Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part 3 (Jul – Sep)

Part III or our Creeping Sharia Year in Review covers the months of July, August and September 2016 and this is just a sampling of what’s taking place across the United States. Whatcha’ gonna’ do when they come for you?

July, 2016 (a very busy month)

Alabama: Immigrant grocery store owner sentenced, ordered to pay $5.2M in food stamp fraud
Arizona: “American Jihadist” plotted to “take out marines and jews,” bomb DMV
Arizona: Muslim arrested, plotted jihad on govt buildings in Maricopa and Pima counties
Brooklyn: Beat down of Muslim teens not hate crime, defense from sexual assault say witnesses
Brooklyn: Muslims teens harass woman for 40 minutes, boyfriend teaches them brutal lesson
Cali: LAPD Chief Panders at Terror-linked Mosque Named in Missing “28 Pages” (VIDEO)
Cali: Sharia compliant: No Islamic landmarks harmed in “Independence Day” sequel
California: Muslim earns 15 years in prison for trying to join ISIS
California: Muslims force school system to remove forced conversion of Hindus to Islam from history
DC: Terror-linked Muslim Group CAIR Met with Congress 325 Times in 2016
Florida: “Allah akbar” shouting teen threatens to ‘blow up’ woman, touts ‘his people’ responsible for Orlando
Florida: Muslim convert charged with attempt to bomb Aventura synagogue
Florida: Three Muslims in Palm Beach County charged with helping ISIS
Georgia: FBI says Muslim using U.S. flag to assault American family no hate crime
Idaho: 5-Year-Old Idaho Victim Raped By Muslim Migrants Still Being Terrorized
Idaho: Man jumps on bar screaming about “Allah”, customers run for the doors
Idaho: US attorney’s threats against Americans in Muslim rape case ‘closer to illegal speech than speech she threatens’
Illinois Governor Poised to Approve 21-Member Muslim Advisory Council
Islamic Proselytizing at Massachusetts General Hospital
Louisiana: Classmate says Baton Rouge cop killer converted to Islam three years ago
Massachussetts: Syrian “refugee” in US two months, sexually assaults 13-year-old girl at Lowell pool
Michigan: Woman in hijab claimed to have bomb during bank robbery
Minneapolis: 3 More Somali Muslims Guilty – Tried to Join ISIS
Minneapolis: Somali Muslim ‘youths’ invade suburban neighborhood, threaten to kidnap, rape residents
Minnesota: City council gives terror mosque exclusive use of public park, violating fed law
Minnesota: Woman’s chilling, 1st-hand account of Muslim invasion, rape threats
New Jersey: Mosque takes over church, quickly disrupt neighbors quality of life
New Jersey: Muslim who threw firecrackers at synagogue and shouted ‘allah akbar’ gets…probation
New York: Deblasio’s wife dons hijab as Muslims takeover Brooklyn park (video)
New York: Harlem Church Vandalized, “You must pay! Allah! Wake up!”
New York: JFK Int’l Airport Has a Complete Mosque Inside
North Carolina Churches, Reverends Publish Full Page Newspaper Ad for Mosque
North Carolina: 2 Muslims who sought jihad sentenced to prison
NY: Muslim drug ring flooded NYC with a ton of synthetic pot aka “K2” 
NYC: Columbia Univ Muslim joined ISIS, then begged FBI to rescue him
NYC: Muslim cabby ordered to pay $14K for cursing at kissing lesbians
Obama Releases High-Risk al Qaeda Fighter from Gitmo to Italy
Ohio: Hotel Clerk Saw Something, Said Something, Got Fired, May Be Arrested 
Ohio: Jailed Muslim Terrorist and Wife Caught Plotting Judge’s Assassination
Ohio: Muslim pleads guilty to jihad plot on U.S. military official, local police station
Pennsylvania : DOJ shaking down Bensalem for rejecting mosque
Philadelphia City Council Infiltrated By Muslim; Co-Sponsors Event with Terror-linked CAIR, Islamist Groups
Row of Muslims refuse to stand during the National Anthem (video)
San Diego School Board Approves Creation of Islamophobia Propaganda Plan
Seattle: Mental hospital escapee fixated on ISIS, studied Arabic, planned bombing
Tennessee: Friends, family knew Muslim who killed Marines wanted jihad, failed to alert authorities
Texas: Some Suspects in Dallas Cop Shootings Attend South Dallas Mosque
Vermont: Lone councilman knew about, supported secret plan to flood town with Syrian Muslims
Virginia: Muslim Arrested for ISIS Support, Wanted to Kill US Soldiers
Virginia: Muslim Immigrant Ex-Army National Guard Member Arrested for ISIS Support
Washington: Muslim “Refugee” Who Raped Grade-School Girl Flees to Dubai Days Before Trial

**The Muslim refugee attack linked directly below occurred in July 2016 but was not made public or reported on by any media until January 2017!!!

