New Jersey: Pastor’s home vandalized for 4th time after opposing mosque, sharia law (updated)

Bayonne, where once upon a time you could see the Twin Towers…until Muslims destroyed them…on their second attempt. Coincidentally:

The Muslim community has been in Bayonne for 15 years, and for the past seven years, the group has rented the basement of St. Henry’s School at 28th Street and Avenue C for its activities, he said.

9/11 was just the beginning. Source: Pastor vandalized for fourth time after anti-mosque remarks h/t Blazing Cat Fur

BAYONNE – A pastor who has been outspoken about his opposition to construction of a mosque in Bayonne is the victim of vandalism for the fourth time.

In the past, Pastor Joseph Basile has spoken against plans to turn an old warehouse on 24th Street into a mosque due to its proximity to homes. Things changed when his question about their beliefs went unanswered.

Basile says he asked the men in charge if they believed in Sharia law and they refused to answer. Their lawyer wouldn’t let them answer.

Sharia law is moral laws for Muslims in which, in extreme versions, women are forced to wear all black and adulterers are stoned.

Basile says he is uncomfortable with Muslims not sharing what their beliefs are.

Earlier this week, Basile’s house was graffitied.  He was also verbally threatened by someone who knocked on his front door in another incident.  So far, police have not caught anyone.

Following the last bought of vandalism, local Muslim leaders denounced the actions and said the pastor has the right to publicly share his concerns.

The zoning board meeting later in the month will decide the matter of the mosque.

The proposed site is surrounded by homes as the mosque / community center’s website shows – a site that links to the major terror-linked Muslim groups in North America.


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UPDATE: Reader’s have done what reporter’s fail to do – research.

The mosque’s Board of Directors includes one Waheed Akbar:


It appears the same Bayonne Muslims mosque administrator, highlighted in red above and below, was a NJ contact for a Pre 9/11 Muslim Youth Jihad Camp in 2001


screen shot of jihad camp webpage

Cross-referencing multiple, additional databases confirms the same Waheed Akbar that was one of the New Jersey contacts for Jihad Camp uses the same phone number and street address as the Bayonne mosque board member.

Here’s a snippet from saved archives of what the Jihad Camp presented, including notorious jihad-preacher Siraj Wahhaj as a speaker:

“Jihad is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike something which is good for you and that you like something which is bad for you.  Allah knows but you do not know”
Surat-al-Baqarah(2), ayah 216

The word Jihad conjures up the vision of a marching band of religious fanatics with savage beards and fiery eyes brandishing drawn swords and attacking the infidels wherever they meet them and pressing them under the edge of the sword for the recital of Kalima…
Maulana Maududi

Our Jihad Camp will help educate the youth and provide them with the proper understanding of the concept of Jihad. 

To view the flyer for Jihad Camp, click here


Akbar was a top official at the group who conducted the jihad training camp. Their oath to sharia law is abundantly clear in their bylaws:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge


Members of the Islamic compound haven’t answered questions on their adherence to sharia law but the answers are obvious. How will they explain to the citizens of Bayonne the youth Jihad Camp? Will anyone even ask?

7 thoughts on “New Jersey: Pastor’s home vandalized for 4th time after opposing mosque, sharia law (updated)

  1. This pastor is on the right track, providing he can survive the attacks from these MUZZLUM SAVAGES and their lawyers from HELL! He’s found the Achilles heal by making them answer questions about their UN-AMERICAN belief system, namely ‘sharia law’! There is no point in pursuing endless litigations and hearings about “parking issues” and “crowding issues”, etc, etc, etc. We need to confront PISSLAM on the basis of its doctrines of HATRED, PREJUDICE AND VIOLENCE, which are clearly expressed and promoted in the diabolical evil koran!! If there’s one thing for sure about MUZZLUMZ, it’s that they can never face the TRUTH about their beliefs! It’s why they seek to LIE their way out EVERY TIME!!!!! God, protect this pastor and all who support him, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!!!!!

  2. I did not read all the details. Enough already!!!! shared to my PUBLIC Fb with my added comments:

    Too bad “pastor” did not have shotguns in house to just blow those filthy mulim scum vermin away and finish it the FIRST time. HOPE HE LEARNS FROM HIS PREVIOUS MISTAKES AND GET SHOTGUNS SO HE BLOWS THOSE FILTH Away next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I see a lot of reference to Brotherhood in the poster. I sense this is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and/or CAIR to promote Sharia and opposition to US Law. Note there are no women involved in this planned activity.

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