Utah: Victims of Muslim Refugee Say Rapist Should Go To Prison


U.S. media ignores rapes and other atrocities by Muslim refugees in the U.S. We told you about this refugee crime in Utah in 2015:  Utah: Muslim teen refugee raped two women, no sentence & no deportation yet.

On Aug. 14, 2011, the teen allegedly came up behind a woman who was outside her house with a dog and held a four-inch switchblade to her throat. He threatened to cut her if she screamed, the charges state, then raped her behind the home.

The following night, the boy broke into another woman’s home. He looked through drawers in the house before raping the woman, according to charging documents. The teen then forced the woman to go to an ATM and withdraw $400 for him, the charges state.

Source: Utah victim says young rapist should go to prison | The Salt Lake Tribune

A tearful rape victim, her voice choking, told a judge on Thursday that her attacker, a teenage Somali refugee, should go to prison as an adult and not be released after nearly four years in the juvenile detention.

But others also choked up when they told of the progress in understanding and behavior Mohammed Ali Mohammed has made since his arrest in 2011 for two rapes on consecutive nights in Salt Lake City.

In 2012, Mohammed, then 15, pleaded guilty in juvenile court to three felony level charges and was ordered to a secure detention facility. He also pleaded guilty first-degree felony rape and second-degree felony forcible sexual abuse and kidnapping as an adult, for which he is now facing sentencing.

One of the two victims of Mohammed’s August 2011 attacks at the Thursday sentencing hearing addressed 3rd District Judge Vernice Trease, who is weighing whether Mohammed should be released to supervised parole and continued treatment or sent to the Utah State Prison.

The victim said she has made some progress in dealing with her fears but still suffers nightmares and other trauma. She also regrets her inability to have a romantic relationship as a result of the crime.

“I want to be able to let love into my life and be loved by a man,” she said, imploring the judge to sentence Mohammed to a lengthy prison term. The Tribune’s policy is not to identify victims of sexual assault.

Heidi Nestel, an attorney with the Utah Crime Victims Legal Clinic, said the second victim was unable to speak at the hearing because of lingering emotional issues.

In Mohammed’s case, he was born in a Somali refugee camp where he saw his brother killed by a robber, witnessed a rape and was himself the victim of sexual abuse, according to testimony at earlier proceedings.

Brent Pace, clinical director of the Utah Health and Human Rights, said victims of such violence often “act on the horrors of childhood by acting out the violence” they suffered because they lack a moral compass and empathy for their victims.

…on the other side of the courtroom with one of the victims were friends and family who also spoke, including a sister.

My sister has been given a life sentence,” she said in asking for a prison for Mohammed.

Her mother declared that Mohammed was “not some misunderstood child.”

Mohammed Ali Mohammed was never vetted and never should have been in the U.S. and should be deported after time served. 

10 thoughts on “Utah: Victims of Muslim Refugee Say Rapist Should Go To Prison

  1. This savage should be sent back to the cesspool he came from. Trump is correct to slam the door to these savages. This isn’t the last time we read about these animals raping or worse killing innocents. They don’t belong in a civilized world. Deport their sorry asses.

  2. This animal absolutely, unequivocally must be deported after time served! He will NEVER assimilate into a civilized, Western country.

  3. He doesn’t deserve prison he deserves death. Read the Bible. Good people have the God-given right to put such human garbage to death.

  4. These people come over here and think they can do the same thing they have been doing in the Sh-t hole country they came from. I just heard on Fox News that Obama had put a hold on refugee’s from these same countries for six months when he was in office. You wonder just why is all the screaming about what Trump just did. Trump intends to change who the refugees are to all Christian refugees like the Yazidi that are being slaughtered all over the Middle East with their churches burned to the ground sold as sex slaves instead of any Muslims as far as what I found out. These people are totally harmless. He is also going after the Muslim Brotherhood to have them declared a terrorist organization. Hell, that’s what they are they like it here because nobody bothers them as they run their terrorist organizations over the planet. Good for Trump we finally have someone in the White House that intends to fight back.

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