South Dakota: Muslim ‘Refugee’ Sexually Assaults Disabled Woman Days After Arriving in US


August, 2016 (the Islamic onslaught continued across America)

California: Man tried to behead grandparents after church, influenced by radical Muslims
California: Muslims scream “Allahu akbar!” through bullhorn during church service
Chicago: Imam gets probation for molesting underage girl, female employee
Colorado: Labor Dept Rules Muslim Workers Who Quit Deserve Unemployment Benefits
Dearbornistan: Woman avoids rapejihad after Iraqi stalks her, traps her in her garage
Detroit: Muslim convert refuses to serve alcohol then sues airline when suspended
Florida: Pensacola Muslim charged after supporting ISIS
Georgia: 135-Acre Mega Mosque Complex Called Itself a “Church”…To Fool Citizens
Idaho: Another Muslim Sex Assault in Twin Falls, Same Man Media Portrayed as a Good Muslim
Kansas: Iraqi grad school student falsified visa application, faked letters from Army generals
Leader of Wisconsin’s largest Muslim org cited for improper sexual relationship
Liberal, Kansas – A Growing Somali Muslim Enclave Known as “Little Somalia”
Maine: Catholic Charities’ Muslim Refugee Died Fighting for ISIS in Lebanon
Maine: Muslim Refugee Collected Welfare for 4 Years While Becoming Islamic Terrorist
Massachusetts: Smiling Muslim Mom at Barnes & Noble is Daughter of Convicted Islamic Terrorist
Michigan: “Hijabi” bank robber strikes again, Dearborn this time
Michigan: 65-year-old Muslim attacks boy with blunt object…in mosque
Michigan: Muslim arrested with grenade launchers, small arsenal
Michigan: Muslim Immigrant Pleads Guilty, Lied to Feds About Joining Hezbollah
Minneapolis: Muslim joined ISIS within weeks of receiving $91K bridge collapse settlement
Minnesota: “Historic” Muslim Primary Winner Reportedly Married Her Brother
Minnesota: DHS Gives Somali Muslims, Imams Special Airport Security Tours
Minnesota: Muslim demands use of sharia law, U.S. court rejects
Mississippi: Former cheerleader turned Muslim gets 12 years for attempt to join Islamic State
Mississippi: Son of Starkville Imam Gets 8 years for ISIS Plot
Muslim Immigrant Leaves US, Becomes Suicide Bomber for Islamic State
Nashville Sheriff To Force All New Hires Thru “Islam 101” Course, Taught by Muslims
New Jersey: Islamic Society lawyers bullying and harassing citizens who spoke against mosque
North Carolina: ISIS Recruiter Arrested, Targeted Americans, Popular Blogger
North Carolina: Muslim teen plotted to kill 1,000 Americans under guidance of Islamic terrorist
North Dakota: Muslim corrections officer smuggles recipes to Muslim inmates who then file pork lawsuit
NYC: Muslim quits city job, then demands rehire with Friday’s off to attend mosque
Obama Releases 15 More Jihadists From #Gitmo
Ohio Mosque Has Been at the Center of SIX Terror Cases
Ohio: ISIS supporter pleads guilty in DC terror plot
Ohio: Muslim charged with 10 counts of murder in Dayton triple slaying
Ohio: Saudi Muslims Videotaping Catholic Church Service Cause Scare
Oklahoma: Another “Islamophobia” hoax crime exposed; mosque member arrested, CAIR imam implicated
Palm Beach: Supervisor of Elections Held Secret Meetings with Muslims, Dems on Terror Mosque Voting Location
Pennsylvania: Muslim refugees sue school district, charge school not good enough
South Dakota: Brotherhood-linked leader tells Muslims to change Sioux Falls, convert non-Muslims (VIDEO)
Thousands of Middle Eastern Illegal Immigrants Busted with Forged Papers at US Border
UC-Irvine sanctions Muslim students for terrorizing Jewish campus event
Virginia: Metro Transit Cop Arrested for Attempts to Support ISIS Terrorists
Virginia: Muslim on FBI Watchlist Yells ‘Allah Akbar’, Tries to Behead Man & Woman in Roanoke
Washington: Muslim refugee attacks woman and cop, then shot dead (video)

September, 2016 (Muslims say, “Fuck America!”)

