This woman spoke up at the recent Peel school board meeting where the district bowed to Islamic supremacist demands, posted on here.

Source: A New Dark Age Is Dawning: Ex-Saudi Muslim Warns Canadians about Islam

Ex-Muslim Warns Canadian Parents with Children about Islam (Video)

3 thoughts on “Ex-Muslim Warns Canadian Parents with Children about Islam (Video)

  1. Canada – A.K.A The Club Med For Terrorist. I’m of white European decent and have a black wife with mix children because the level of stupidity and self hatred of hundreds of millions of absolute dumb white trash to be subjugated, rapped, beaten, beheaded and butchers like goats is high. White society is effeminate and lead by the weak and the men and women are not only cowardly but physically weak. This dumb modernity of a peace making out look against a 7th century contitutional waring death cult is so ignorant which means to ignore what is, is merely a population who is educated, passified and expecting they’re spineless government to protect them is idiotic. You are all either going to be butchered or converted. Pick one. Your all morrons in America, Europe and Canada. All of you. Your children will all be muslim in the future. I can’t stand any of you, I’m disgusted with all of you. Grow a brain and then a back bone you little punks.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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