Minnesota: Mohamed is Top 5 Baby Name of 2016 at St. Cloud Hospital


Source: St. Cloud Hospital Releases Top Baby Names of 2016

ST. CLOUD — St. Cloud Hospital has released their list of the top names for babies born at the hospital last year.

Top 10 boys names:
1.) Liam
2.) William
3.) Owen
4.) Oliver
5.) Mohamed
6.) Henry
7.) Jackson
8.) Levi
9.) Aiden
10.) Noah

Top 10 girls names:
1.) Emma
2.) Olivia
3.) Charlotte
4.) Madison
5.) Evelyn
6.) Harper
7.) Avery
8.) Ella
9.) Abigail
10.) Mia

There were 2,956 babies born at St. Cloud Hospital in 2016 – that’s 23 more than the year before.

Oliver and Emma were the top two baby names in 2015.

If there are other variations of the spelling then “Mohamed” could rank even higher. And that’s just one hospital in the Somali Muslim occupied territory.

How many Mohamed’s will there be in Minnesotastan in five, ten, twenty years? How long until St. Cloud is a no-go zone? Meanwhile, Muslims are joining the rush to buy guns in Minnesota.

PS: Thanks to the twitter user who sent this to us.

13 thoughts on “Minnesota: Mohamed is Top 5 Baby Name of 2016 at St. Cloud Hospital

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  2. Our best hope to lead us out of this mess is Trump. May he and his generals see the light that ALL Islam is anti-American and a threat to our existence, and banish them and their mosques.

    • Your best hope to help lead this country out of this is you. Therefore, it ain’t happening. Get used to subjection and watch your family die before your own eyes.

        • #Anon. Ahemm…. I’d say you really need to get a grip, Anon… “No honor” was addressing a worldwide audience! Did you really think his comment required your terse rebuke??? He’s absolutely right, you know! Ppl absolutely need to WAKE UP and STOP TOLERATING the intolerant! It’s NOT COOL to try to assuage ppl whose main goal and purpose in life is TO KILL YOU, i.e., that would be ALL PRACTICING MUZZLUMZ!!!!!

        • #Anon. Hahahaha! Well, well, now, FAR BE IT FROM ME to assume that you’re a MUZZRAT sympathizer, when in fact YOU’RE THE REAL THING!!! Just answer me this, A-non, WHAT’S IT FEEL LIKE TO GO THRU LIFE HATING EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE??????? Oh, ahhh, I almost forgot — “god made me do it”– more like SATAN MADE YOU DO IT!!!!!

    • I wish you were correct but America it seems has had it’s better days, like all great countries that have fallen so will America. We not only have the real threat of a Barbarian culture that is growing by leaps and bounds but the great number of “Useful Idiots” that are aiding and abetting them, and our schools are sending out millions of these brainwashed nut-jobs every year. I took notice of this in early 2000 and look how much Islam has gained in America and Europe since then.

  3. Mohammad was a godless Satan worshiping mass murdering rapist, thief, Sodomite and pedophile, and more evil besides. To hell with Islam and its mentally ill sycophantic sociopathic adherents.

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