Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part 2 (Apr – Jun)

The first part of our review on the Islamization of America in 2016 here.

April, 2016

After deadly Muslim terror attacks across 3 countries, DOJ launches Combating Islamophobia effort nationwide
Boston: ISIS suspects ‘tried to organize beheadings of non-believers from jail’
Boston: Virgin Mary Statues Beheaded, Vandalized with “Allah” Graffiti
Brooklyn: “Allah Akbar” Screaming, Knife-Wielding Muslim Arrested in Crown Heights
Brother of San Bernardino terrorist, 2 others arrested for immigration fraud
California: Father of Jihad Suspect to Muslims: ‘Don’t Even Think About Telling Govt’
Dearborn: Muslim arrested for sex assault in Canton
Feds push Islam in class to stop supposed ‘bullying’ of Muslims
Houston: Dem Mayor Cuts Ribbon for Library of Islamic Knowledge
Illinois: Muslims take over Wheaton church, convert to mosque
Iowa: Muslims break ground on another mosque, this time in Dubuque
Islamic University of Minnesota a Hotbed of Extremism
Long Island: Muslim Sentenced To 25 Years For Plotting To Help Al Qaeda
Los Angeles: Father, Shehada Issa, killed son for being gay
Massachusetts: Terror-linked Muslim group’s director is Cambridge city councilor
Minneapolis: Woman sexually assaulted by five Somali men
Minnesota mosque producing Somali Muslim terrorists
Minnesota Muslim Plotted with ISIS to Route Jihadis Through Mexico to US
Minnesota: Another mosque proposed, mayor wants no debate on Islam
Minnesota: Another Muslim Pleads Guilty in Jihad-Recruiting Case
Minnesota: Muslim takes plea deal, supported Islamic State terrorists
Missouri: Muslim accused of Ansar al Sharia ties pleads guilty to 2 felonies, faces deportation
Muslim Gets 25 Years for Murdering U.S. Diplomat, Wounding Marine
Muslim student kicked off Southwest Air flight was overheard speaking about ISIS in Arabic
New Jersey: Rutgers Student Paper Sharia-Compliant, Destroys All Copies with Muhammad Cartoon
New Mexico: “Understanding Islam” event at Lutheran church spreads falsehoods about Islam
New York: Husband killed wife…honor killing not even considered
New York: Muslim teen pleads guilty to non-terrorism charge after plotting to bomb NYC
NYC: Muslim Woman Admits Lying About Being Slashed, Called Terrorist
Obama frees 9 more Gitmo terrorists, sends to Saudi Arabia
Obama Gives $270K Grant to Hamas-linked Muslim Charity in UK
San Diego: Iraqi Immigrant Couple Enslaved Maid in Their Home
South Carolina: The Citadel punishes cadet who exposed school’s pending submission to sharia
South Dakota: Lutheran Social Services Populating Aberdeen With Muslim Refugees
Trump: ‘For every terror case known to public, there are dozens, dozens more’
Virginia: Man Who Shouted ‘Jihad’ While Rushing Cockpit Sentenced to 9 Months
White House Scrubs Video of French President Saying “Islamist Terrorism” (Then Lies About It)

May, 2016

American couple who joined Islamic State terror group killed in airstrike
Arizona: Somali Muslim tried to run over Border Patrol agents at checkpoint
California: Cafe Countersues Muslim Women Fraudulently Claiming Discrimination
California: Muslim freeloaders refuse to leave cafe, wage legal jihad when kicked out
California: Muslim fugitive caught, files lawsuit over hijab removal
California: Saudi at Culver City mosque linked to 9/11 attack
Caliph-ornia: Hollywood Chooses Swank Sharia-Owned Hotel Over LGBT Boycott
Caliph-ornia: Muslim Students Trap, Bully San Diego State’s Jewish President
DC: Muslim Pervert Caught Using Women’s Bathroom at Dulles Airport
Denver: Christian school dropping ‘Crusaders’ mascot to appease Muslims
Ebay Enforces Sharia, Blocks ‘Draw Mohammed’ Cartoon from Auction
Florida Atlantic Univ ‘Islamophobia Forum’ Features Terror-linked Muslim Panel, Bigotry
Florida: FAU Muslim Professor Defends ISIS Chopping Off Hands! (video)
Florida: Muslim arrested in jihad sting on Aventura synagogue
Florida: Orlando retailer arrested in $863,000 food stamp fraud bust
Kansas: Man Pleads Guilty To Aiding Muslim Bomb Plot at Fort Riley
Michigan: Mohammad Sentenced in $3.4M Home Health Medicare Fraud
Minneapolis Muslim who survived 2007 bridge collapse now in Syria fighting with ISIS
Minneapolis: How Muslim terrorists recruit in ‘Little Mogadishu’ (VIDEO)
Minnesota:  22% of Resettled Refugees Test Positive for Tuberculosis
Minnesota: Fired Muslim assembly line workers file lawsuit after ignoring break policy
Minnesota: Muslim refugees sending ‘suitcases of welfare cash’ to Somalia
New York: 3 Muslim Relatives Operating 4 Gas Stations Arrested for Tax Fraud
New York: ISIS-loving cabbie shouldn’t lose license for bomb threat, judge says
New York: Murderer turned prison imam wages legal jihad after smuggling razors into prison
New York: Muslim who tried to enter UK charged with supporting ISIS terrorists
New York: Sixth Muslim arrested for providing support to Islamic State terrorists
Obama Spending Millions of Your Tax Dollars on Summer Jobs…for Muslim Refugees
Oklahoma City Thunder Go Sharia with Islamic Halal Diet
Oklahoma: Muslim Who Beheaded Elderly Co-Worker Pleads Guilty
Pennsylvania: Muslim teen posted names of U.S. military, exhorted Muslims to kill, behead them
Portland State Univ Students Offer To Donate to HAMAS Terrorists (video)
Seattle: Another hate crime fizzles, death of Muslim teen was an accident
South Carolina police ‘shocked’ that ISIS-inspired teen awarded early parole
Tennessee: Measles Outbreak in Memphis Began at Mosque
Texas: Muslim Claiming to be ISIS Assaults Cop, AK47, Shotgun Found in Car
Texas: Muslim convict demands sharia, court agrees
Texas: Muslim refugee, former Army interpreter who joined ISIS gets 4 years
U.S. Stopped Blacklisting Domestic Terror Charities Under Obama
U.S. taxpayers still paying ‘salaries’ of jailed Palestinian murderers
Vermont: Mayor planned in secret, now 100 Muslim migrants forced on tiny town
Vermont: Military College Changes Uniform Code for Muslim Hijabi

