Tennessee: Muslim Students Association (MSA) call for “a new Hitler” to “wipe out the Jews”

Source: Muslim student activists call for “a new Hitler” to “wipe out the Jews” – Red Alert Politics   h/t Daniel Greenfield

Amidst a hotbed of antisemitism on Middle Tennessee State University’s campus, Dareen Ahmad, a student and a leading active member in the university’s Muslim Student Association, tweeted: “Israel is a terror state, we need a new Hitler,” presumably advocating for another Jewish genocide.

Ahmad has also tweeted: “Preachhh ‘@Bateekhahead: [translated from Arabic] Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dog!!!,’” and followed with another antisemitic tweet: “Omg if i was in falasteen right now id go wave our flag in every zionist kalbs [dogs] face right now!”

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Ahmed’s pro-Hitler tweet and antisemitic comments were just a taste of the many sent out by Muslim student activists on the university’s campus. MTSU student Dana Swaies, a well-known representative for the school’s MSA chapter and Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament, stated: “May Allah annihilate the Jewish dogs.”

Muslim student Shaden Hamdulla contemplated putting Jews in concentration camps and called for a new Hitler to wipe them out. Hamdulla has also tweeted, “F**k israel and anyone who supports them,” “Wtf is Israel and why is it on my snapchat feed?” and “can they form a ‘Northern israel’ if israel isnt even a real country? inshallah allah provides you with intelligence.”


Upon receiving criticism for these tweets, Ahmad’s Twitter and most of the accounts of the other students involved went private or were deleted. However, many of the hate-filled tweets were either saved in an archive or as a screenshot.

The Muslim Student Association, the organization they are involved in, is known as the most influential association for Muslim college students and was reportedly established by a group of members of the Muslim Brotherhood with the goal of “spreading Islam as students in North America.”

The organization, which has been called a “virtual terror factory” by critics, includes some previous chapter presidents with explicit links to terrorists, as well as a history of student activists eventually becoming terrorists.

The MTSU administration did not respond to comment, and the MSA chapter stated that they are not providing any comment on the remarks until they can meet in person with all the activists involved.

Added to Creeping Sharia’s Growing List of Muslim Student Association (MSA) Terrorists.

18 thoughts on “Tennessee: Muslim Students Association (MSA) call for “a new Hitler” to “wipe out the Jews”

    • George: Considering the Muslim Vermin have been continually committing atrocities on innocent men women and children for almost 1400 years, I believe your solution is the only way, otherwise non-Muslims will be the ones who will be annihilated.

      • The EU has been conquered and more to come in. Globalist puppet leaders are setting up a caliphate, and the stupid Euro folks do nothing. Nihilism and apathy rule. Self absorbed and decadent sissified males who are cowards and won’t stand against this invasion. They get what they deserve.

    • There is but one multipart answer to the threat posed by Islam and its Muslim swine.

      1) Total, complete and utter annihilation of Israel.

      2) Total deportation of all these goat-humping, head chopping maniacs back to the middle east.

      3) Total desrtuction of the CIA for all time.

      4) Problem solved!

      • F**k your #1 – they’ll come after America and the rest of the Christian nations.

        #2. I’d deport them only as far as the Mediterranean Sea. Let them swim home.

        #3. We’ll still have the NSA.

        #4. The prob lem will only be solved when douche bags like you are off the Internet, oncxe and for all

    • Oh what God will do now to these poor lost souls against Israel.You are choosing hell and the lake of fire Rev,20:10-14 AND:::Zech 12:7 The LORD also shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah.
      Zech 12:8 In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them.
      Zech 12:9 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

  1. Ok, Tenn MSA, you may want some kind of Hitler-Frankenstein monster to resurrect from the suicide bunker in Berlin, to kill all the JOOOZ, but you’re all a bunch of zhithead FOOLS! He’s not gonna come back from his place in Hell, but soon enough YOU’RE ALL GONNA GO SEE HIM!!!!! AND GOOD RIDDENCE!!!

  2. So after the Muzzies wipe out the Jews, who are their next target?

    Obama wants more of these critters in the USA? Wonder why? Wonder why the Libtards support him and this program?

  3. I have a better idea; how about if we resurrect a few hundred thousand CRUSADERS and tell them about the dickheads attending the infidel western indoctrination center? Or how about we put in an ad for a new and improved Impaler Vlad? See how sick that sounds? I do admit that having all your MSA heads on pikes has it’s appeal…

    • Berzrkr, Well said . Every thing is right with the Crusades being active again . The Catholic Church didn’t finish it. It squarely lies at their feet. But , There is NO leadership as there is NO legal and lawful POPE.
      So , GOD willing it will be us/U.S. men.
      Bolt Thrower

  4. And, if a Christian or (heaven forbid) a Jew would put, a comment like that about Islam or Muslims, anywhere .. on Facebook, on twitter or any other place, every Muslim, plus, Liberals, Atheists, & LGBT would LOUDLY, CONDEMN, THEM AS RACIST (what race is Islam/Muslim – not a race ppl), and Hate filled, Intolerant, Islamophobes.

    Israel is the apple of God’s eye, those who bless Israel God blesses and those who curse Israel God curses (a curse is the withdrawal of the blessings of God).

  5. The more I read the news, the more I’m convinced we are headed towards a civil war in this country. Islam is not compatible with Western thinking. So many Muslims are bent on forcing sharia law on our country, sooner or later there is going to be a major push back. It will not be nice.

  6. Wrong. You should have written that they are calling for a new hitler to wipe out the Christians.

    hitler did not wipe out jews. he wiped out Christians.

    Christians are the enemies of Satanism. Not jews.

  7. Does matter… it is well known from history and contemporary occurrences that Islam is evil… It not about race; it’s all about all that embrace the evil called Islam regardless of the colour of the skin in which it is being practiced.

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