South Dakota: Newspaper failed to report, then hid sex offender’s identity as Somali ‘refugee’

no-refugees-demonstrationHow many crimes by Muslim refugees have gone unreported or covered up by media and law enforcement in the U.S.? They are complicit.

Source: U.S. newspaper still hiding sex offender’s identity as Somali ‘refugee’

By Leo Hohmann

A South Dakota newspaper that failed to report on the case of a Somali man convicted of trying to molest a severely handicapped woman, changed gears Wednesday after being outed by WND and decided to publish a story about the crime.

The story ran on page three of the Aberdeen American News under the headline “Sentencing later this month for a man convicted of attempted sexual contact.”

But the newspaper left out an important detail.

The convicted sex criminal, 39-year-old Liban Mohamed, was a recently arrived refugee brought to the state from Somalia at the invitation of the U.S. government. He had been in the country only about a week and in Aberdeen only one day when he wandered up to a group home and tried to molest a 31-year-old mentally handicapped woman who was sitting outside the facility.

Mohamed, freshly arrived in the U.S. just days prior, wandered more than a mile from his hotel on foot and preyed upon a mentally handicapped woman at the Aspire Inc. residential care facility, which houses about 150 handicapped people. His victim was left unattended for only minutes. When a caregiver returned, she caught him with his hand between the disabled woman’s legs, reaching toward her private parts.

AAN’s belated story also neglected to mention that Mohamed had been brought to Aberdeen to work in the local meatpacking plant, DemKota Ranch, which has become a magnet for cheap refugee labor.

WND contacted AAN Executive Editor J.J. Perry and asked why he omitted the information about Mohamed being a refugee.

“Because I don’t know that it was a fact he was a refugee. We weren’t there [at the trial],” Perry said, after which he was reminded that the state’s attorney, Christopher White, confirmed for WND that Mohamed was a refugee and that this information was offered by Mohamed’s own defense attorney at trial. It was part of the court record in the defense attorney’s opening statement.

Perry indicated to WND the previous day that his paper’s failure to report the story initially was not intentional.

WND’s calls to Aberdeen Police Chief David McNeil were not returned Wednesday seeking comment on whether his agency covered up the crime when it happened on July 30, 2016. Mohamed was indicted Aug. 15 and went to trial on Dec. 20 just a few days before Christmas.

Neither McNeil’s department nor the local sheriff’s office has provided a mugshot of the convicted sex offender. South Dakota is one of the few states where mugshots of convicted criminals are not considered public record.

Lutheran Social Services South Dakota, a federal contractor, is responsible for resettling most of the refugees sent to the state but has not addressed how it could leave a man from Somalia, in the country for only a week, on his own to wander the streets looking for a vulnerable female.

Citizens group approached AG in October with concerns about refugees

Meanwhile, a citizens group tells WND they met with South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley on Oct. 3 at the state Capitol in Pierre to discuss their concerns about refugee resettlement and its impact on safety.

The meeting was affable with the approximately 10 citizens sharing concerns about refugees who might put the safety of their communities at risk.

The meeting included residents from Rapid City who were looking for him to do something to stop the secondary migration of refugees to their town.

“A Huron girl there was almost in tears she was so fearful of what could happen” if an unvetted or unvettable refugee were to slip through the cracks, one resident who was present at the meeting told WND.


South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley

But Jackley quickly turned the tables, asking pointed questions of the concerned citizens.

“If you guys know of anything, can cite anything [negative] that’s happening in your communities, then please tell me,” he reportedly said.

“He wouldn’t give the concerned people the answers they were looking for,” said one person present at the meeting. “I watched him and was thinking what are you doing? It was more like dodge ball and ‘what do you know?’”

He told the group refugee resettlement was a federal issue and “his hands were tied,” one participant of the meeting said. “What’s upsetting is, he already knew, he would have known that this crime had happened in Aberdeen.

“We were duped. Looking back, I really think we were afforded the meeting with him only because he was trying to figure out if we knew,” the activist said.

“What made me upset when I read the WND article on Aberdeen is that on Oct. 3 we had an opportunity for our attorney general to say something to these people, to tell them the truth, ‘You know you may be right, some could slip through the cracks and commit heinous crimes.’

“Lutheran Social Services takes this federal money but aren’t always doing their job,” the activist continued. “But instead Marty Jackley said, ‘Oh, we can’t do anything, our hands are tied.’ We now know there had been something heinous that had already happened in Aberdeen.”

Jackley has expressed interest in running for governor of South Dakota in 2018.

Update: The deceitful media should be ashamed but they aren’t. They are complicit. This is the entire article from Elisa Sand:

Sentencing rescheduled for man convicted of attempted sexual contact

Sentencing has been rescheduled to April 10 for a man convicted of attempted sexual contact with a person incapable of giving consent.

No mention of his name, refugee status, his crime, his guilt, how he got to South Dakota, nothing. Cover it up. Hide it. Hush it up. Citizens do not need to know.


7 thoughts on “South Dakota: Newspaper failed to report, then hid sex offender’s identity as Somali ‘refugee’

  1. Well, well, well, surprise, surprise….. The AG has his eye on the guv’naship slot for SD! Wow, who knew he had ANY POLITICAL ASPIRATIONS???? I mean, hey, we can’t have a little thing like the COVER-UP of an attempted rape, slime-ing up the works here!!!!! I mean, just think what might happen to my CAREER (and all the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that go with it) if the NEWS gets out that I STUCK IT TO MY OWN PEOPLE by HIDING THE TRUTH HERE!!!!!!! NO PROB AG/ GUV, NO PROB!!!! We certainly wouldn’t want to INTERRUPT your “highest” aspirations and loftiest platitudes!!!! No, nev’a, huh-uh…. You just bring all the “rapefugees” that you want…. but just do us one eensy-weensy, itty-bitty little favor next time…..LET ‘EM ALL LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!

  2. we as a nation who was put here buy Gods hands,,, bring forth countrys who life and values are far far below ours and there belief of what they can do, is far far in a world of not ours,,, but is right for them,, yet we let them in here to continue to practice,,,, and will belive me multiply and through out our laws in a few years to bring in there ,,, watch and see as most of US is already doing,,,,, yep and I if I touch say do a wrong approach to this new type of culture,, I will be prosecuted,,, oh yea its called humanity of course,,, were is mine,,,

  3. I grew up in South Dakota. This is not going to go well with its voters if his gubernatorial opponent raises this.

    And, like Minnesota, more blight spread by the benign sounding Lutheran Social Services. It has a lot to answer for in both states.

  4. It would be interesting to get a peek at Jackley’s bank accounts and see what and how much he’s being paid to betray his constituents and fellow Americans. There’s no way he isn’t receiving some sort of gain for his treason.

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