Canada: Muslim Lawmaker Pushes Sharia Blasphemy Law to Criminalize “Islamophobia”

Brotherhood-founded MSA alumni and stealth jihadist Mississauga-Erin Mills Liberal MP Iqra Khalid

Brotherhood-founded MSA alumni and stealth jihadist Mississauga-Erin Mills Liberal MP Iqra Khalid

Source: Canada Inching Toward ‘Islamophobia’ Law Via @dailycaller

Canada is inching toward a broadly-based law that would codify “Islamophobia” as a hate crime without even defining Islamophobia or demonstrating that it is a phenomenon requiring legal action.

After first passing a motion that condemns Islamophobia, last month, Iqra Khalid, a Member of Parliament (MP) from the governing Liberals, tabled Motion M-103 in the House of Commons. The motion demands that Islamophobia be treated as a crime without even bothering to define the offense.

Thomas Mulcair, the leader of the leftist New Democrat Party, read the first motion in the House of Commons:

“Mr. Speaker, in a moment I will be seeking unanimous consent for an important motion based on the e-petition sponsored by the Hon. Member for Pierrefonds–Dollard that asks that we, the House of Commons, condemn all forms of Islamophobia,” Mulcair said.

Though he did not receive the unanimous consent that he craved because some official opposition Conservative MPs shouted, “Nay,” Mulcair’s motion passed. No mainstream media outlet reported this parliamentary activity; some social media blogs and private news websites discussed the motion.

Then last month, Liberal MP Khalid introduced another more comprehensive motion that “the government should recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear… condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination and take note of House of Commons’ petition e-411 and the issues raised by it…and request that the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage undertake a study.”

Khalid recommends that Islamophobia — whatever that is — be treated as a hate crime by the federal government and that it “collect data to contextualize hate crime reports and to conduct needs assessments for impacted communities.”

This motion was tabled for debate. Khalid’s communications assistant, Anas Marwah, told The Daily Caller that they expect the motion to come up for discussion in a couple of weeks. “The motion has technically not been introduced, but just tabled; it may be up for first reading in early February,” he said.

The motion has received virtually no mention in the mainstream media. The Rebel Media, a conservative news service based in Toronto, Ontario, has flagged the motion and its potential implications.

If the motion is sent to the Heritage Committee, it is virtually guaranteed the full attention of the group’s chairwoman. Liberal MP Hedy Fry is firmly entrenched on the left-wing of the party and is notorious for comments she made following the 9-11 terrorist attacks that seemed to blame the U.S. for the atrocity.

More:  Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid is an Islamist Hypocrite

Irqa Khalid was President of the Muslim Student Association when she was a student at York University (early 2000s).

Ms Khalid is the daughter of Dr. Hafiz Khalid, a long-time associate of the ISNA and formerly a vocal supporter of Jamaat-e-Islami.


MP Iqra Khalid, like MP Omar Alghabra, is typical of the Islamist extremists that are using political Entryism to infiltrate our political systemShe leads and supports front groups which espouse Islamist extremism, such as the Muslim Student Association, yet at the same time claims to be a victim of the (largely) fake concept of Islamophobia.

Canada and its Parliament would be best served is Member of Parliament Iqra Khadid would either directly denounce the Muslim Brotherhood, the ISNA and the Muslim Student Association or admit that she is a supporter of extremist Islamists – including those that advocate wife beating here in Canada.

Better yet,  vote her out of office ASAP.

PS: Unsurprisingly, she was president of the Muslim Student Association…been in school for most of her life and still lives at home!


How the Term “Islamophobia” Got Shoved Down Your Throat

“Definition of ‘Islamophobia’ is circular, a violation of logic”

44 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim Lawmaker Pushes Sharia Blasphemy Law to Criminalize “Islamophobia”

  1. Thanks, Creeping Sharia, for bringing these things to the attention of the world. The corruption of language here is an evil power which bad journalists use. Islamaphobia = fear of islam Doesn’t even make sense yet a nonsensical word can be used to sentence ordinary citizens for a ‘crime’, whose definition has no meaning. The inmates are running the asylum.

  2. I would like to talk you out of your committing suicide, Canada. But it seems you have already pulled the trigger. Only you can move your head and allow the bullet to strike the villain, Islam and the Leftist Party.

  3. You will have to kill me.. Alla does not exist,,, you are fools,, give up your barbarian ways… Live by your own consciousness and quiet following the words of a pedophile..

  4. This extreme stupidity as it plays to the anxieties she fears. Make the motion include all faith, races, ethnicities and you have a Canadian bill to make a Canadian law that 99% of Canadians will be happy with.

    • Your right Jennifer if there is to be a law make it for all faith, races, ethnicities. This will stop the Inman’s from preaching in the mosques kill jews, Christians and all infidels.

      • I wonder if she “worships” at the Mississauga Mosque. I knew a few there who threatened honour killing with their daughters should they be raped. They also believed the USA got what it deserved in 9/11. It’s just so lovely to have such Islamic worshippers among us, but don’t dare be afraid of them–It’s a crime. What has this world become when we are no longer able to speak truthfully of what we know.

      • In France Police retrieved guns from at least 1 Mosque after the 1st bombing. You would find the same here and USA except they would be given notice to clear out. Canada or USA civilians or Police are not prepared for what’s behind closed doors in those Mosques, homes, Muslim brotherhood association etc. If I didn’t know that they advocate for honour killing, despise America for what they did to their homeland, etc there would be no reason to be concerned for children or grandchildren. Sharia Law has been discretely practiced for years in Canada as many of us know. It’s not hate that we don’t want it here. To me it’s common sense. It’s quite obvious many of them won’t be satisfied Sharia is the only law and as much as I hate to say it we are going to lose.