June, 2016

Arabic is the fastest-growing language in American homes
Arkansas: Muslim couple arrested for threat to waitress: “People like you are the reason we kill”
California: Muslim gets 12 years in terrorism case
California: Muslim Woman at LAX Threatens to Bomb America (VIDEO)
California: Two (More) Muslims Convicted of ISIS Terror Support in Anaheim
Curious George Hijacked to “Teach” Your Kids About Islam
DOJ Deletes References to Islam From Orlando Muslim Terror Attack Transcripts
Florida terror imam on Fox justifies stoning women, beheading journalists (updated)
Florida: 3 Muslims Busted in Homestead Food Stamp Fraud, 4 at Large
Idaho Sexual Assault Confirmed, Assailants Iraqi & Sudanese
Idaho: 3 Muslim Refugees Allegedly Rape Minor Girl; Muslim Women Spit on Citizens
Indiana: Muslim high school student tried to join ISIS, sought local targets
Leading Muslim group in US, CAIR supports terror and calls for revolution
Michigan: FBI hunts Muslim doctor from Flint area tied to Islamic State
Minnesota: DOJ Holds Library Meeting on Islamophobia
Missouri: DMV Allows Personalized ‘JIHAD’ License Plate for Muslims
Muslim former FBI agent who refused to wiretap fellow Muslims now Homeland Security Adviser
Muslim-led Committee Tells DHS to Ban Words Like ‘Jihad, Sharia’
Muslims-only Cemetery Buries Orlando Jihadist: “We Don’t Know His Side of the Story”
Nevada: After jihad mass murder in Brussels and Paris, Las Vegas police pander to Muslims
New Jersey: Muslim substitute teacher pleads guilty in sex assault case
New Mexico: Illegal Muslim Invader with Gas Pipeline Plans Arrested in Border Town
NYPD Muslim Officer Refuses to Shave Beard, Sues When Suspended
NYPD/NYU Muslim Chaplain Led Orlando Jihadist’s Trip to Mecca
Obama appoints Muslim who praised 9/11 attacks as positive to Homeland Security committee!
Obama FBI-DOJ Replace “Allah” with “God” on Orlando Terror Attack Transcript
Obama Frees Bin Laden’s Bodyguard From Gitmo
OK: Muslim convert arrested, posted mass jihad threats on two Oklahoma City malls
Orlando Jihad: 49 Killed by Muslim Omar Mateen, Visited Saudi Arabia, Known to FBI
Orlando jihadi’s father: Pro-Taliban views, said Allah will punish gays
Orlando Terrorist’s Father Helped Run Mosque That Spawned 2 Jihadis
Pennsylvania: Muslim Abdul Wahi shoots cop in the face multiple times
Pentagon hosting invitation-only RAMADAN feast today
Philly: “Don’t mess with us, we belong to ISIS” violent assault at famous cheese steak joint
Rhode Island: Convenience Store Owner Admits to Million Dollar Food Stamp Fraud Scheme
Terror-linked CAIR to Muslims: Defy Customs Agents
Texas: FBI meeting regularly with terror-linked CAIR & Muslims; taxpayers not invited but pick up the tab
Texas: Muslim employee took hostages, shots fired at Amarillo Walmart, killed by police
Texas: Muslim immigrant with Koran threatened people at several locations, arrested
U.S. Attorney for Idaho Threatens Americans Who Expose Muslim Refugee Sex Crime
US Muslim Leader: “Allahu Akbar…Islam Is Here to Dominate”
Video: Gays Must Die Says Guest Sheikh at Orlando, FL Mosque
Video: The Islamization of Our Schools
Virginia: @Wegmans refused to make cake for ex-Muslim group…to protect Muslims

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2 thoughts on “Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part 2 (Apr – Jun)

  1. Each month of each year, these lists will get longer and longer until action is taken. I look forward to President Trump’s crackdown on the Islamization of our country.

  2. Reading the above list re-enforces one’s mind as to the dangers we face from the Religion of Piece. (No, I did not make a spelling mistake,)

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