Imam from terror-linked mosque to offer Islamic call to prayer at Trump inaugural interfaith event (video added)

Trump shakes hands with Sudanese Sunni imam of terror-linked mosque

Trump shakes hands with Sudanese Sunni imam of terror-linked mosque

Source: Imam to offer call to prayer at inaugural morning event –

An imam will issue the Muslim call to prayer at an interfaith service on Saturday to mark President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, according to the inaugural committee.

Imam Mohamed Magid of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society Center, also known as the ADAMS Center, in Sterling, Virginia, will be one of 26 people offering prayers and reading from Scripture at the National Prayer Service that follows the swearing-in ceremony. The service occurs at the Washington National Cathedral.
Trump has cast himself as a fierce opponent of “radical Islam,” and some Muslim groups have taken offense in his rhetoric that they say targets all adherents of Islam. In response, Trump has maintained that he has deep ties to the Muslim community.
The 90-minute service, which begins Saturday at 10 a.m. at the cathedral, at 3101 Wisconsin Ave. NW, will feature prayer, readings and musical performances and is only open to ticket holders.

More on the imam: MOHAMED MAGID

Born in northern Sudan in 1965, Mohamed Magid studied Islam under African Sunni scholars, one of whom was his own father, the Grand Mufti of Sudan. In 1987 Magid immigrated to the United States, where he took college courses in psychology and family counseling, and he taught classes on the Koran at Howard University in Washington, DC.  In 1997 Magid became imam of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), a mosque located in Sterling, Virginia. Soon thereafter, he became affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), first as its East Zone representative, then as vice president, and finally as president…

Ten days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Magid, angered by what he perceived to be a growing anti-Muslim sentiment among the American people, belligerently told journalists: “We cannot be apologetic about being Muslims in this country … We have a “right to be Muslim.”

In March 2002, federal agents raided the offices of many northern-Virginia-based Muslim organizations, including ADAMS, on suspicion that they were providing material support to terrorists. This initiative, known as “Operation Green Quest,” was the largest investigation of terror-financing ever conducted anywhere in the world.

  • President of the Islamic Society of North America
  • Accused the Bush administration of waging a “war against Islam and Muslims”
  • Says that media references to jihad as “holy war” constitute a “misuse” of that term
  • Was named to President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2011
  • Persuaded DHS to erase from its “Countering Violent Extremism” curriculum any suggestion that Muslim terrorism draws its inspiration from the laws and doctrines of Islam

More on the unindicted co-conspirator ISNA, where Magid was/is President:

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) was established in July 1981 by U.S-based members of the Muslim Brotherhood who also had a background as leaders of the Muslim Students Association (MSA).

In the summer of 2007, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), which was based within ISNA’s headquarters in Plainfield, Indiana

In July 2008, ISNA’s lawyers conceded that their organization, through its affiliate NAIT, had given financial support to Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook.

On July 1, 2009, Judge Solis upheld ISNA’s designation as an unindicted co-conspirator, ruling that the government had “produced ample evidence” linking the group to Hamas and thereby justifying the designation.

More on ADAMS, where Magid is the imam via Mosque Tied to Muslim Brotherhood:

Federal agents raided the ADAMS Center during a 2002 terrorism investigation into organizations tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, according to court documents published by the Clarion Project.

“A government affidavit said the group is ‘suspected of providing support to terrorists, money laundering, and tax evasion through the use of a variety of for-profit companies and ostensible charitable entities under their control, most of which are located at [the ADAM Center’s offices at] 555 Grove Street, Herndon, V.A.,” according to the report.

Additionally, several accused terrorists have allegedly spent time at the ADAMS Center, including Farooque Ahmed, who was arrested for planning to bomb the Washington-area subway.

Patrick Poole, a terrorism analyst and national security reporter who has written about the ADAMS Center, called the DHS secretary’s scheduled appearance concerning.

“The ADAMS Center has been a documented hub of extremism that even in the most generous interpretation has a poor record of dealing with terrorists in their midst,” Poole said. “It was no coincidence that the Attorney General of the United States was canceling outreach meetings due solely to the presence of Mohamed Magid.”

The fatwa mentioned in the invitation to the event was signed by at least one individual “who is currently in prison in Egypt convicted of terrorism charges,” Poole noted.

Hopefully this is the Muslim Brotherhood’s last gasp before the swamp is drained in DC.

Update:  We reiterate the last sentence above… h/t Martin for the video

14 thoughts on “Imam from terror-linked mosque to offer Islamic call to prayer at Trump inaugural interfaith event (video added)

  1. I don’t believe a word of this! I watched the Inauguration on a trusted, honest site and did not see an iman offering an islamic call to prayer AND I never heard Trump say he “has deep ties to the muslim community.” SO, PROVE IT!

    • Read carefully:

      “at an interfaith service on Saturday”

      But CNN’s link to a 2015 CNN article does not mention anything about Trump saying he has “deep ties” in or to the Muslim community. These are the only Trump quotes in the article:

      “I love the Muslims. I think they’re great people,” Trump told CNN in September.

      Then CNN had to quote a Fox News interview:

      “I have Muslim friends, Greta, and they’re wonderful people. But there’s a tremendous section and cross-section of Muslims living in our country who have tremendous animosity,” he told Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren.

  2. My understanding is that Trump and his transition team had nothing to do with this imam and his call to prayer. I heard it somewhere on the radio- that is was interfaith set up by the cathedral (which unfortunately doesn’t realize that islam considers that a conquest).

    • The source of this information is – i’m surprised that this site used it. I watched the inauguration and ever saw an iman and I never heard Trump say that he “has deep ties to the muslim community.”

  3. These “interfaith” gatherings are, in fact, being used by Muslims to their advantage. See Stephen Coughlin’s “Bridge-Building To Nowhere.”

    • Although I personally have NO TOLERANCE WHATSOEVER for the CULT of pisslam, I concede that President Trump never said that he would banish islam from our borders–he said he would get rid of the terrorists and criminals! As much as I hate to say it, our President has to walk a fine line with these purveyors of DOUBLE-SPEAK AND LIES! To insult them on his first day as President would surely have set a precedent for islamic anarchy and violence! I think we can all agree that CNN would be the first to misrepresent and slander our President, if they even suspected that he had shown the tiniest slight toward THE MUZZRATS!!! I suspect we will see more of this kind of COMPROMISE! I don’t agree with it, but short of an ALL-OUT WAR on muzzlumz, I’m afraid this may be the only answer to keeping the peace–at least, for the time being! I personally would suggest that we place some EX-MUSLIMS in some key positions in our gov’t–advisers to the President, who will help to legislate Constitutional regulations BANNING the public display and open expression of all tyrannical muslim readings or prayers! What’s more, we need to DEMAND at the very least, that if such expressions cannot be totally banned, then they MUST BE TRANSLATED into clearly understandable English so there can be no doubt about what is being said!!!!!

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