How To Make Islamic Propaganda and Influence Media


The media submitted to Islam long ago and really needs no help, but Muslims won’t stop until it is fully sharia compliant. And you are silenced.

Alternative title: Imposing Islam on the Media in 14 Easy Steps

via How To Make Islamist Propaganda And Influence Media – Sound Vision Director’s Tips On How To Wage Stealth Jihad

Media can play a positive role. After 9/11, the approval rating of Muslims went as high as 59%, as media made a serious effort to portray Islam and Muslims in a more positive light.

This can happen again, but it will require work. It will require us to try and influence media by developing relationships with human beings working in media.

But don’t delegate this to some organization. Organizations will do their work, but media is too massive and too omnipresent to be a task delegated to a couple of staffers or even volunteers.

Each Muslim needs to take personal charge of this work, and each masjid needs to focus on at least one media outlet.

What You can Personally do for Positive Media Relations

  1. Can you or your family adopt one media outlet? Consider, for example, Channel 7.
  2. Whenever you’re watching Channel 7 (and try to watch it regularly, so you get a feel for their work), keep an eye on their representations of Muslims, civil rights issues, race issues, climate issues, etc.
  3. Whether the content is good or bad, make a note of it with date & time, as well as reporter’s or producer’s name.
  4. Send them appreciative messages about what you like, and send them feedback about what you dislike.
  5. Twitter is the best way to connect with them, although good old letters to the editor are still very influential.
  6. Try to understand their personal likes and dislikes through their Facebook newsfeed.
  7. Personalize your communication to specific individuals instead of addressing the company in general.
  8. Pitch an idea: Don’t just be reactive, suggest ideas! LinkedIn is very useful since you can search media professionals and develop a feel about the stories they might be working on already. That can help you pitch an idea to them.
  9. Please keep a detailed record of your communications. It will help be very helpful information.

Help Your Masjid and Organization to Enhance Media Relations

  1. Get your Masjid or your organization to write formally to media. Organizational feedback is taken seriously by media.
  2. You can organize a meeting between key members of your Islamic center and the editorial board of that media organization.
  3. One of the menu item on your website should be “Press” or “Media.” It should list your spokesperson or media contact to facilitate media contacting you for your perspective.
  4. Organize a media workshop at your Masjid.

Remember that the media is made up of humans, and relationships matter a great deal. You can influence them. Reporters appreciate it when you get to know who they are and what they care about.

I am aware of several success stories when individual Muslims have been able to win over the hearts and minds of human beings in media.

However, sabr–or patience–is the key. Change will not happen overnight. Relationships take time.

The consequences of bad media coverage for Muslims are immense. Don’t expect some organization to handle media relations for you. You and I, as responsible citizens, must personally engage in this work as well.

Anyone who opposes sharia and jihad can use these same steps to counter the Islamization of the media that to date has been extremely successful.

This guide to wage stealth jihad on the media was published on Sound Vision by the same Islamic supremacists that informed Muslims how to Impose Islam in Your Public School in Six Easy Steps.

A quick search of the Creeping Sharia archives – which you can use at any time using the search box – reveals that the Sound Vision author has preached jihad to Muslim settlers in America: “Qital [killing] is an essential element of Islam.”


One thought on “How To Make Islamic Propaganda and Influence Media

  1. Rebel Media has a petition to stop “Islamophobia” legislation in Canada. Faith Goldy is the writer of the petition. Canadian government wants to stop any speech deemed Islamophobia, without defining the word “Islamophobia”. I’d post the link but don’t know how to on my tablet. PLEASE sign this petition!

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