British Cancel Changing the Guard Weekend Ceremonies …Fearing Muslim Terror Attack


The real Islamophobes. Source: TERROR FEARS: Changing the Guard weekend ceremonies AXED amid Berlin-style attack fears | UK | News |

WINDSOR Castle has cancelled Changing the Guard ceremonies amid fears of a terror attack after devastating incidents in Berlin and Nice last year.

The longstanding tradition will no longer take place on Saturdays due to concerns over the possibility that jihadists could target the thousands of tourists who gather to enjoy the show.

Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace has also changed to fixed days in order to prevent an attack – with armed police accompanying the guards.

Two major truck attacks have shaken Europe over the past year.

In December, 12 people were murdered and 50 injured after a [Muslim] terrorist ploughed a truck through a busy Christmas market in Berlin at high speed.

And in July, 86 people were brutally killed and hundreds more hurt after a cowardly [Muslim] jihadi drove a lorry into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.

Thames Valley Police ordered top military officials to alter the ceremonial timetable avoid the busiest times in the week in the wake of the Berlin [Muslim] attack.

Troops will now only perform the ceremony on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Security has also been ramped up, with armed police checkpoints and road closures.

But the precautions have been blasted by local residents and traders over concerns they will lose money if the ceremonies are scrapped entirely.

Mother-of-two Polly Miller, 37, said: “Families won’t be able to go during the week because of school and work commitments.

“I think you are going to get a generation of disengaged British people, which is a shame.”

Security services have reason to believe ISIS already has terror cells plotting a massacre in Britain.

A Thames Valley spokesperson told the Mail on Sunday: “Security measures have been increased in relation to the Changing the Guard in Windsor.

“These measures have been put in place as part of a review in order to reassure and increase the safety of the public and military.”

7 thoughts on “British Cancel Changing the Guard Weekend Ceremonies …Fearing Muslim Terror Attack

  1. Just another conquest by the Muslim people of England, by canceling this event they are allowing Islam to dictate how the traditions of England are now being put away for fear of Islamic attacks thus having Islam control the nation.

  2. In letting Muslims into your country and allowing them to bend you to their will you must now live with the constant fear they will do you harm. Begin deportations of all Muslims. It is not racial or religious discrimination. It is survival.

  3. Here’s my problem.
    The guard carries weapons.
    In them weapons are high capacity magazines.
    So put ammunition in them.
    That and surround the place with other soldiers with guns.
    After all guards are soldiers first, pretty to look at later.
    Add a few sniffer dogs and some high-tech bits and pieces.
    Then we’ll see who kills who.
    p.s. keep the officer class safely out of the way.
    All they do is muck things up anyway.

  4. If another mass terror attack occurs in the West I think the rable that the governments can’t control should reduce a Muslim city to glass. Besides such an act could only occur if Allah willed it.

  5. Well you bowed down to islam once again. This is what happens when you allow way too many muzzies into your country. England is becoming a Islamic state.

  6. It’s time for citizens to start getting rid of Isis. The government won’t do it. Pick up your weapons and free your country of satan

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