  5. This is wrong. Many know this. Gut instinct tells us that only bad can come from this. I am offended and and feel that if this passes this law will be discriminating and racist against me as a Canadian. ….for I am a woman . ..I am a native American. ..I am a lesbian. …I am a feminist…I am a free thinker…I have the right to believe in a god of my choice or not to believe at all…I am a Canadian . I am not a Muslim. ..all that I am Islam hates

    • I don’t give a shit what or so you are, but your comment make my views on this exactly. Bring a straight, white, atheist, male Canadian, I am equally fearful of this for just as many different reasons. In other words, if 2 completely different people, with of different sex and lifestyles, fear the exact same thing for different reasons (and surely there are many others), then there is obviously something wrong and such things should not be passed as law. This islamophobia crap is outrageous, how do we stop it’s momentum before its too late and we end up becoming the lesser Canadian citizens than guess immigrants? Excellent perspective, thanks for sharing.

  6. This bill M-103 needs to be televised by the major newscast organizations. Canadians deserve to be educated what this bill entails, I get the impression this is more a GAG Order to any Canadian’s challenging the Muslim faith and their Sharia law. Citizens are concerned about these refugees not merging into our society. It seems that our Prime Minister has an agenda to bring in as many Syrian Muslim Refugees as possible. The bigger issue is the lose of our Freedom of Speech , which is part of our Charter of Rights. This has the makings of what happened in Germany in 1933 with the Brown Shirts. If Canadians allow this bill to pass, then all the young men who went to war to preserve our Freedom and gave their lives, Will be for Nothing!


  7. This religion is false! It should not been allowed! This Sharia law should not be allowed! We the Canadian peoples should be protected first; Freedom of speech is more important than diversity; because this can’t be forced on people. Just look at the fruits! God bless Canada!

  8. I fail to see the connection between protecting Canadian citizens from violence based on their religion, to the propagation of Sharia Law in Canada. The header of this article is misleading.

    • Drawing the conclusion that treating crimes again Muslims as hate crimes is equal to the promotion of Sharia Law is as flawed as drawing the conclusion that protecting Christians from hate crimes promotes Crusadesque ethnic cleansing.

  9. There are two faces of Islam.Mohammed’s character in Mecca and Mohammed’s character in Medina. In Mecca he was told to be patient, not to impose Islam by force but to speak pleasantly to’ people of the book’ ( Christians and Jews ). In Medina he was told to kill his opponents, to kill whoever rejects Islam and to fight the ‘ people of the book’ . This is their mission statement .

  10. I do not support and I’m against singling out one religion, Islam, to be protected above & beyond other religions.
    This kind of thinking & pushing forward are steps to installing Sharia Law in the future which is a horrific and enforced upon way of thinking & living especially oppressive towards women.
    People must do their homework & study in depth on how if this introduction of Islamophobia crime is not stopped now; as a nation will be in regret. All religions should be respected and no one religion such as Islam should be exalted and protected above others!

    I know hundreds of Canadians for many years who have &mans are continuing to welcome people from all coutries who help them learn the culture, English; sledding parties for families, food & entertainment gatherings, gathering household needs and so much more.
    Singling out one religion to protect regarding this area is against Canadian’s rights to retain Freedom of Speach.
    Right now, as a country, we have the right to believe, to speak, to disagree with others if beliefs or values differ from others and remain respectful as others should do the same if moved to another country and not try to implement the first steps towards elevating one relligion above all others; this is the first step in slowly infiltrating Islam into our nation. This is not the core of who we are in Canada. Please reflect on what this could mean for your children & grandchildren in the area of living their lives with freedom of speech and liberty

  11. The Canadian government has gone to hell,not respecting his own people,allowing this law will destroy our freedom of speech freedom of the freedom to be unique as we are all individuals and that is a thing thats respected,that we are multicultural sharing our country with all but not people that have the right to cut off our heads because its not considered a crime,dont you think somethings very wrong with this picture please people Wake up this can never happen to us were land of the free and brave we are not meant to be one race we cant let this happen just say no Love and light to all.

  12. Please rethink what you are doing. Is this slowly introducing Sharia law? This is Canada not an Arab country and I as a woman do not want to live under those laws. My Dad fought for our freedom not for sharia law!

  13. Fuck what the hell is going on GOD is coming dont worry and this time he wont be so nyce to those who have not been lol he will slay this satanic demon for earth shall have 1000 years of peace

  14. I would suggest that all members of parliament be sent to a country where Sharia law is practiced and they be put in the position of having to defend a false accusation against them that they had blasphemed. Don’t forget what happened to Benazir Bhuto…under the guise of politics!

  15. This is absolutely insane. Liberals are urgently trying to push laws like this in the US as well when religion is already protected by the Constitution. Political correctness and sensitive feelings are killing free speech. the last thing we need in Canada or the US is a government that provides secial protections to Muslims and no one else. Just say NO, Canada!

  16. They need to be prosecuted for hate speech and death threats to Christians and Americans! Christianaphobia! Lets build wall with Canada as well President Trump! Kick out paedophiles!!

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  18. Immigrants are welcome but they should be told , prior to entry , that they must live by the libertarian equal rights laws we have in this country.
    Should they wish to remain Muslim, it will be respected but the social Islamic behaviour and lack of liberty from their country of origin will NOT be permitted in this country.

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  20. 🙏this doesn’t become part of our laws; protecting one religions evil beliefs: good God we need you now more than ever! Do not forsake Jews or Christians…the battle will prevail so be it/good will triumph evil always. I know Jesus exists & will protect…I for one will never deny Him. Israel will rise again.

  21. 🙏this motion does not get passed; since when is one religions’ beliefs ‘protected’ over another…way to infiltrate Sharia Law into non Islamic states. If this gets credit, well all hell will break loose, but good will always prevail over evil…

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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