Michigan: CAIR shakes down Dept of Corrections over sharia meals


Source: CAIR-MI settles suit against MDOC over Ramadan meals

A Muslim civil liberties organization has settled its lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Corrections on behalf of inmates allegedly denied adequate nutrition during the annual month-long Ramadan fast.

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) filed the suit in 2013 after four Muslim inmates said they received as little as one-third of the recommended daily calories in Ramadan 2011 and 2012. The inmates were serving sentences at four correctional facilities: Saginaw, Newberry, Parnall in Jackson, and Alger, located in Wetmore.

The plaintiffs said they often received meals containing inedible food or less than what was set forth on the Ramadan menu. The morning meal also frequently was served after sunrise, precluding them from consuming the meal in accordance with the strictures of Ramadan observance.

Since the filing of the lawsuit in 2013, MDOC increased the amount of food it provides Muslim inmates participating in the Ramadan fast to satisfy nutritional and caloric guidelines, CAIR officials said.

The terms of the settlement were not immediately available Wednesday. Representatives with CAIR-MI and MDOC were not immediately available to comment.

“We welcome the successful settlement of our lawsuit with the MDOC and hope that this case will send a message to correctional facilities nationwide to respect prisoners’ rights to free exercise of religion and to be free from cruel and unusual punishment,” CAIR National Litigation Director Lena Masri said in a statement. Masri is the former Legal Director of CAIR-MI.

Previously, U.S. District Judge Linda Parker allowed the suit to continue in September by denying a motion by MDOC that said it’s entitled to qualified immunity in the case.

The judge also dismissed part of the plaintiffs’ case in a ruling that the attorneys failed to establish a viable equal protection claim.

11 thoughts on “Michigan: CAIR shakes down Dept of Corrections over sharia meals

  1. This pisses me off. If they didn’t like the way the food was served during Ramadan, they should not have committed a crime to be there. What next, are we going to have to remove all the crosses that they can see from their prison cells?

  2. I’m sure they would be FAR HAPPIER if they were given camel PISS to drink! After all, mo-ham-dead declared that it has some VERY THERAPEUTIC values! Yeah! Ok, so since when do PRISONERS get to determine how and what they get to eat???? These thugs and dirtbags should be thankful if they have horse-zhit to eat!!!!! CAIR can go to HELL–AND DO NOT PASS “GO” or collect $200.00!!! There’s nothing more disgusting than slimeball dirtbags trying to “stand up for their rights”! WHAT RIGHTS??????

  3. Are they demanding the animals be tortured as done in Halal? do prisons invite Imams in to cut the throats of animals on prison property or are they demanding Halal catering trucks like Hussein in the White House, either way it’s animal torture these jinn demonic rituals.

  4. Don’t let PC, fear or bullying scare any of us to do the right thing and that is stop playing their

    “games of their righteousness”

    when all they are doing is having all of us “SUBMIT” to them and bend over backwards to any and all request just because they believe in a god! Think about it… just because they believe in a god!!!!!!!

    “WELL I BELIEVE IN GOD ALSO but it is “NOT” the responsibility of our government to do as I say because of my Religion or because I want to be Righteous before my GOD!!!!!!!”

    “Submission” is one of muslims goals and sharia law is another!!
    They are sly and lie to promote islam!
    Read the muslim brotherhood “Mission Statement” and you will see how they plan to take America through……(get this) “Kind jihad”!!!!!!!

    Tell our government officials it’s NOT their responsibility to make us “HOLY” before our GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is not their concern or job to help us be “Righteous” before our GOD!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Our Team from the Institute, saw the Guru today (got in on a cancellation) and he told us this:

    “Verity, when legit Minority or Religious groups Demand things, it’s legitimate and WILL CEASE WHEN FULFILLED to parity. But, when certain aggrandizing groups seek advantages etc., these demands WILL NOT CEASE UNTIL their flag flies over the country in question.”

    The Guru then said to the effect that “better not let any other Americans know about this,” but my people reassured him that there would be no danger of anyone else hearing this, or remembering it in any case.

    The Institute.

  6. I guess the upshot of this is..because they cant eat during the day they demand all 3 daily meals be served after dark….sorta like rats coming out to eat…..there should be no catering to prisoners..it is punishment after all….no special requests….there is a choice here which people forget….DONT DO THE CRIME if you cant serve the time. they CHOSE to put themselves in that position.

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