Diocese of San Jose partners with terror-linked CAIR

Source: Muslim-Catholic Community Event Produces Partnership Between Two Faiths – Diocese of San Jose – Diocese of San Jose

By Diocese of San Jose on January 18, 2017

(SAN JOSE, CA, 01/17/17) Over 750 Muslims and Catholics from the surrounding area gathered at the SABA Islamic Center on Monday, January 16, for a community event of hope and solidarity. Following the event, leaders from the two religious communities have agreed to form a local Muslim-Catholic Council.

“Let us commit to move forward together so that today’s prayer is not simply a symbolic gesture of good will, but rather, a promise to engage in an on-going dialogue of mutual understanding leading to friendship and common work,” said Bishop Patrick J. McGrath, of the Diocese of San Jose during the event.

Bishop McGrath will appoint several Catholic members and the same will be appointed from members of the Muslim community. The Council will meet quarterly to plan and evaluate collaborative efforts. The multi-lateral aspects of their efforts will include:

Clergy-to-clergy. This would entail regular meetings between Catholic clergy and professional ministerial staff and Muslim clergy and professional staff. These conversations could be about topics that clergy deal with every day, things of professional interest, or possible projects that clergy might want to do together. Some sessions could talk about respective theology and culture, others about hotter items like Palestine. The Council would determine the curriculum of such conversations.

Religious Education; educator-to-educator. These conversations would be between Catholic educators and Muslim educators.  Among them, school principals, administrators, religious educators, who would gather to talk about topics that would help respective Muslim and Catholic students understand and appreciate the nuances of religious traditions. It would also help plan and coordinate guest speakers to come to speak to students in classrooms.

Congregation-to-congregation. These conversations would bring Catholics and Muslims together for fellowship and popular education about respective traditions and it would help demystify and demythologize negative impressions. The Council would help create a curriculum and process for these conversations.

“Peace drives our work within our communities and our work in the world,” said the Bishop.

“We must sieze this opportunity to work together to make this country a better place for all people. Muslims and Catholics share many beliefs and values which in turn offer a platform to launch our efforts from,” said Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi of the SABA Islamic Center. “We look forward to working closely together to serve our creator through serving his creation.”

Contact information:

*         Liz Sullivan, Director of Communications, Diocese of San Jose, 408-983-0228, easullivan@dsj.org.
*         Zahra Billoo, Esq., Executive Director, Council on American-Islamic Relations San Francisco Bay Area Office, 626-252-0855, zbilloo@cair.com

This will be a one-way street with Muslim supremacists dictating every step of the way – starting with the first meeting in the mosque. It will be pure dawah and submission of Catholics to Islam or using Catholics to submit others to Islam…lying all the way. Catholics in San Jose will have fun serving Allah.

Two Three additional items of note:

1 – The SABA Islamic Center’s imam has been arrested and jailed numerous times – the last time – Saba Islamic Center Imam Nabbed with Hezbollah Cell in Mexico

2 –  The SABA Islamic Center hosts s imam’s that preach death to gays, via:  Five Horrific Methods for Executing Gay Men Outlined at Pro-Hezbollah SABA Islamic Center of San Jose, California (full speech video here)

…mullah, Hamza Sodagar, lectured repeatedly at SABA between June 2010 and August 2013, even after in 2010 when he outlined there five horrific methods for executing gay men:

“If there’s homosexual men, the punishment is one of five things. One, the easiest one maybe: chop their head off. That’s the easiest. Second, burn them to death. Third, throw them off a cliff. Fourth, tear down a wall on them so they die under that. Fifth, a combination of the above.”


That expose on SABA Islamic Center concludes:

…The hard truth is that needy SABA and its leader, Nabi Raza Abidi, want to clean their tarnished names with the Catholic Church’s and Bishop McGrath’s good names.

3 – The Muslim contact is from the notorious, anti-American, terror-linked, FBI-banned CAIR


11 thoughts on “Diocese of San Jose partners with terror-linked CAIR

  1. Sharia be damned for what it is. It is Evil. Islam does not bend. CAIR is a terrorist linked organization. Their aim is to conquer. This is all a ploy by CAIR and the Diocese is making a very big mistake.

  2. What does salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ have in common with an evil, blasphemous religion that denies both the deity and crucifixion of Jesus Christ? Nothing at all:

    And what harmony has Christ with Belial? or what part has he that believes with an infidel?
    (2 Corinthians 6:15)

  3. So when will the Muslim savages be visiting a local chuch for services or meetings? The only time a Muslim visits a church or synagogue is to bomb or burn it down. Some christians like this bishop are their own worst enemy. He doesn’t realize he and his church are being used to push the evils of Islam into the community he is supposed to serve.

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  5. Islam can not and will not peacefully coexist with any other religion. I can’t believe how stupid the Catholic Church is. Islam will not and can not coexist with any other religion. Like the Iman said we are not here to assimilate, but to Dominate.

  6. To criticize a positive cooperation amoung two groups who have decided to join together two different fairytales is not my place. This is a marriage made in hell and heaven even if those places actually exist. Its a marriage between love and murder. Anyway, whatever. People are stupid. What can I do or say? Nothing.

  7. Another special horrible note that you all should know about. The Roman Catholics which is nothing more then an ancient corporation is the only religion which has been selling all of they’re churchs to Saudi funded muslims for dur-cheap in order to raise funds to pay off for all the child molestation pedophilia priest law suits. Mind you one group molest Christian children the other group Beheads Christian children. They are both evil groups if you really look at. The great prostitute and The great murders in bed together. Wow, what a religious experience. I think I’m going to join in on this love fest.

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