’s New ‘Front Man’
Obama had Georgetown U cover “JESUS” but stood proudly under “ALLAH” at Baltimore mosque
Obama pledges $890M more US taxpayer dollars to Muslim “refugees”
Obama’s Mosque Was Home to Muslim Convicted in Plot on Army Recruiting Center
Ohio Machete Attacker Shouted, “Allahu Akbar”
Ohio: Muslim with machete attacks diners at “Nazareth” restaurant
Pelosi Quotes Mohammad at National Prayer Breakfast (Video)
Report: Saudi police arrest 9 “American” terror suspects
Seattle: Muslim ISIS supporter arrested…but again no terror charges
Simon & Schuster Announces New Line of Muslim-Themed Children’s Books
South Carolina governor sued for importing Muslims
South Carolina: Syrian Muslim teen who plotted jihad on U.S. military base denied parole
Sr. IT Official of Western Law Enforcement Agency Defects to ISIS
Tennessee: Williamson school board divided…on banning terrorist-linked material
Terror-linked Muslim Groups Vetting U.S. Prison Imams
Texas: Judge orders Muslim couple who enslaved women be deported, forever
Univ of Iowa converting offices into gender-segregated mosques for Muslim Brotherhood students
Washington: Muslim inmate yelled ‘Allah Akbar’ as he attacked guard 

March 2016:

12 Employees at 3 U.S. Airports Have Terror Ties
17 Muslims Detained, Released After Chanting Allah Akbar, Firing Rifles, Shotguns Near San Bernardino
American Vet on School Trip Murdered, Wife Critical After Muslim Terror Attack in Israel
Arizona: Jury finds Muslim guilty of helping plan jihad on Muhammad cartoon contest
Arizona: Muslim garb used in at least 12 Phoenix-area armed robberies
California: Muslim “Refugee” Indicted for Attempt to Support Islamic Terrorists
California: Muslim Uber driver arrested for raping woman after driving her home
California: Syrian immigrant gets 8 years for lying about his Islamic terror ties
Congressman catches Islamic Society of Wichita inviting Hamas-linked imam for Good Friday fundraiser
Dearborn Hijabi Drops Lawsuit After Video Evidence Proves She Lied
Dept. of Justice Enforcing Sharia in Public Schools
DHS Officials Ordered Nearly 1,000 Names Removed From Terrorist Watch List
Feds tell Muslims in Minnesota: ‘We’re here to protect you’, day after Muslims kill Americans
Florida House Speaker Kills Counter-terrorism Law That Passed Full Senate 35-0
Florida: Terror-linked, ex-CAIR Thug Addresses Catholic School Kids
Gitmo jihadist released to Spain arrested in raid on Islamic State
Indiana: City council passes Islamic sharia blasphemy resolution
Michigan: 2 Uber drivers charged with sex assault of MSU students
Michigan: Muslim lawyer attacks Roseville police officer in court
Minnesota: Member of Muslim terror recruit’s defense team preached jihad
Minnesota: Sharia police attempt to criminalize free speech supposedly overheard in retail store
Minnesota: Somali Muslim Couple Sentenced For Firearms Straw Purchases
Minnesota: Taxpayers fund private rooms with Islamic prayer rugs, halal lunches in public schools
Minnesota: Taxpayers paying the jizya tax to Somali orgs to prevent Islamic terror
Mississippi: Muslim pleads guilty to trying to join Islamic State terror group
Muslim attack on California university campus was ISIS-inspired
New Jersey: Islamic society wages legal jihad over denial to build mosque in residential area
New Jersey: South Brunswick Library, Lawmakers Use Taxpayer Funds to Force Islam on Public
New York: Muslim immigrant who recruited for Islamic State terrorists gets 22 1/2 years
New York: Muslims take over Brooklyn street for Islamic prayers, cops watch (video)
Ohio: Muslim pleads guilty to supporting Islamic State
Oklahoma: School Evacuated After Middle Eastern Woman Says There To “Take the Kids to Heaven”
Texas: Muslim Dairy Queen owner installs signs comparing Hindus to monkeys
U.S. Air Force Vet Guilty of Trying to Aid Islamic State Terrorists
Video: Muslims in NYC Say Sharia Law Supersedes the U.S. Constitution
Video: Muslims Openly Plotting a Revolution in America
Video: Neighbors Say East New York Mosque Call to Prayer is “Too Noisy”
Virginia: Muslim Supremacist Asks Obama to Support Libyan al Qaeda Group
Washington: Kent School District Removes Pork From Menus to Appease Muslims

If you’re even the least bit concerned about the future of the U.S.A. and the coming generations that will have to fight the Muslim supremacists on American streets, read through the headlines, share with family, friends and others and send us news on what is happening in your area.

Happy New Year!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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