Video: Islam is Not Peaceful, ISIS is Pure Islam

Listen to this wide-ranging discussion on the Islamic threat to America…while perusing Creeping Sharia’s 2016 year in review – Part One (Jan – March) and Part Two (April – June). All well worth your time. Part Three coming later today soon.


3 thoughts on “Video: Islam is Not Peaceful, ISIS is Pure Islam

  1. Muslims treatment of Christians in a country once Christian now occupied by Muslims in the Middle East can only be expressed by Persecuted Christians not Dr. Zudhi Jasser who has never built one organization in the Middle East to help even one Christian, so yes, we must call for our Persecuted Christians from the Middle East to speak out, for those Christians with families still in the Middle East we must provide anonymous path’s to get their stories out so they are assured their families cannot be identified by their former governments to protect from harm. We must go on the offensive with the high road in speaking the truth of sharia/mohammed from the perspective of the persecuted under this ideology.

    • #dannyboy88 It’s not that easy to follow your reasoning, but so far as Dr. Zudhi Jasser, I must say that he’s equally hard to figure. He seems to be attempting to straddle the fence. I don’t understand why he insists on calling himself a Muslim, i.e., a follower of mohammed (and all that that implies), while at the same time, he admits to the hatred and savagery which is taught in the koran! Dr. Jasser, if you ever read this blog, STOP STRADDLING THE FENCE! ISLAM IS AN EVIL DEMONIC BLOOD-CULT–YOU KNOW IT AND CAN’T DENY IT! mohammed was a pedophile and a murderer–WHY WOULD YOU IDENTIFY YOURSELF WITH SOMEONE LIKE THAT?????

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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