Want to see Islamic taqiyya in action? ‘Meet a Muslim’ at Milpitas Public Library Jan. 4 7PM


Source: Milpitas: Library to feature ‘Meet a Muslim’ event on Jan. 4 – The Mercury News

Although Islam is the second largest religion in the world with around 1.6 billion followers globally and an estimated 3.3 million living in the United States, it is still largely misunderstood, according to Fremont resident Moina Shaiq.

Only because too many Americans still believe the lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

Milpitas residents will have the opportunity to ask any burning questions they may have about Muslims and Islam at a “Meet a Muslim” event organized by Shaiq, a longtime community activist, at 7 p.m., Wednesday Jan. 4 at Milpitas Public Library, 160 N. Main St.

Shaiq conducted her first “Meet a Muslim” event in January in Fremont as then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.moina

“I would like for my fellow Americans to know about Islam and Muslims,” Shaiq said, adding the event was a forum for dialogue and for people to ask questions. “The stuff that is happening on the news …I want to talk about those issues and provide some perspective and explain why it’s happening.

Perspective? What is her perspective on dawah? On taqiyya? (Watch Taqiyya – The Art of Deception) On deception? In Hadith 4:269 Muhammad said, “War is deceit.” 

“It makes a big difference when you meet someone face to face and ask questions, and get an answer and ask a follow up question. Which is not possible is a non-live setting, and definitely not possible if people go online for information,” Shaiq added.

She said she wants to build bridges of love, respect, understanding and acceptance “one heart at a time.”

Saying it was important for people to understand that Muslims are human too, Shaiq asserts there is a misconception that things happening in Muslim-majority countries or horrendous acts perpetrated by people claiming to be Muslim is solely a Muslim issue.

Obviously Muslims are human although many do inhumane things for the sake of Islam. Who are we to believe, those claiming to be Muslim and willing to die spreading Islam or those like Shaiq who defend Islam by lying about those willing to die for Islam?

“Throughout history other faiths have done things, history is full of bloodshed and war, it’s not new, but it only portrayed as Muslims doing things, so they think we are violent. They don’t know in Burma they are killing Muslims, they don’t hear or see the other atrocities that are happening in the world,” she said.

If Muslims don’t want to be portrayed as violent then maybe they should not not have a warlord as a so-called prophet (although he never prophesied anything) and they should stop slaughtering, enslaving and raping millions to spread Islam. And forcing others to learn about Islam.

Shaiq said she’s conducted about 50 “Meet A Muslim” events since January, the majority of which were in the Bay Area and a few in other states like Arizona and Georgia.

Shaiq is a sham. Cue the Muslim victim-hood act. 33 years in the U.S. hasn’t cured it.

But putting herself out in the community for dialogue does not come without risk. Apart from a growing sense of fear when being out in public during the post-election with a surge of Islamophobic incidents being reported by civil advocacy groups, “I am a walking target with my hijab (head scarf).”

Shaiq added that she no longer prays in public anymore. Prior to this year, Shaiq said when travelling she would find some empty space and say her prayers, now she fears doing so will endanger her ability to get on a plane or might open her up to physical harm.

Cue the fake hate crime and subtle Muslim racism. 

Traveling to a “Meet a Muslim” event in Arizona in October, Shaiq said she was already feeling nervous. When she arrived at the venue, the friend she was travelling with was approached by an elder white man who told her that he was a Korean War veteran who had killed people and said he would have no problem slicing Shaiq’s throat with a knife if she offended him.

“He also said he had a knife on him,” Shaiq recalled. She said a police officer had been on hand per her request and he had simply told her to stay away from the threatening man.

We’re to believe a man threatened to slice a Muslim woman’s throat at a public “Meet a Muslim” event and she reported it to police who did nothing? No report, no evidence, no pictures or video, no names – just Muslim hearsay? The classic faked Muslim hate crime.

“I’ve been in America for 38 years and no one has ever had the nerve to say something so publicly or threatening like this,” Shaiq said. “That made me realize how things have come from underground to the surface and people think it’s OK to say and do things they didn’t before.”

Maybe some folks will show up to ‘Meet a Muslim’ and ask some real questions to establish the Islam of Moina Shaiq. According to the library website, We will not be offended by any question”.

