Imam Curses Christians and Jews at Trump Interfaith Event

Trump looked uncomfortable during the Islamic call to prayer for good reason.

Trump shakes hands with Sudanese Sunni imam of terror-linked mosque

Trump shakes hands with Sudanese Sunni imam of terror-linked mosque

Source: Allah, Keep us From the Path Taken by Christians and Jews! | Gates of Vienna

During every Friday prayer service in every mosque, Sura 1 of the Koran is recited. The meaning of what is said — that Jews incurred the wrath of Allah, and that Christians went astray — is supported by all authoritative tafsirs on the Koran. And every Muslim who pays any attention to his religion understands what it means.

Last Saturday, at a National Prayer Service in Washington D.C. attended by President Donald Trump , an imam named Mohamed Magid recited Sura 1, calling on his god to show special disfavor to Jews and Christians. As it happens, Mr. Magid is a known Muslim Brotherhood operative.

The man who recited Sura 1 was not Mohamed Magid, who spoke just before him.

Many thanks to Andy Bostom for identifying the speaker:

Mr. Sajid Tarar of the Raza-e Mustafa Islamic Center in Pikesville, MD, recited the Fatiha including its 7th verse (Koran 1:7) at this “ecumenical” service.

Many thanks to Sandra Solomon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:29 I seek refuge in allah from Satan.
0:37 Thanks be to allah the merciful one. Guide us on the right path
0:40 for those whom you blessed (muslims), not the path of the ones
0:43 you are angry at (Jews) and the ones who went astray (Christians).

More via:  Mystery: Obama’s favorite imam gets to pray with Trump

Jerry Johnson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters and a member of the new Faith Leaders for America group, said he was not surprised that someone with Magid’s background was included in the National Prayer Service at the National Cathedral.

“It did not surprise me, because the wrong kind of Muslims and Muslim leaders have been gaining inroads into Christian circles, government circles, education and media circles for years,” Johnson told WND Monday. “And by the wrong kind I mean they’re sympathetic with Shariah, sympathetic with jihad and they’re not benign, not leaders who affirm the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights. So I’m not surprised that someone got into the prayer service who was a sort a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

In his inaugural address, Trump pledged to “eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the Earth.”

But one day later at the National Prayer Service “a prayer was offered by one of its most dangerous practitioners: Imam Mohamed Magid, a top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,” the Faith Leaders for America stated.

Johnson said it was established during the HLF trial that ISNA was a Brotherhood front group and was an unindicted co-conspirator involved in raising money for Hamas — a designated terrorist organization. “He was president of that group [ISNA] for two years, twice elected president, so that’s key.”

Dr. Mark Christian, a former imam who group up in a Muslim Brotherhood family in Cairo, Egypt, before converting to Christianity as a young adult, said Magid is a hardcore Brotherhood operative.

“You could see Trump was not happy, and Pence as well,” said Christian, who changed his name from Muhammad Abdullah and defected to America, where he founded the Global Faith Institute.

Christian, an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood and its strategies, said the group will not fade into the shadows quietly. They will continue to reach out and try to gain a foothold in the new White House.

“There are things I’m worried about, the infrastructure built by Obama and even the presidents before him, Bush and Clinton, had built the Muslim Brotherhood into the power structure of Washington for years,” Dr. Christian said.

“And I am very optimistic of the clear understanding of the key players in the new administration in recognizing this problem, and they are fully aware there have been players entrenched for years into the government power structure,” he added

But a part of him is still worried.

“I’m 75 percent optimistic and 25 percent I’m worried,” he said.

17 thoughts on “Imam Curses Christians and Jews at Trump Interfaith Event

  1. Passivity, complacency sews in a lining of blind societal self distructive poison veiled in liberalism and tolerance. This is a sweet tasting venom laced into both American and European thinking. Such thinking is not combative or confrontational is ripe for an invasions and acts of terror by the ignorant, weak and cowardly. Islam is a concealed constitutional fatalism with a membership of ignorant, arrogant cowardly murders. All read and believe wholly and full heartly in the murder, rape and slavery that they worship and peddle. This is not compatible not so much with religion s but is not compatible with civilization it self. It is beastial demonic savagery.

    • Wow. One deep thought there with a hint of poetry.
      I liked it. Would of shared but no button. Lol
      Have a blessed day.

  2. You can call them Christians if you want to. I call the apostates. This whole thing is just a bunch of Jews trying to rally Christians to fight their wars. The Jews’ wars are not true Bible believing Christians’ wars. They should fight them with their own people.

    • If the Christians mentioned and used by the Jews are apostates and the Jews are such great manipulators then it would be simple and easy to say that “All” muslims/islam are genocidal murdering butchers and pedophiles. Would you like to see the photo’s and the streaming video? I voted for Trump but the thousand year war of blood and carnage that is deserving and wished for on the murderous lying muslim scum will never happen. All of the limp wristed ignorant sell out and self hating blind leftist’s children will be muslim with in less then two generations from now. People are sheep to be sent out for slaughter. Did you know that the muslims are still holding blacks as slaves did you also know that muslims are the primary kidnappers and seller/traders in the sex trade along with drugs and counterfeit goods. Yeah these are holy religious people. Acid in the face. Nice.

      • I don’t need to see anything. I’ve read enough to know Jews are in under no real threat by Muslims, and it’s the Jews that open the gates for Muslims to come in all of the Christian nations and wreck havoc on us.

        I won’t ever listed to the lies from the mouths of Jews for the rest of my days.

      • What do you mean that it won’t happen…it already has been.

        For 1400+ years, Islam has been at war with all of the rest of the world.

  3. We are engaged in a war of ideologies. Sadly it is a war that cannot be won with only ideas and compromise is not an option. If free peoples are to win this war the first battle must be to expel the invaders. The next must be to utterely destroy the enemies in their bases of assembly and planning. If this be World War III, let the real battles begin.

    • We’ve been engaged for 1400+ years. And there was once pushing back that came of it- but lies got told then about it and they blame now with that pushing back. Read up on the history of Islam…what it’s done all of it’s 1400+ years it’s been on this Earth.

      The only reason there was a lull, was that they ran out of resources. They’re empowered again and seek a new Ottoman Empire through the Oil they have now.

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  7. Sharia is not for the United-States, and lots of Muslim countries do not want sharia either.

    Islam is a swindle and it is a counterfeit religion.

    I will never be a Muslim for as long as I live, and as for an imam vilifying the Christians and the Jews, he has ignorantly vilified Christ Jesus, the Savior. Muslims are unsaved. They are backward and dysfunctional.

  8. Keep them out of interfaith prayers!!there not a religion there an ideology and cult!!!!!they have no peace for Jew’s or Christians only Evil and Hate towards us which builds Contention and Contention is of Satan not God!!!!!!

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