Canada: Almost half of all murders in Ottawa last year involved Muslims

The year before too. If they weren’t killing infidels, they were killing each other. Source: A Muslim Murder Spree in Canada’s Capital

by Daniel Greenfield

Canada’s capital is a small sleepy city of less than a million. Its average annual murder rate is only 10. That’s a weekend in Chicago. But last year something strange happened to Ottawa’s murder rate.

It shot up to 24 homicides.

The last two murders were of Somali Muslim sisters Asma and Nasiba. Their murderer was their brother, Musab A-Noor. Despite the obvious history of Muslim honor killings of women, often carried out by brothers against their sisters, Musab was found “unfit” to stand trial. A director at the Somali Centre for Family Services insisted that Somali settlers in the city need more mental health funding.

Something certainly seems to be needed.

There were an estimated 66,000 Muslim settlers in the Ottawa – Gatineau metropolitan area. Despite forming some 5 percent of the population, they are startlingly overrepresented in Ottawa’s murders.

Almost half of the total murders in Ottawa last year involved Muslims. The same had also been true for the previous year.

Read it all at Frontpage Mag who at least tried to see a pattern, unlike Ottawa detectives: via an unusual time in Ottawa homicides

“The reason for the murders? I can’t figure this out. I don’t know … if we have a blip in the statistics or if this is the new norm.”

“I’m not seeing — a connection with all of these homicides.”

“We’re hoping this is just an anomaly in the statistics and that it does slow down for 2017.”

As Greenfield concludes:

…the transformation of a nation into a postnational disaster shows the consequences of opening borders and closing minds all too clearly.

10 thoughts on “Canada: Almost half of all murders in Ottawa last year involved Muslims

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  4. Muslims comprise about 8% of Ottawa’s population not 5%. The majority of those are Somali and Lebanese. Before you go tarring that community based on 1 year of data maybe we should see a trend first?

    • #kdouglassite You can rest assured, douglas, that once a “trend” is clearly recognized, you’re in some deep zhit!!!!! It always amazes me how Westerners, such as yourself, will go to the enth degree trying to justify criminality! You HONESTLY think you’re doing God’s work by supporting this Angela-Merkel-type of foreign invasion???? How about housing them with you and your wife and kids??????? Get a grip, douglas! Get a grip!!!!!

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