Leaked FBI Data Reveal 7,700 Terrorist Encounters in USA…in One Year!
7 Afghani Muslims in the U.S. for Military Training are AWOL
Anaheim: “Tens of thousands” of Muslims turn Angel Stadium into giant mosque (
At least 1,800 deportees from ‘countries of concern’ granted US citizenship *updated
Boston: Court affirms Christian landlord in 70s must learn Islam after dispute with Muslim
Cali: On Eve of 9/11, Sacramento News Radio Invites Listeners to Learn About Muslim Holiday
California: Palestinian Muslim who ‘wanted to die a martyr’ gets 30 years
DC: Muslim pleads guilty to aiding Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
Houston-bound plane diverts to Nashville after Muslim shouts in Arabic, breaks door
Illinois: Muslim National Guard soldier, cousin get prison in jihad plot on Joliet armory
Indiana: Muslim teen who sought local targets, indicted for terror support
Kentucky: Iraqi Doctor Planted IED’s on Walking Trails, Killed After Altercation with Authorities
Kentucky: Muslim woman called for terror attacks in US, arrested
Maryland imam being investigated for funding Detroit ISIS supporter
Minnesota mall stabber was Somali Muslim; knifed those who said they weren’t Muslim
Minnesota: Muslim Visiting Mayo Clinic Sexually Assaults Woman, No Charges Filed
Minnesota: Man referencing Allah stabs 8 people at busy shopping mall
Muslim Attacks NYC Cop With Meat Cleaver, Gashing Him in Face
Muslim hacker gets 20 years for sending ‘kill list’ of US military members to ISIS
N.Y.-Based Egyptian Activist: ‘The Crescent Must Always Be on Top of the Cross’
New Jersey 2nd Graders Taught: ‘Allah loves those who make themselves clean’
New Jersey: 5 IED’s found near Elizabeth train station, no injuries
New Jersey: Terrorism probed in bombing at Seaside Park Marine Corps race 
NY/NJ: Muslim Suspect in Bombings in Custody After Shootout (updated)
NY: After continued Muslim terror attacks, NYC launches “I am Muslim” media blitz
NY: Muslim Indicted for Alleged Death Threats Against Controversial SUNY Professor
NY: Muslim who slashed NYPD cop faced deportation; wrote of martyrdom, wife approved
NYC: Muslim gets 9 years for smashing gay guy with chair at BBQ joint
Obama’s Pakistani Muslim Judicial Nominee Has Ties to Saudi Regime
Ohio: Iranian millionaire and adult children get food stamps, Medicaid
Ohio: Muslim Immigrant Shoots Daughter in Head as She Sleeps, in Likely ‘Honor Killing’
Philadelphia: Mom pleads guilty, admits planning to abandon kids for ISIS
Relatives of NYC Bomber Posted Jihadi Images on Facebook; Wife Left US Days Before Attack
Rhode Island: Muslim convert pleads guilty in plot to behead anti-jihad blogger Pam Geller
San Diego: Man pleads guilty to lying about jihadist brother
State Dept Focused on ‘Reintegrating’ Traveling Jihadis Back into US, Says Muslim Director
Tennessee: Middle schooler’s will still be indoctrinated with Islam under “new” standards
The (Muslim) Invasion of Buffalo
US-Trained Special Ops Fighter Promoted to ISIS Top Commander In Iraq
Washington mall shooter who killed 5 is immigrant from Turkey & Hillary Clinton supporter

Part 1 & Part 2

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2 thoughts on “Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part 3 (Jul – Sep)

  1. “….click any link and share an individual post – your fellow Americans are waking up with your help.”

    Thank God and thank you CS! This website is probably just about the MOST TRUTHFUL, concise and thorough website on the subject of the deception and insidious worldwide takeover of the diabolical CULT of islam! It goes w/o saying that islam (in and of itself) has NO redeeming value whatsoever. It originated in the demented, demon-possessed mind of a Middle Eastern warlord who lived and LOVED to shed innocent blood! People say it can be reformed, but that’s just one more diabolical deception! ISLAM IS EVIL–ROTTEN TO THE CORE–AND CANNOT BE MADE RIGHT!!!! The only answer to islam is to eradicate it totally from the face of the Earth! It destroys everything and everybody that lives under its evil clutches!!!!! If and when it would seem that islam actually has some hidden positive qualities, that would inevitably be due to the fact that, here and there, it has been influenced by the teachings of the Bible! And, truth be told, mohammed was excellent at plagiarizing (and distorting) Bible passages into his koran, i.e., Miriam (sister of Moses in the O.T.) was (to mohammed’s warped mind) the one and the same person as MARY (the mother of Jesus in the New Testament). Wow! Who knew????? Thank you, CS!!!!!

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