Click the link below for key questions you can print out and ask Shaiq. Video tape it if you can.

Questions to ask every Muslim

8 thoughts on “Want to see Islamic taqiyya in action? ‘Meet a Muslim’ at Milpitas Public Library Jan. 4 7PM

  1. Anyone who believes the lies generously bandied about by Muslims had better also believe the promises made by the Muslims who say they mean to kill or enslave all who do not convert to Islam.

  2. We need the total obliteration of the US school system so that young minds will grow and not accept this kind of indoctrination. It all starts with these young globalist minds that the system creates. The sheeple manufacturing facility is the government school system.

  3. My local library had a ” meet your Muslim neighbour” afternoon.One of the muzzas came up to me and I told him as I was a woman on my own I didn’t want him near me.Then I told him I don’t want muzzas as neighbours and I don’t want to be a neighbour of muzzas.He seemed lost for words and slithered away.

  4. MUZZSCUMZ relish these kinds of “dialogues”, b/c they are all MASTERS of DOUBLESPEAK!! Every time Westerners try to argue some sense into a MUZZSCUM they (the Westerners) eventually GIVE UP the fight! Let’s face it ppl, they (the muzzscumz) are better LIARS AND MANIPULATORS than we are! This fight is NOT about INTELLECTUAL SUPERIORITY–it’s about the SURVIVAL OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION (which rejected IZZLAM and the invasion of the Barbary Pirates, going back to the time of Thomas Jefferson)! YOU CANNOT (CAN NOT!) HAVE A FREE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY THAT CO-EXISTS SIDE BY SIDE WITH ISLAM AND SHARIA TYRANNY!!!!! IT’S A COMPLETE OXYMORON TO THINK SO! That’s why this MUZZLOID LYIN’ btch needs to SHUT UP AND DISSAPEAR–FOREVER!!!!! DON’T GIVE HER THE FREAKING TIME OF DAY!!!! SHE’LL ONLY TWIST IT AROUND TO HER DIABOLICAL HATESPEECH–which she, oh soooo, conveniently calls a “DIALOGUE”!!!!!

  5. The so-called “peaceful verses” in the Qur’an may as well not be there at all except that they serve a useful purpose when taqyiia is being effected.

    The peace verses in the Qur’an were abrogated by Mohammad after he became a warlord. There is no peace In the demented world of mOslem savages thought they often cite the “peaceful verses” as an argument that they are peaceful.

    Then, you have to deal with what mOslems mean by “peace.” Those of us who are blessed by Creeping Sharia and a host of other knowledgeable sources know what mOslems mean by “peace.”


  6. This Muslim woman was scared and appalled by a man welding a knife and threatening her. How many people have had their heads decapitated by Muslims? Just this week a Coptic Christian shopkeeper had his throat slit by a Muslim (suspected Salafi) right in front of his store in Alexandria Egypt. Sorry but anyone who has reservations about the intentions of Muslims should listen to their gut.

    • #Carole. It sounds like you are comparing this MADE-UP BS-story to actual heinous murders committed by MUZZSCUM jihadis. BUT THIS WOMAN IS LYING!!!!! Ok Carole, did you read what this muzzlum btch ACTUALLY said???? Here’s the story that she told (translated into PLAIN ENGLISH)! Ahemm…. An old man (probably in his seventies or eighties) who is a Veteran of the Korean War era, THREATENED to slice her MUZZRAT “friend’s” neck open (DURING THE PUBLICLY SCHEDULED EVENT). Yeah, DURING THE PUBLIC EVENT! And then, WONDER OF ALL WONDERS, these two MUZZRAT BTCHES went and told the cops the whole story, who essentially said, ‘Don’t bother me, btch’! Just think about it, Carole, the woman is LYING THRU HER TEETH!!!!! Plz forgive my “french”!!!! Nothing about her story makes a LICK OF SENSE! There’s NO comparison betw her made-up story and actual TRUE events! I DON’T BELIEVE HER FOR A NEW YORK MINUTE!!!!!

      “We’re to believe a man threatened to slice a Muslim woman’s throat at a public “Meet a Muslim” event and she reported it to police who did nothing? No report, no evidence, no pictures or video, no names – just Muslim hearsay? The classic faked Muslim hate crime.”

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